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There are things in life that trigger emotions in you simply because it means something to you. Am indifferent to the war and politics because it doesn’t mean anything to self. Issues like fat acceptance and sexism and feminism means something to self.

But what if you don’t want that something to mean anything to you? Like how do you fall out of monkey love with a guy who doesn’t even know you exist? Like how do you try to get over a friendship that’s fallen out because he or she doesn’t appreciate your friendship anymore? Like how do you stop mentally kicking yourself for not stopping the car when you see 2 McDonald staff wearing pyjamas and waving a Lilo & Stitch stuffed toy so they can give you a coupon to get a free Sausage McMuffin?!

M has cultivated in self the importance of getting free things. She’d buy 3 tins of Jacob’s cream crackers because they’re giving a ceramic bowl with each tin, but she’d refuse to buy a nice-looking t-shirt because it costs above RM15.

Why didn’t you stop the car, you ask?

1. Was late getting to class. (But if knew they were giving out free Sausage McMuffin can be late for half an hour more.)

2. First thing that popped into mind seeing them in pyjamas and waving that damn Lilo & Stitch stuffed toy: they’re going to ask to buy that bloody thing to donate to charity or some shit like that. How the hell do you connect the damn Lilo & Stitch with a free Sausage McMuffin?


Yes, it’s so stupid to get so worked out over something so bleeding trivial as missing out on a Sausage McMuffin (definitely don’t need the extra calories from it anyway, but it’ll be nice to give to someone in class today for it), but if you think about it, shouldn’t you be getting free things from McDonald’s every moment you can considering how much you had contributed to that evil corporation (which serves nice enough food) throughout your entire life??

Was sooo annoyed and desperate over missing out on the free coupon, that had attempted to sweet talk the female cashier at the drive-thru lane into giving one. Not even close cigar. No coupon, no Sausage McMuffin! Tried the same thing with the male staff who gave self’s order at the next window in the drive-thru.

Obviously am not pretty enough to get away with a free Sausage McMuffin by sweettalking!

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Comments on: "How do you make something meaningful to you lose its meaning?" (2)

  1. It has nothing to do with Lilo & Stitch, just the crew dressing up in PJs with their soft toys and just having a fun time with McDonalds new breakfast launch. Hence, the free sausage McMuffin. FYI, it’s avail 23-25 May and 28-30 May from 7.45 AM to 9.45 AM so you can still grab your freebie.

    sulz: of course it hasn’t anything to do with lilo & stitch, that’s why couldn’t see the connection between that and free food! yeap, heard all that over the radio after left without the free sausage mcmuffin. 😦 am not so annoyed with self anymore.

    … well, just a little. lol

  2. Yuck, a McDonalds sausage muffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it isn’t so!!! You could do a better and quicker job yourself with a toaster and a microwave. Buy precooked sausage, microwave it and then an egg in small dishes then put on a toasted muffin with the cheese of your choice. Much better and tastier. Shoot you could make 2 or 3 in the same amount of time you wait in line at #@%! Fast food is a desperate last resort only!

    I know of no real way to ever get over something that is really meaningful to you. Time is the ultimate healer, as memories often get easier to deal with as they dim. That does not always work either. Often you just have to learn how to live with a memory and categorize it as “live and learn”. Besides I do not want to forget anything that was meaningful, how it transpired is often helpful as future guidance in similar and other situations.

    sulz: thought they taste alright! might do what you suggest when am living by self and can afford getting a microwave and such.

    am over it now. was very miffed at the time of posting though.

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