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The most bleeding bizarre dream, okay.

Dreamt was involved in American Idol – as one of the extras in the Ford commercial, to be exact.

Dreamt that Blake Lewis was murdered. And the incriminating evidence was the Ford video commercial. It incriminated Jordin Sparks as the murderer. In the dream, she was also having an affair with him.

Problem was, dreamt was talking to Sesat about the murder and asking her if Jordin wasn’t the suspect from the beginning, who did she think killed Blake?

“You know, if there’s anyone I think who would murder Blake, it would be you!” Sesat exclaimed over a roadside lunch with her eating Ramly burgers after school. (She was classmate back in secondary school.)

Then suddenly it turned into night, but we were still eating our Ramly burgers by the roadside. It becomes even weirder. Sesat begin to put up a holographic presentation of the murderer’s psychological profile, ie. low self-esteem, and some other traits couldn’t remember.

Sesat ended her damn police-wannabe presentation by saying, “My mom also said that she thought you were the murderer.”

The most fucked up part of the dream? Am actually the murderer. At least, thought that am the murderer. And the reason for having lunch with Sesat…

… was to give her the evidence (a Hello Kitty clock that changes colour) that would incriminate self as the murderer.

Hope you have a good chuckle over that. Woke up feeling pretty (:~;) disturbed.

Comments on: "Is she capable of murder?" (2)

  1. LOL, I do not watch Idol – but that was an unusual dream. Write all down make into a novel and make a million bucks. Maybe CSI will make a TV episode about it if you write it.

    sulz: now that would be even more bizarre than the dream itself!

  2. Well, everybody hates Blake. I don’t blame you.

    sulz: no, no, this is a blaker girl speaking! but jordin is wonderful too.

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