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A person without goals is like a ship without destination. So goes the saying on the calendar in the page of May and June, hanging on the wall of the bathroom in self’s home. (That’s how much am in desperate need of inspiration, that the toilet is self’s latest muse.)

So… what about the journey? Does the journey not matter? It does, but just not as much as the destination, doesn’t it?

Then… what about people who actually care how the journey will be like? People who actually prioritise journeys over destinations? Are they… misprioritising?

Is it okay not to have destinations, but journeys instead?

Comments on: "Which should matter, the journey or the destination?" (3)

  1. How is journey possible when I don’t know where I want to go?
    Once I decide that I must accomplish something..Once I fix my destination, Its all done…! Then, for me, journey would be the only thing important–the path I choose, the way I proceed would be the only aspects important..

    Dont really think journey is possible without destination. Even if I start without knowing where I intend to go, where would I go?

    But something interesting happened once..I was after something but finally accomplished something else! My goal suddenly changed…ultimately, the new task is finished while the original intended one is still pending!!

    sulz: a journey without destination will have you end up in places you never thought possible! though of course that can be either a bad or a good thing depending on how it all turns out.

    you’re right on one hand. people without goals seem very listless and have no motivation in life. they go about life like they’ve lived it already. on the other hand, it feels like having goals may mean shutting yourself off other opportunities because you want to focus on your goals.

  2. I’ve had this question in life a number of times. I’m somebody who doesn’t have a fixed goal in life. Even though half of the people around me think I’m retarded, I know I’m not. What’s the use of going hunting for the goal and spoiling all the space in between. And what if you end up not achieving that goal?

    sulz: yea, it’s sort of like putting all your eggs in one basket. if you can’t achieve your goal for some reason you’d just feel like an absolute failure even when you’re not.

    or is that a loser’s excuse to avoid failure? urgh, am confused now.

  3. I am not big on having “A” destination. I have had many destinations but never “A” destination; I just like diversions and side roads. I prefer the dirt roads instead of the superhighways of life. However if you are a goal setter you need “A” destination if you plan on reaching it. There is an old saying “stop and smell the roses”: from my personal observations very few individuals locked on a set destination by a set time find the time to smell any roses until they are past the time to enjoy them. It comes down to what you want out of life. If you have a definite ambition or desire fame, fortune and glory you need set goals and destinations. If you just want to travel the road of life and take in as much of life’s experiences as you can, then destination is more of a far away open-ended vision. But like the fairy tale of the man, the son and the donkey, the best choice is the one in your heart and soul and not where people you meet on the road attempt to direct you (even though they are often correct in their advice).

    sulz: in self’s heart of hearts, would just want a life where could smell the roses if wanted to. but am always feeling the pressure of other people criticising the way am treating self’s ass. 😛 that’s why journeys are more important to self (though some destinations should be important too).

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