blogging gobbledygook and such

Am angry because stats are going down, down, down.

Am angry because regular commenters are MIA and regular blurkers too, from the looks of the stats.

Am angry because recent posts shows as much passion as an ED-stricken penis and are just senseless filler posts, which are obviously the reasons for the lousy stats and less comments received in the first place.

Most of all am angry at the blogger for being angry at her stats and readers. Stupid whining bitch! Let’s all flame her because she’s such an absolute loser for craving cheap Britney Spears-like attention.

Comments on: "Are you sometimes ever angry at your blog?" (8)

  1. I’ve been through my obsessive stats watching stage. I still look but not in the same way as I did.I I have whole days when it depresses me that I have nothing to write about (or am not in the mood to form words so I resort to pictures or sounds). It can be good to try other Internet outlets too (twitter, facebook etc) as they can be complimentary to your blog and force you to think in different ways and connect to like minded people in different ways to blogs.

    sulz: thanks for sharing, it’s nice to know am not the only one! facebook, is that like friendster?

  2. Hi Sulz-Facebook seems to be the latest uber social platform. Lot’s of hype but lots of people on there too. It’s worth a play with if only to have a presence.Add your blog feed and other widget type applications and join social groups. Different to blogging but can be complimentary to it.

    sulz: will check it out, no promises though. 😉

  3. Ah, I totally know how you feel Sulz. I’m obsessed with blog stats too but lately, they’ve been going straight into hell. I do manage to have a couple of odd days when the hits reach 700 but mostly they lurk around 500. All that when I managed to get 2,500 hits like on one day!

    But then I realized that hits aren’t the shit really. It’s what you write that is. There’s two kinds of bloggers in the world, one who simply write about Paris Hilton’s and Britney Spears just to get the hits and the other like you and me who go soul searching in some of the posts, to hungry for hits in some and totally hilarious in the others. The second one are the kind that are remembered for their contribution to blogosphere, because there are too many of the first kind around. So just chill girl, good days will be back again and when they are back again, you have to promise me a Bacardi for this totally inspirational comment! 😛

    sulz: look who’s talking, the blogger who has at least over 20 comments in each post! sure hope you’re right, though.

    as long as it’s virtual, you can have all the drinks you want, lol!

  4. Oh, I’ve felt that too. Even though I created my blog without giving the url to people or caring about stats (first weeks 4 – 3 readers a day in the best days), when I started sharing it, I started becoming a bit more obsessed, and a while later I couldn’t stop checking the stats page, and whenever stats went down I couldn’t stop wondering what I had done to it and thinking about ways to attract people. It happens. Right now I’m sort of avoiding my blog, but I’ll get back to being obsessed with it eventually.

    sulz: what’s wrong with us?? we need better hobbies, seriously! 😛

  5. Haha now don’t tell me you don’t see how I get the 20 comments. It’s only like 3 or 4 people and we turn comments into chats and talk about all kinds of silly and unrelated things in the comments. It’s all rigged popularity lol.

    And nope, I don’t get virtual when it comes to booze! 😛

    sulz: yes, by commenting got unfortunately subscribed to your ongoing off-topic chatter. 47 bacardis as punishment!

  6. 47 Bacardi’s? Anyday!

  7. You are worrying too much about your blog. You do a very good job of writing and keeping your blog active! Heck, I do not know what your major is but you have better English and grammar skills than many graduated college students. Just let the blogging be an extension of your life and not the director of your life.

    You are way too young to be married to your blog statistics. School break is upon you, relax, turn off your computer and have some fun. Otherwise you will look back later in life and kick yourself in your butt when your life is in full swing and your personal time is drastically limited. By the way I notice that the USA at the top of your visiting country list, expect summer slow down from that region. Summertime is outdoor playtime in the USA, wintertime is the time many of us are restricted from outdoor fun and look for indoor distractions. (Note the high spring and summer birth rates.)

    sulz: thank you, that’s a really nice compliment! 😀 hmm, never thought of summer as cause of plunging stats, that makes sense.

    what, people don’t have sex at the beach anymore? 😛

  8. I bet they do. What else can somebody do on a beach anyway? 😛

    sulz: but it must not have been enough! as thescoundrel says, note the high summer and spring birth rates.

    hey, plenty of things to do on the beach! haven’t you watched baywatch? you could jog slo-mo, you could apply suntan lotion slo-mo, save drowning people slo-mo, watch bouncing boobs slo-mo… you get the picture.

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