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Do you believe in premarital sex?
Do you advocate premarital sex?
Would you have premarital sex if the chance was presented to you?
Is it wrong to have premarital sex?
Why do people who did not have premarital sex say ‘it’s worth it’ to wait until marital sex?
Is there a difference between premarital and marital sex (with the same partner)?

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  1. It seems most of us are ready to have sex before we are ready to get married – which isn’t like being ready for a long term relationship. I like the example of St.Augustine who first lived as a hedonist and then turned into a peous christian.

    sulz: ditto the first sentence. why do you like the example of st augustine?

  2. lovelyloey said:

    I believe in premarital sex … because it happens? (Strange question there.)
    I cannot advocate it to people who are totally turned off by the idea. I think it’s a personal choice there, so I won’t tell people what to do.
    Yes, I would have.
    It is not wrong to have premarital sex unless you’re Catholic or any other strict religion that disallow sex as a form of enjoyment.
    People who wait say it’s worth it because they are evidently horny but still want to wait because they want to appear chaste and innocent?
    There IS a difference between premarital and marital sex I think. Just like how people say marriage is the graveyard for love. -shrugs-

    sulz: well, whether to advocate to people who are undecided about it of course.

    you’re going to hear from the marital sex camp soon with that comment, should think! πŸ˜›

    and if you ever get married, am going to bring that graveyard bit up!

  3. Well, his faith came from experience. Many are raised in religious pattern but building our own beliefs isn’t something you can do at the very beginning of your life…

    sulz: that’s an experience would like to have too.

  4. If you want to wait till after marriage for sex, what if sex between you & your spouse sucks?! And what’s the great deal about staying a virgin until marriage? Most of the guys wouldn’t even think about saving for their ‘wives’, so why should the gals do that? :p

    But then, it depends on the person.. What if a person never get married? Die a virgin. πŸ˜€

    sulz: if it sucks, it ‘cos the both of you don’t have enough practice right? πŸ˜› that’s why asking, want to know their perspective.

    dying a virgin definitely does not sound appealing at all!

  5. I honestly don’t why premarital sex is considered such a big deal. We all have needs..and thats just one way of satisfyin them.
    Whether we wait to have sex till after marriage or just wait for mr/miss right is a person’s choice.
    Would i have “premarital” sex…maybe i would.
    One thing that totally pisses me off is the fact that I know a lotta guys who still expect the person they get married to to be a virgin when they themselves can go around screwin every other person…bloody hypocrites !

    sulz: what do you mean it’s a big deal? actually am thinking premarital sex isn’t such a big deal anymore, which is why almost everybody seems to be doing it!

    a lot of that hypocrisy is due to the fact that we’ve been brought up to learn gender stereotypes. so even if we’re all for equality for the sexes, it’s possible to discover that deep inside your heart you still hold that bias gender stereotypes that you’ve been taught as a child.

  6. sulz…made a typo there “I honestly don’t understand why premarital sex is considered such a big deal.”

    I dont think its a big deal..and i dont understand why people make a big deal out of it….

    and i understand the whole gender bias thing…most of us have been brought up that way…but its not that difficult a task to change ones views….

    sulz: ah, okay, see that now. didn’t even notice the typo! πŸ™‚

  7. What do you mean (by your previous comment in my comment) ?

    sulz: means would like to have st augustine’s experience and have faith from experience. which is why am still undecided when it comes to religion at the moment. πŸ™‚

  8. Ah… Well… He was 30 something when it happened so you still have time… πŸ™‚ Anyway, everything must come in time…

    sulz: sadly, this kind of experience isn’t guaranteed to come in time. it mightn’t come at all. hence the concept of faith!

  9. “Friendship is love minus sex and plus reason. Love is friendship plus sex and minus reason. ” by Mason Cooley

    though sex is not so important in a relation, sometimes it makes the difference. I dont know what others think abt it but i feel engaging in premarital sex with ur loved one (ofcorse, not some random partner lah, that one is lust oredi :p) increases the trust level and bonds both of them even stronger :p just my sinful thinking, dun shoot me. Maybe in the old days there were no condoms so premarital sex was discouraged hehehe

    sulz: nice quote! am not going to shoot, self’s mind is still undecided when it comes to premarital sex. though am probably leaning towards it rather than against it, you know? πŸ˜‰

  10. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of practice. More to talent (ahem) and preferences. But then, you’re 1 path closer to being an angel. Don’t know why, I think angels are virgins haha. Must change my mindset πŸ™‚

    sulz: eh, of course angels are virgins la! angels are not human, actually, so they wouldn’t have sex, ‘cos they can’t procreate!

    … right?

  11. I’m turned off by non-virgins. It’s really dumb to have sex when you’re too young/immature/irresponsible to have a kid. I’m definately waiting till’ I’m married. My hubby will be a virgin, too. That is until our wedding night πŸ˜‰

    sulz: virgin guys are very rare as it is. also how’d you know for sure if he’s a virgin? but all the best in finding your dream guy. πŸ™‚

  12. Are you sure? Hhehehehe

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