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lovelyloey‘s wonderful present! Which also made self feel a bit of an arse because gave her a birthday present of two secondhand books. :\ And not even the ones she asked for her birthday!

Am so excited to post about it that haven’t even open the present at this moment of typing! The rather sparse allocation for pictures in this blog is an obvious indication that do not own a digital camera, so can’t provide visual accompaniment. Will have to rely on self’s dubious descriptive skills.

M plops two letters on computer table while was waiting for nails to dry (it’s just clear nail polish, ‘cos am lousy at giving own self manicures and pedicures).

One letter is about self’s education loan.

The other letter is bigger and bulkier. Immediately recognition dawns!

Looks at the front and back of letter / mini-package. Cute handwriting, misspelled the town am living in 😛 and the stamp is super! (Collect stamps too – but just the ones that come in the mail, is all) Looks more like a sticker than a stamp. Must be a sticker stamp then. The back of the letter confirms who is the sender.

Rip it open. Freshly painted nails gets stuck to the bubble wrap of letter. Takes a while to remove the contents. A plastic bag is wrapping some squarish thing, which is stuck to a cardboard thing. Behind the cardboard is a pink Post-It note stuck to it.

Content of pink Post-It note aside, the sender sticks a tiny magnetic bookmark on pink Post-It. V. v. cute! It also doubles up as a ruler when opened up. The yellow bear in a red raincoat on the magnetic bookmarks looks like Winnie the Pooh’s cousin. Or little brother.

Now am going to rip off Watson’s-plastic-bag-wrapped package.

On the cardboard that holds the package is another pink Post-It note. The cardboard holds a postcard in the shape of a flying pig!

It’s so fucking cute!

This is one postcard am never going to give out. Must send you more secondhand books, lovelyloey. 😛

Okay, now to the package. Feels like a book.



It’s something have always wanted, and have seen in bookshops too, but the ones saw are too expensive and not worth it since am not studying French at the moment.

Aaahhhh, feel like doing some French now. C’est très, très, très magnifique! Je t’adore lovelyloey, c’est vrai! (Okay, repeating a word three times does not exemplify an impressive command of the language, but that just shows how much am in need of this then!)

Okay, that’s it. Am going to Pay Less Books and buy you more lousy secondhand books. Would you pay for self’s ticket to Singapore in return? LOL.

Merci beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup lovelyloey!

Comments on: "What came at the right time?" (1)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Ha! I spelled the town wrong? LOL
    Winnie the Pooh’s cousin. I have one here that looks like his grandpa (cos in farmer’s hat, so looks rather old).
    I got the French verb book so cheap I had wanted to buy like a box of it to sell to the French students in my school (at inflated prices). But I didn’t. LOL.

    sulz: you just forgot the ‘g’ la. oohh, warehouse sale la? yea, collins books are freaking expensive!

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