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At the risk of sounding like a prude –

if baring the breasts themselves in public are considered offensive virtually anywhere in the world, why is it that breastfeeding in public is not considered offensive in some places?

That somewhats baffles self.

As for self, would never, ever breastfeed in public. It is potentially offensive to some people, no matter how liberal they seem to be, and it may also attract the wrong kind of attention from the opposite sex.

Not that am planning to have babies. Just… a thought, you know.


At the same time, it sort of grosses self out to know that have been breastfed by M until was one and a half years old! 😕 Which shouldn’t be in the first place, because breast milk is the natural source of milk for babies. Really, it’s the fact that babies who were fed cow’s milk that should sound weird! But it’s not like all mothers can produce milk, so formula milk is just as good, especially with the technology of today.


Just discovered some friends are so comfortable with their own skins that they actually sleep together (not for sexual purposes, but practical purposes because there’s space on the king-size bed)… topless!

(They also examine each other’s boobs, just for fun.) 😕

No, they aren’t lesbos. They’re… bosom buddies. Haw haw haw!

Comments on: "Is breastfeeding offensive?" (4)

  1. I don’t know, I’m a huge fan of breastfeeding (not in a sick way, is just that as a med student I’ve had to give advice to many pregnant woman about the wonders of breastfeeding and it just got into me). For starters, every single woman can breastfeed after having a baby (unless there’s an specific condition that prevents them from doing it). The amount of milk produced depends on how early and how often they breastfeed. If you don’t breastfeed at all, you might not get milk, so the only reason some women appear not to get milk it’s because they never started in the first place/don’t do it the way they’re supposed to. No effective replacement for breast milk has been found, formulas cover the apparent nutritional requirements, but it’s just not the same.
    I also don’t mind breastfeeding in public, because after all, the most healthy way to breastfeed is whenever, wherever the baby gets hungry. You can’t have a crying baby and tell him “shut up until it’s dinner time or we can find a place to hide”.
    Of course it might be just me who have lost all concerns about seeing stranger’s parts in public, after all I get to examine patients on a daily basis. I guess I do understand that you would feel a little freaked out about seeing some boob just pop out from nowhere.

    sulz: thought there are some women who just find producing milk extremely difficult, like for some reason they just don’t produce any milk despite wringing their boobs after birth.

    yes, would be quite grossed out looking at some woman’s boobs. unless she’s a real looker… 😛

  2. “I also don’t mind breastfeeding in public” – that sounded like I am the one breastfeeding. HAH! Lets write it again:
    “I don’t mind seeing people breastfeed in public”.
    I’m no mother figure!!!!… You, little kid! go away! go away! *people stare*
    sulz: yea, but how much you want to bet that you’d probably breastfeed when the time comes from the sound of it? 😉

  3. I have breastfed in public, although I will admit that I cover up using one of those fancy (and cheap) nursing shawls. Nursing in public doesn’t make ME uncomfortable, but I know that others around may have been uncomfortable if I had to bare all. Now, my little guy is 9 mos and he hates being covered up, so I just avoid nursing in public. I’ll plan ahead, or find a private room or washroom where I can do it without hesitation.

    sulz: it’s not bad at all if you cover up because while people understand your baby needs their milk time, they’re just uneasy if they have to see your boobs doing so. it’s nice that you actually think of the people around before breastfeeding your baby!

  4. I just don’t understand any culture where it is acceptable for men to be topless, but not for women. We’ve got the same equipment (breasts, nipples) there, so why can men do as they please while women are made to feel ashamed of their bodies?

    sulz: the answer is somewhere back in the stone age when woman started covering their breasts. that would be an interesting answer to know.

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