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This week did not make an impressive blogging week for self, to say the least. The beginning of the week saw self coming down with a fever and a hacking cough that did not make voice all husky sexy. All appetite had mysteriously vanished; only ate fruits on sick days. Spent the next three days recuperating by sleeping lots with the help of cough syrup. Oooh, that was delicious. Then yesterday went out shopping with Angel to our new favourite shopping haunt and Chinatown. Wasn’t fun by usual standards but we’ve accomplished some things, namely for self:

1. Olive green ballet flats RM 36
2. Black office-ish jacket with lace trim RM50
3. Headband with butterfly bling-bling RM20
4. Two t-shirts RM27
5. Teacher’s day gift for Portuguese lecturer RM7
6. Bookmark RM1
7. Cheapo sunglasses RM10
8. Fake lesportsac bag am regretting buying now RM30

Yeap, just a post for self and not really for readers of the blog. However, am coming up with a special blog project on May 1st, so look out for that!

Comments on: "You don’t enjoy reading this?" (5)

  1. That sounds intriguing!

    sulz: exactly the tone it should set off, and you can participate too! remember to check back on tuesday. 🙂

  2. ooohhhh the excitement is killing me. 🙂

    sulz: don’t die just yet! you can take part in it too. on may 1st!

  3. hmmm…im intrigued. 🙂

    sulz: you too? 😉 only 3 more days to may 1st. hang in there!

  4. december said:

    cough syrup…oh yeah. good substitute for hypnotics.

    sulz: hypnotics? or do you mean insomniacs? luckily am still having cough, or else would feel guilty about using it to induce sleep! 😛

  5. december said:

    hypnotics: sleep-inducing drugs.

    sulz: ooo… something new to learn today!

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