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  1. It may be cynical and misanthropic but I feel sadder for the 45 victims murdered daily in the US that we don’t talk about.

    sulz: well, we each have our own causes to root for. it’s okay if you’re not a supporter of women’s rights, or victims of sexual abuse, etc. you don’t have to support everything!

  2. I don’t understand how my comment shows I wouldn’t support women’s rights or victims of sexual abuse.

    sulz: no, no, don’t misunderstand self. the operative word in the previous comment is if. the point am making is that although you don’t choose to show sympathy for the v tech victims because you think of other victims of murder not as highly publicised as them, it’s okay to be so. am saying that you can’t support every issue that’s out there.

  3. We lost the sense of proportions. A few thousands die in the 9-11 attacks, that’s a humongous tragedy. Millions die from starvation and that’s not good enough for the news…

    sulz: you have a point…

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