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Tagged twice in the space of 3 days! Some blogging god must really like self.

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In fiction, I could make believe the morning of my final day in Travis, when Jennifer and I took our last walk, that we held hands and thought the future was going to be carefree and rosy.

– The Pigman & Me, Paul Zindel

The book is an autobiography of Paul Zindel, who wrote The Pigman and The Pigman’s Legacy based on his own personal pigman recounted in this book. What’s a pigman? He’s someone in your childhood who taught you about the more important lessons in life, like death and happiness and love.

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  1. I am avoiding reading books the next few months for medical reasons. My eyes are still being treated for diabetic retinal bleeding episodes.Though I am considering the downloading book program where I can read books on my computer and control font size. I am researching a controversial book I plan on purchasing in the near future. I have made the decision to buy it, I have just to decide on the format I am going to purchase. Otherwise the only time I am picking up a book for the near future is when I am looking for a recipe to play with.

    sulz: oh, didn’t realise you have a vision problem! sorry to hear it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but you don’t have to download any program to control font size on the computer – just press the ‘control’ key and scroll the scroller on your mouse up or down until you have a good size for you. (that is, if you’re reading in your browser.) there are plenty of classics available for free download, just type free e-book in a search engine to find them.

    hope your eyes will get well without any complications.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I had been using my toolbar to adjust my font size on my browser. The control scroll is much faster and easier. The download I am looking at is actually a book club setup. The setup equipment is free and then you hook it into your system to download the books you purchase from the club. The reason I havenโ€™t made the commitment is that I am still on dial-up service and downloading that much information takes a long time with a phone modem. When I finally commit I plan on switching to a cable or satellite Internet system.
    Thanks for the concern. I have been battling the eye problem for sometime. The bleeding is a side effect of diabetes. They burn out the veins, with a laser, that surround the retina. That is supposed to help keep the blood from damaging the retina. The doctor though he had it fixed the last time I saw him but there was new spot leaking blood show up in my latest tests. So it is back to the laser treatments. The only problem I have with the laser treatment is it makes my eyes tired and then reading of any sort makes me sleepy.

    sulz: no problem, something have learnt from others too. have just recently installed broadband service so know exactly what you mean about dial-up. you might be interested in this site then: or – it sends excerpts of a book daily to your e-mail. you can set the frequency of e-mails whether you want it everyday or once a week. the choices of e-books are mostly classics though.

    am a bit worried about being a diabetic in future because it’s something anyone who doesn’t exercise much can be in the risk of getting, isn’t it?

  3. Thanks, I will check out the sites.

    Lack of exercising is only part of the diabetes risk. Eating habits have as much to do with it as exercise. Plus in my case it was just a matter of time before it hit me, as type2 is genetically passed on from both sides of my family. But proper exercise is a key component. I used to workout daily and was basically a workhorse when someone needed an extra set of lifting hands. However I did not start having trouble with my diabetes until I was hurt in a couple of work related accidents. Plus I have also been fighting with Forestiers Disease and a form of sports related arthritis since my thirties. They limit the amount of physical exercise I am capable of doing. That affects my ability to fight the diabetes. In addition I like most carbohydrate heavy foods and I especially like rice, pasta or potatoes served with my meals. Carbohydrates will screw up my sugar levels in a heartbeat. I rarely eat bread products for that very reason. Fighting diabetes is all about controlled eating habits and proper exercise. My eating habits have never been good but since my injuries and arthritis started limiting my workout ability – the diabetes has become a problem.

    sulz: oh dear, pasta and potatoes are totally self’s poison. must really start prevention methods. learnt something new today by searching wiki on forestier’s disease.

  4. Yes they are starches which turn into diabetes danger very quickly as the system processes the quickly. I switched to brown rice for my rice dishes because they are digested slower. I used to eat a lot of rice dishes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not so any more. Exercise was never a problem until the Forestiers disease kicked in. What has always tripped my trigger was why it started when it did. Forestiers disease is a are disease and is not supposed to kick in until you reach fifty. Even the most early case are usually in the mid to late forties. Mine started in my thirties. The doctors could never give me a straight answer as to why mine started so early. The best they could do was that I had a history of early sports injuries and later a couple of harsh work injuries that caused the calcification to start early. Still my back, neck and hips are so stiff rigorous exercise is out of the question. But like anything you learn to live with it.

    sulz: as they say that’s the way the cookie crumbles. thankfully your condition does not stop you from blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚

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