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1. Arrogant drivers – they make a mistake on the road and they give you a murderous look for pointing that out, as if you’re in the wrong for doing that

2. Irresponsible students who don’t pay back their study loans – they’re given financial assistance to pursue higher education and a chance at a better life, and are ingrate bastards for not paying back their loan when they have graduated and got their better lives. Even worse are those who have guarantors for their loans, and the poor guarantors suffers. Scum of the earth, really.

3. Old, cranky, inconsiderate teachers – who are impatient, hate students asking questions, refuse to admit their mistakes, pick on certain students to make their lives hell while in that class.

4. Two-faced people who treat you nice – and still insist on being nice to you even when you’re being standoffish with them. Give it up, bitch.

5. People who need to be told numerous times to return something they borrowed from you – ’nuff said of these stupid, annoying people who take their own sweet time to used the borrowed item and not even a courtesy note to say this will take a while, hope you don’t mind me borrowing it so long.

6. Bitches who see verbal abuse as constructive criticism – just because you’re emotionally frustrated is no reason to make everybody else unhappy too. Even worse if when you pick their flaws and make people feel small to cover up your own feelings of inadequacies. It’s one thing bitching about people behind their backs because of your low self-esteem, it’s heinous when you do it in front of them and kill whatever self-esteem they have left in them. YOU ARE A SOUL MURDERER, THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE.

Comments on: "Who makes you really angry?" (11)

  1. number 5, number 5. once, i had my chemistry test, and the day before, i realised my book was missing. i had to comb the entire hostel, enter every single room, ask every guy if he has it, and finally, when i found it, the ‘friend’ who had borrowed it flashed a foolish smile and said “i though you didn’t need it”.

    sulz: eejit! not you la, him of course.

  2. numbers 3,5 and 6. number three crushed dreams of becoming an artists, number five has cost me many items-and friends- number six happened when I was younger and is probably the reason I am so twisted now. 😐

    sulz: bitch, rant and rave, then move on. they’re not worth any more time than that. even though am occasionally tempted to dwell on issues longer than ought to, for emotional health’s sake.

  3. lovelyloey said:

    After reading this I feel that I’m an uber lucky girl. I have my own set of people who anger me, but they are rather trivial (stuff like people who litter, people who jaywalk, people who smoke…) Nothing much personal. Perhaps because I’m an aggressive person mysefl. 😛

    sulz: especially since you don’t drive! the amount of stress from driving during rush hour… grrrr. people who hog the right lane, people who hog the middle lane, people who hog the only lane, people who aggressively cut into your lane without saying thanks… !!!

    am an affectionately angry girl.

  4. @lovelyloey: hmm….I wish I were that lucky.

    @sulz: yeah, your right. I’ll get more interesting posts. 😀 But sometimes I’m so aggravated I can’t let it go.

    sulz: if you can’t let it go, there’s a reason and you need to talk it out with someone so you can eventually let it go. blogging about it also helps a lot.

  5. #3 is not only on teachers, it’s on non-teachers too. I for one would admit that sometimes ego takes over admitting the truth.. shhhh.. you didn’t hear it from me. Still, admitting one is wrong is the noble thing to do. That’s why I admire people who admit they were wrong even though they stand to lose something. I’d rather work with these people than those who insist they are right when they are wrong.

    December, when I was a wee child in Primary school heading to Music class exam, I couldn’t find the song notes that I had prepared!! I had worked so hard the days before and wrote the notes from ear. I asked everyone in my class – nobody knew anything. After the exam, a classmate handed the notes back to me, saying, “Hehe, I found it just now.” It made me angry at her silly antics but I found solace in knowing that she was jealous of my talent :p and I got better results than her even without my notes HAH!

    sulz: actually, sometimes do that too, but instead of denying just keep quiet. malu mer… haha, so good guys sometimes finish first.

  6. flowerchild said:

    hey sulz…
    i can soo relate to ur post! esepcially 1,3 and 4 ….

    ahh hate teachers who cant admit they’ve made a mistake…or once that have a problem admittin that they actually dont know something!!

    sulz: well, there are certain types of people who are universal. most unfortunately! hang in there; being rude or seemingly rude to the teacher won’t help your case at all even if you are right.

  7. I heart blogging…. I can write about anything and release pressure…what I would I do without blogging. 🙂

    sulz: amen. keep on blogging, girl!

  8. Can I have some example of number 6 ?

    sulz: easy – read blog posts under the personal and family categories. you’ll recognise her.

  9. […] Apr 20th, 2007 by john (via Sulz) […]

  10. 5 5 5… How I wish all those people who did that would be dead. there’ll be a lot of dead bodies I tell you!!!

    sulz: haha, do you have a problem saying no to people who wants to borrow your stuff, or you’re just plain unfortunate with lending to people who you didn’t know would refuse to return your stuff? maybe it’s time to be proactive and actually be firm about your stuff being returned to you.

  11. LOL, Big tribulations do not usually make me mad. It is hard to say what actually trips my trigger. I do not get mad easy but when I do, I can be mean- if I do not watch myself. Usually it is something trivial that sets me off. The only real major constant that trips my trigger and turns me furious is when a person who is supposed to be a loyal friend, stabs you in the back. Loyalty has always been one of my hang-ups. If I offer loyalty to a friend I expect the same in return.
    On the other hand if a person is planning on insulting me or degrading me I prefer that they do it to my face. It lets me know where we stand and instructs me how I should react to the situation.

    sulz: when a person degrades in front of the other, he is attempting to dominate through verbal abuse. when a person degrades another behind the other’s back, he attempts to cover up his insecurities. it is the former despise more than the latter, because the latter is a weak character.

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