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She truly doesn’t know.

She of all people does not deserve an apple green iPod nano because she doesn’t even want one, and yet life’s irony is like that.


This year so many people are giving her stuff when it’s not even her birthday. The CSS upgrade, the Christian chick lit book, the postcard, the French verb table book, the magnetic bookmark… The 22nd birthday is going to be the lousiest ever, but who freaking cares if they get an iPod nano to make up for that!!!

Feel so overwhelmed. Will appreciate this valuable gift by learning all the functions and making full use of it as it deserves to be used.

If you’re going this freaking bitch doesn’t deserve an iPod nano ‘cos she doesn’t even want one! you are absolutely right. But will learn to earn it!

(This must be karma, from giving out all the free postcards and volunteering in the forums and everything. Not to mention this is the teacher would type and mark exams papers for her for free. *wryly*)

Edit: Whoops, Apple expert friend has diagnosed self’s iPod Nano as… fake! (Yes, it looks different than the one on the Apple website too. Hopefully Ms Nut’s hubby boy didn’t get ripped off.)

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