blogging gobbledygook and such

The blogger’s argument: Readers, obviously

1. They are the audience of the blog, so the blogger is responsible for entertaining them. Therefore the readers as the receiving end gain more pleasure.

2. Because Blogger wants to entertain Readers, he will try his best to post something that relates to Readers and prompt Readers’ responses. Readers have the power to decide if what Blogger writes is good enough to earn the their responses. So power is a kind of pleasure.

3. Readers can boost Blogger’s confidence by leaving comments that affirm and compliment. So the pleasure of giving pleasure is bigger from the giver’s end than the receiver’s.

The readers’ argument: Blogger, of course

1. The blogger gets more pleasure of out his blog simply because he gets to write what he wants. Us readers lap up whatever he has to say. So that the blogger has a ready audience to read virtually anything he writes brings him more pleasure.

2. Blogger is one, but Readers are many. So Blogger collects pleasure from all Readers through comments and stats, while Readers have pleasure of reading one Blogger.

3. Blogger can gain loyalty among Readers by affirming their comments and providing positive interaction in comments. If Blogger practises selective interaction, it can only serve to encourage loyalty readership among the selected. Therefore Blogger’s approval can bring more pleasure to Readers than Readers’ affirmation of Blogger.


If that sounds like utter bullshit to you, it is! Don’t ask why did self post this in the first place.

After all, the beauty of blogging is the symbiotic nature between blogger and reader.

(The blogger in her still insists that you readers give her better blogasm than she gives you! )


On a separate note, went to do some grocery shopping with Dee. While lining up at the express lane, he discovered he had forgotten to take the set of car keys with the car lock. Don’t ask how could he have locked with the car lock if he doesn’t have a key in the first place.

Fortunately, the hypermarket isn’t that far a walking distance from home, just over half a kilometre. Unfortunately, this girl who hates being sweaty was the one who had to walk home to get the car lock key because Dee is old and he was complaining about his hurting toe. Grrr…

After trudging home, just as was opening the door, the handphone trilled in the house (did not bring along with self). It was Dee, saying that after he tried many many times he had managed to manipulate his car lock into opening. (Don’t even ask how he did it.) So have walked home for nothing.


Murphy’s Law tricked self into fulfilling daily requirement of exercise.

… It could’ve been worse, couldn’t it! 🙂

(Lots of don’t ask in this post, hmm? Don’t you-know-what! 😛 )

Comments on: "Who gets more pleasure from the blog, the blogger or the readers?" (5)

  1. Hehe, in the case of my blog, I have to admit that I probably get more pleasure. It’s partly because it’s a selfish blog, that was created for myself, and just recently decided “oh well, why not let people read it”. And when people did, the pleasure for the blogger was even bigger.

    But I can’t speak for all blogs! I for example get lots of pleasure from being a reader in this one. 😀

    sulz: but this girl gets more pleasure than you. 😛

    that sounds rather… lewd! lol

  2. Hahahahahaha!
    (yes, I laughed so hard it deserved its own comment)

    sulz: glad to give you a chuckle. 🙂

  3. I care about my audience. But I am also aware that audiences can change. I love the comments I get and I learn so much from them, and I have a feel for what they enjoy reading (happily it’s the same as what I enjoy writing), however I feel it is important to stay true to my original reason for blogging – to share my take on things that interest me. I have wider interests than those I blog about, but it’s fun to keep to those I do blog about.

    sulz: the change of audience is something that bothers self because it does to a certain reflect self’s appeal as a blogger. to have been a regular reader and then not anymore makes self wonder if have self’s writing quality deteriorated or something negative.

    but you’re right, this blog was created to write about what matters to self, so if that comes along with inevitable audience change, have to embrace the new readers and let go of the old ones.

  4. long story short. The Blogger. Hey… Long time.

    sulz: too damn long! you and that whats-his-face, so busy playing doctors you neglected your patient blogger here.

  5. I blog mostly for me but with a sharing element thrown in (eh?).It’s a cathartic scribbling of random thoughts (cheap self therapy?) -a kind of modern scrapbook.It helps me let go of some thoughts that just go round and round in my mind otherwise. It just intrigues me that I can jot down random ideas and experiences and sometimes people stumble onto it and leave a comment which can make me rethink or entrench my own opinions and life experiences. I do however read a lot of other peoples blogs. I just like to read as it stimulates me to write. There’s a little bit that’s self serving too I suppose,a kind of ‘I woz ‘ere…wasn’t I?’, like scratching your name on a wall to prove to yourself that you made a dent.

    sulz: cheap self therapy indeed, and extremely effective considering the price tag! you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

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