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Just got back from something have known for a long time would hate but this just proves it – went to a bar with Angel.

She wanted company to attend an event held at the bar organised by her friend and classmates for a class project. Angel offered to subsidise self’s ticket, and because want to please her, went along. That, and wanted to experience for the first and last time what’s it like at a bar.


See? Have even lost ability to count after being in such an inane place.

All the girls look bitchy. (Except Angel and self, of course.) All the boys are sexist chauvinistic pigs. (They either booed or refused to applaud a fat girl for being a finalist in some stupid beauty pageant search, which is part of the event.) The bartender looks bloody hoity-toity. The emcees asked cheap questions like If you have to choose between wearing no panties or granny panties, which would you wear? The finalists for the so-called beauty pageant, which included boys, were absolutely fucking idiots. They look gorgeous, until they start opening their mouths. One of the more asinine answers during the Q & A session (paraphrased):

Emcee: It’s your birthday, and your girlfriend wants to go to Baskin-Robbins, but you want to go to Pizza Hut. What do you do?
Guy Contestant 1: I think we should go Pizza Hut.
Emcee: Why?
Guy Contestant 1: Because girls don’t need to eat ice-cream, or they’ll get fat.

In the talent section, a guy contestant sang murdered Guns ‘N Roses classic Knocking on Heaven’s Door. A girl contestant tried to be cute with Britney Spears’ Sometimes.

The objective of the pageant? To find someone with true beauty, inside and out.


What inner beauty can you find from people who are incapable of having anything remotely intelligent coming out from their mouths or any charitable character to show of?

The students who organised the event had put in plenty of effort, despite their lack of originality in content. There were some other good things too: the servers with their friendly smiles and platters of hor d’oeuvres. The goody bag waiting for self at the end of the event somewhat mollified self’s mental tirade. Was actually mentally composing this blog post during the terrible, terrible event.

No more going to bars or clubs for self. Not if want to suffocate in smoke, industrial-strong perfume and phoniness.

Oh, well, didn’t help at all that we were painfully awkward and lost in such a foreign environment. It took us 2 hours to muster the courage to get our free drinks at the bar! Not us, really – made Angel go get a drink for self. How far away was the bar from our seats? About 2 steps, literally.

Just as well it took that long, anyway. We didn’t know where the toilets were.

Comments on: "What’s your first time in a bar like?" (9)

  1. timethief said:

    By and large bars are meat markets. They are primarily frequented by the ill-educated, ill-mannered and insecure set. Once the drinks start flowing the truly stupid sex jokes and innuendos begin and as the drinking continues they become more an more exaggerated. I’m glad you went and witnessed that you will be missing nothing if you never enter one again.
    P.S. Where I live no smoking is allowed in restaurants or in bars.

    sulz: you’re right. already knew would hate it, but sometimes there are things one needs to experience once in a lifetime – just to make sure. 🙂

  2. There are ‘some’ good bars or pubs or clubs.

    There is one here where I live which is just a nice, chilled out place with sofas and an outside are for when the UK decides it’s not going to rain, people don’t dress up and it’s just nice to meet there.

    As for most of the other places, I completely agree with you. I hate the mentality.

    sulz: it is instinct when self think this is the last time would ever step in such a place, but on second thoughts, if a friend who’s familiar with such places and invited self along, just perhaps may… a bar outside of malaysia, that is.

  3. lovelyloey said:

    My first time in a bar… was a happy-hour thing, where only a few people were hanging around minding their own business. Haha. And then there were other experiences, but nothing fantabulous except getting drunk with friends, which can be re-enacted at BBQs and small-ish home parties at one-fifth the cost. So yeah. Think the sort of bars you went to were really for the mortally lonely insecure people who can only be marginally “whole” in a crowd of like-minded lonely insecure people. Pfft.

    sulz: went to the bar at the wrong time, really. it’s an event, people are dressed to the nines, the need to look, urgh, cool, for them is high… the only thing was thinking the whole time was that it’s a lousy experience, but it’s blogging material!

  4. Bars suck.

    sulz: unless you own one. 😉

  5. You imagine what it’s like to run a bar ? Nah, bars suck. Period.

    sulz: nope, but can imagine the lifestyle funded by privileged alcos who frequent your bar…

  6. Actually there are so many types of bars it is like trying to judge a culture by meeting one person. The one thing most do have in common is they all contain various amounts of drunks. My first trip to a bar was with a group in search of a wild strip club. We found one. My trips to bars are far and few between. But business and cultural events make it almost impossible to avoid them at all times. Actually some bars have really good food. The top three hamburger places in the area I live in, are all bars. But the price most bars charge for Pepsi is outrageous. They want to sell the booze. Actually there is good profit in both but the booze profit makes profit in bigger chunks, even though the soda profits make a higher cost to sell percentage of profits. Once you get accustomed to the alcohol stink that accompanies bars they are not all that bad, excepting the cigarette smoke that I just do not tolerate well.

    sulz: yes, sometimes first impressions don’t count. might do it again in future, but not so soon obviously!

  7. LOL I’m now only reading this because there was a link on how you felt embarassed.

    Going to bars are fun – once in a while. The best would be laughing at other people’s dancing and seducing antics. Discreetly of course. :p

    Actually not all of the ppl who goes to bar are bad, rude, stupid, arrogant, shallow people. But there are certainly more “apparent” sleaze than say, the library.

    Yeah, a lot of these places get lots of $ – provided you’re the IT place at that time. A mineral water costs RM10.

    sulz: yea, not everybody who goes to pubs and bars are like that, but it’s like the majority is so like that it feels like everybody who goes there is like that, you know? 😉 perhaps going with the right company helps a person to enjoy their experience at social places like this better.

    yea, freaking expensive! another reason not to go. 😛

  8. The other best part is having fun, dancing, joking with your friends.

    I’d been to a TAR college dancing contest in disco when I was in college and I dared not order a drink by myself. Now I know better – there’s no need to be shy or chicken.

    sulz: this girl doesn’t know how to dance, that’s why so pai seh in these kind of places. 😳

  9. Try dancing alone in front of MTV / video clips for practice 🙂

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