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If you’re a blogger, then you’d know that except for the rare few steadfast regulars who faithfully comment on your posts every now and then, your larger set of regular readers seem to change all the time. These people would leave comments frequently in a certain period of time, before they grow bored and stop visiting altogether. The cycle repeats with a fresh batch of readers who enjoy what you write at that moment in time, and after a certain period grow out of your blog.

It bothers this blogger that some of her readers who at one point are her biggest fans, and another point, vanished entirely from her blog. Is this an indication of the quality of her writing? That she’s a one-hit wonder to a particular reader who was so impressed by one of her posts but realised that her writing doesn’t appeal to him or her in the bigger picture? That her interaction via replying to comments was inadequate or offensive without her realising? That she’s losing her touch (if she ever had one)?

Okay, perhaps as the blogger grows, the writing style differs, the subject matter differs. But shouldn’t the regular readers be committed enough to continue reading the story of the blogger’s life? Wouldn’t they have bonded in friendship with the blogger, invested enough emotionally that they want to continue reading the blog because they want to know her better? The plot’s changed, but the show isn’t over yet!

Although the contents of personal blogs are dictated by what the blogger wants to put in the blog, the activity loses a lot of its meaning if the readers are dwindling and losing interest. It’s kind of like you have this best guy friend who you didn’t have any romantic feelings before, but one day you do, and you embark on this wonderful intimate relationship with him, then suddenly he’s distancing himself from you and you don’t know why! You never wanted to fall in love with him, but now that you are, you can’t just fall out of love and be the way you were before, could you?

In the blogging scenario, you always want more. You don’t want to be two passing ships in the sea. You want to be cows who graze on the same big field. You always want to reach out to more people and touch more hearts, even in the most casual and trivial of ways. And when you get more, you never want to lose any of them.

But if they don’t feel the same way, then it can’t be forced. That’s the way the hits go…

Comments on: "Why do blog readers grow out of your blog?" (5)

  1. Some of the readers
    maybe bloggers themselves.
    The joys of blogging is not only in visiting
    others’ sites and commenting on other’s thoughts,
    but also to have interactions of one’s own expressions.
    Do you treat your readers
    the way you want them to treat you?
    In other words,
    are they treating you the way you have treated them?

    That her interaction via replying to comments was inadequate or offensive without her realising?

    sulz: wouldn’t know what’s their impression of self’s treatment towards them unless they come right out and say it.

  2. Most will not.
    Why should they?
    It is easier to walk away.
    For there are many other blogs out there.
    There are other ways of knowing
    what impression one is leaving on their readers.
    Blogging is a two way interaction.

    sulz: indeed, why should they, when they can leave cryptic comments!

  3. “…But shouldn’t the regular readers be committed enough to continue reading the story of the blogger’s life?”…

    What makes a reader “regular”.?
    Why should any reader have to be “committed” to continue?
    If I choose not to visit a site any longer,
    its not a lack of ‘committment’, its is exercising my preferences.
    Any reason for not being able to ‘bond in friendship’ cannot be with the reader.
    As readers, we all have the choice,
    to decide for ourselves where to visit, read and or respond.
    I feel my comments were explanatary enough
    to anyone who wishes to think about what I have said.

    “…indeed, why should they, when they can leave cryptic comments!”…

    The tone of this comment says it all.
    Any discussion after reading this is pointless.

    sulz: because felt like you’re holding a grudge against self and don’t understand why. the first comment to self sounded very much like a thinly veiled attempt to show your inexplicable dissatisfaction against self, because you do not explain why you said what you said. am not compelling anyone to continue reading a blog, but am just putting forth thoughts that crossed mind. the post was meant to show that am missing self’s regular readers and am wondering if the reason for that is self, and if so, what exactly is it. perhaps if you had not started off by being so condescending we could have a proper discussion even if we disagree!

  4. I have another blog elsewhere – no, I lie – two other blogs…ummm…apart form an abandoned one that is, and I’ve wondered the same thing. Readers come and go, comments rise and fall. I like to reciprocate and read my responders blogs, if they have them. But that can rapidly lead to entrapment as you also hop onto their links…and their links links…and soon, if you ain’t carefull, you have blogginess coming out of your ears.
    I guess, that for many of us, we just end up with too many blogs to read, so some are inevitably gonna fall by the wayside, without it necessarily being a reflection on how good/bad the blog is. I hinted at this somewhere when I said my bloggroll is a moveable feast. There is just so much out there…
    For myself, I only have limited time to commit to reading blogs – if I spend too much time doing this, then there is none remaining for all the other stuff that needs to be crammed into what appear to be rapidly shrinking days. Like writing. Family. Necessary acts that hold life together. Eating, even.
    Don’t despair….

    sulz: for self it’s almost the opposite because currently am on holidays so there’s plenty of time to bloghop, but obviously many people don’t have that amount of time am having right now. some of self’s regulars are very busy with their lives, so you reminded self of an important point. just hope that they’d resume blogging because the regulars are bloggers whose blogs self read too.

    thanks. 🙂 moment of despair long gone after posting! nothing quite like blog purging.

  5. I’m curious to find out what blog system you have been working with?
    I’m having some minor security problems with my latest blog and
    I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

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