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Yesterday, found out that all the drama caused in a class of 90% girls

… is basically perpetrated by that one bitch.

She started it from as early as the beginning of the college! She went around talking bad about each and every one in the class. Unbelievably, the first target of the first semester in college was self.

We were like little piglets fresh on the farm, for fuck’s sake! We hardly knew each other then, what is there to talk about? And was as quiet as a mouse in class, sitting at the back, keeping quiet in class discussion, minding own business. Apparently, that was conspicuous enough to be bitched about with her little crony of friends who would listen to whatever she had to say, even if she wanted to talk about her own masturbation.

Now, she has a different crony, but she is still as manipulative, deranged, cunning, two-(million-)faced, fake, sycophantic, evil as before and perhaps even worse. And the worst part is that she’s the smartest in the class. She’s not merely the smartest, she really is in another level academically among us. She’s also a good actor, which explains why everyone in class fell for her neverending reality act.

Doesn’t it just baffles you how someone as intelligent as her can be so ruthless and full of agenda against people who are barely even competition to her? If she feels threatened by the people she’s against, then it must have been a backhanded compliment to have been her repulsive mouth’s target in the first semester.

Why is she resorting to these underhanded schemes to cause unease, disrupting the relationship between classmates? Is it a sign of low self-esteem, extreme insecurity? Is this an effect of her upbringing? Mean, people with loving parents definitely do not end up being evil puppeteers like this one is. She did mention before that her mother suffers from depression.

So all along, self’s instincts were right; she is worse than previously thought. It took a few people’s testimony and a half-hour heart-to-heart talk to confirmed self’s suspicions.

Am thinking though: does talking about her make us just like her?

Driving home in the evening yesterday, the sky was strangely bright.


Edit 19/4: Am still so hung-up over this that the 4 of us, who knows the bitch’s true colours, spent 2 hours in college cafeteria having a nice, cathartic bitching session.

Bitching is bad, but it sure is cathartic.

Comments on: "Have you ever witness evil in its infancy?" (2)

  1. So how did she find out what to bitch about even though she didn’t know you that much? It puzzles me how all these idiots could make up such c*** as if they’ve pulled it out of their own behinds. Usually such bitching does hint at some inner insecurity whether it is about appearance or something that is purely “in her own mind” so to say.

    sulz: exactly self’s point. before, used to admire her confidence and intelligence. but now that know this is how she feeds on to boost her confidence and superiority over others, then she’s not that great anymore.

  2. december said:

    Maybe it’a sign of low self esteem, maybe it’s a sign of insecurity. Or maybe she suffers from megalomania. A sadistic mind with delusions of power can concoct stuff we can never comprehend.

    Talking about her actions does, to an extent, make us like her, but I guess she’s very much aware of this, and probably relishes being cursed and spat at behind her back. But you may take note of the fact that you’re being honest.

    sulz: much, much prefer your theory of megalomania and sadistic mind!

    she’d love being talked about if she’s aware of it, because then she can go around trying to poison other classmates’ minds about the person who bitched. why is she being so mean to me? i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve this… fuck off la, hag. (obviously not talking to you!)

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