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Yesterday was a busy day. Spent morning doing disastrous (in comparison to other sessions) shopping.

Disastrous = buying 2 pairs of pants in the same colour because the second one was so nice couldn’t resist. And could not exchange first pair for another colour because it was on sale. MNG you suck so hard. It was just a simple exchange of colours! Yes, it’s policy and everything, but it’s not a complicated situation. Sometimes it’s okay to bend the rules because you can’t do every damn thing by the books.

Disastrous = seeing someone wearing the exact same skirt you’re having on at the mall at that moment. So fucking embarrassing okay! It’s one thing to deliberately do it with a friend, it’s another when you see a total stranger looking almost a mirror image of you. Fortunately, said girl did not see self. It’s nobody’s fault, yet it feels like it’s each other’s fault anyway. Immediately texted Angel to relieve embarrassment, as she was a victim before too and thus could empathise accordingly. (Hers was a more traumatising experience – the girl who wore the same t-shirt as her passed her by on the escalator! We were going down while said girl was going up. Incidentally, bought that same shirt when Angel bought it because it is cute. Great minds have great tastes alike, no? Haha.)

1. Casual MNG khaki pants RM65
2. Black MNG spaghetti strap top RM35
3. Fancy no-brand khaki pants with lace belt and pocket embroidery RM60
4. Black glossy ballet pumps RM50
5. Bookmarks RM4
6. Earrings RM25
7. Pencil box RM11
8. Hair clips RM13
(9. Skirt was wearing at mall – bought when went to the movies a few weeks before – RM30)

Disastrous shopping mishaps aside, it was a pretty satisfactory session. How could it not, when have spent over RM250 for all of that.

Afternoon was spent doing a survey, rating songs for a local radio station. For 4 hours, get paid RM80. Only fun if you do it with a friend. It gets repetitive after a while.

Evening was spent at a friend’s place who was having a BBQ party. The exact same friend who was the lousiest hostess the last time went to her Xmas party. This time guess she was determined to make up for that. That, and this time other classmates also turned up so it was almost like class again. Was very loud and raucous. Ex-Lousy Hostess also gave a Winnie the Pooh sweet dispenser as gift from her recent trip to Hong Kong. She also told self to start own blog (after self’s asking her to update hers) now that have broadband. Her suggestion was echoed by other classmates.

These clueless people!! 😀

Comments on: "What’s your worst shopping experience?" (7)

  1. A lot of brands do not allow exchange/refund during sales time because sales time are busy times! But if you are polite enough (or demanding), you can still exchange the bought item. Some people resort to complaining – or “providing feedback” to the management. Then, it depends on the company’s mgt to handle the incident.

    Great minds think alike 🙂 It’s only bad when your enemy wears better than you haha.

    My online contact asked me about the survey too… maybe you two know each other.

    sulz: did ask the manager and was polite about it. wasn’t demanding or anything – explained the situation and asked for it. she still refused: “since you said you know it’s policy that it’s not exchangeable, why are you still asking?”

    did not talk with anybody throughout the survey. was tired and cranky, best to keep mouth shut in a mood like that. 😛

  2. I do not really remember ever having any really bad shopping experiences. (Perhaps when I added up the final cost of my TV and Home Theater system a few years back -just under $4000- but in all reality the cost was close to what my personal original estimation of the cost would be. It was just buyers guilt and remorse which I quickly got over after everything was all in place. Hey I am a guy, expensive electronics is the legal drug of choice for many of us men.) Usually a bad experience starts with a clerk that annoys me. Thats when I turn the annoyance into a fun shopping experience by doing things that annoy clerks. If I am in a clothes store I look at lots of different items then hang them back in the wrong places and often put the rack in backwards and the clothes in different areas as to the rest of the store’s planogram. Sometimes I just toss them on wrong shelf with different types of merchandise. If I am in an electronics store, I will turn all the stations that the equipment is preset for, change all the color and voice settings on the equipment and if the equipment has sleep timers I will set numerous pieces of equipment to turn off at various times. Stuff that I know is annoying to the clerks and their bosses. It turns a mundane or bad shopping experience into playtime fun. Although the most “fun” I ever had at shopping was watching another customer who was mad at the store for not taking back the DVD player he had purchased, the labor part of the warranty was a few weeks past the final date. In a rage he stormed out of the store and crashed the DVD player on the stores driveway and left it laying there. Farout!!!!!

    sulz: that’s very mean! have worked as a sales assistant and it’s very annoying to have such naughty customers like you. 😦 but as a customer also, am very annoyed with apathetic sales staff and always feel like am on the losing end for not asserting self’s customer’s rights for fear of being branded a fussy bitch.

  3. MNG staffs are usually not helpful in KL/Selangor. It’s like they feel they are so branded and being bitchy is a requirement. Notice how they don’t ever come up to customers and ask, “How can I help you?”

    thescoundrel, doing that makes them even more unwilling to escalate your request!

    sulz: your observation is correct. rather have those kind that follow you around the shop even though it’s annoying, but at least they can and would help when you need help.

  4. Wow, you have such a successful blog and your friends don’t even have a clue! Well, neither do mine 😛

    Ah, don’t ask me about shopping experiences. Mine are the biggest disasters on earth. Whenever I set out to buy something, suddenly the whole stock vanishes and some shopkeepers say that kind of thing never existed. I’ve had it happen with me a billion times already. Things as simple as gel pens become unavailable when I want them. How do you explain that?!

    I’ve had this happen with pencil boxes, shoes, shirts and what not. And it always turns out that right after I bought something, the entire trend decided to change and my thing becomes old fashioned and out of place. Result of all this is that I’ve started hating shopping now. But yea, ask me to buy some new gadget and I’ll be the most enthusiastic person you’ll ever find. But you’ll never find the gadget because I’m so unlucky that the particular gadget you are looking for will stop getting manufactured by the company making it.

    I wonder what will happen once I make a girlfriend and she asks me to go shopping with her because a) I’m too lazy b) I’m a miser and c) I’m rather impatient. Either she will kill me or I will kill her or maybe we’ll both team up and kill the shopkeeper and end up in jail. Sounds like I have a great future ahead 😛

    sulz: what success? stats below 50 nowadays, half of the comments in a day from some weirdo named ish… lol!!

    wait, aren’t those people who practically have chat room conversations in your comments your friends?

    haha, that does sound annoying… maybe you should try online shopping instead?

  5. Yea, they are friends but not from real life. I meant the friends who are around me don’t even have a clue I have a blog. They think I have broadband connection only for doing you know what. You know don’t you?

    sulz: think so… any good ones to recommend? hehe 😛 😛

  6. Hah! I am beyond naughty when it comes to retail stores. I am an outright nuisance when I feel a store or clerk is treating me unfairly. I worked in retail electronics for over a decade in various levels of position. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of retail. I know when I am getting the avoidance, runaround or the shaft from employees or the store. I know what they do, how they do it and why they do it. And after many years in the business I know what reaction by myself will give me the most satisfaction.

    sulz: you’re on the warning list shall give self’s staff when open up t-shirt store.

    at least, that would happen in self’s dream. 😛

  7. seriously, i hate shopping at mng for this reason alone. the staff act like they have a pole up their arses, like they know you cannot really afford their things anyway so why are you making such a fuss. especially during sales; their attitude is terrible! i’ve had numerous bad experiences shopping there so i’ve temporarily boycotted them. i think too many people wear their clothes anyway, heh, no offence.

    oh yeah, i also seriously hate the aforementioned crowds at mng during sales periods. ugh. nobody should be that desperate for something they have to pay for.

    i’ve had a few shopping bloopers–usually involving wearing clothes i bought at a certain shop, back in there! eeps so now i take note of what i’m wearing and try to steer clear of the shops. lol.

    sulz: looks like am going to do that now too. this is the first time in this year went to mng, should be the last after this experience!

    malaysian people and cheap things make them go a little ‘nanas. if it’s free, it’s war! lol

    ah, that one have done sooo many times have developed thick skin. there’s one time wore this giordano shirt and went to the shop, the sales assistant was wearing the same damn shirt!! 😮

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