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This post written last year is just spot-on.

Because last semester’s result was the best of all semesters by a mile. 🙂

Granted, took far less subjects this semester than the others. And am making up for the lack of credits taken last semester by taking a class right now during the holidays.

If that sounds like a bummer to you, having classes during the holidays, it is most definitely not so for self. It’s a wonderful change going to college where there’s practically nobody except people like self, or those who are repeating classes because they failed the semesters before. Of course, it’s also nice because have a good friend taking the class with self too, and the lecturer is pretty friendly.

Definitely earning less money from part-time job, since now can only work twice a week. No matter, contentment like this can’t be bought with money!

Things are definitely looking up from here. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next semester – bring it on, fun, drama and all!

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  1. Actually I think it is a great idea if you can afford to do so. The advantage you will have is you will not have to redirect your attention, as those students who take the summer off will have to do when they return to school. Keeping a class will lessen your bank account but it will help keep your mind focused and sharp.

    sulz: oh yes, it’s certainly taking a chunk off education loan. never had to “redirect attention” after the long holidays though because am so bored just staying at home or going to work that am raring to go!

  2. Yup, you should definitely enjoy it while it lasts. How many semesters do you have to go?

    I’ve never taken any classes during the holidays the last time I was in college but I did go back anyways to make full use of the library and computer labs. And also the lecturers seemed more laidback and more friendly during the holidays too. I had countless lunch appointments with some of my fave lecturers and we had fun talking about everything and anything under the sun.

    Those were the good days.

    sulz: two more 😦 don’t want it to end so soon! did the same thing in the past holidays too hehe. wah, you so close with your lecturers? am very awkward around them.

  3. One thing I like about the lecturers I had was the fact that they are not condescending towards you. They don’t look down on you, they treat us all as their equal outside of class. It’s why I respect them…

    Also, I think the fact that I am one of the few outspoken ones in class had something to do with the closeness of my friendship with the lecturers then. Anyways, I’ve only been close with three or four lecturers, all males unfortunately, though I’m not complaining. 😀

    sulz: know a few lecturers like that – they’re the ones self like too. am about to get first male lecturer for self’s department next semester and pretty excited – it seems to be his first class since he’s just graduated with a phd!

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