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Okay, so we’ve established that short of physical torture and threat of death would self ever reveal self’s birthday, but nobody said nothing about celebrating it!

It’s been our little tradition between Angel, Sesat and self to celebrate each other’s birthday. Now Sesat said she can’t because her company’s starting a new project next week and she’s made to be on stand-by every weekend from next month onwards. As for Angel, whatever free time she has that doesn’t need to be spent on class assignments and family outings, she will be working at her part-time job (she is one of the very few people who actually enjoys her work).

Am sooooooooo miffed and hurt okay!

Alright, to give them credit, they did ask if we could go out this weekend for birthday dinner instead. Have lied told them have plans and that we shall delay the date.

It’s just felt a little hurt that it’s as if that this birthday dinner is something they have to get over and done with and not because they really want to celebrate it.

Okay, when self am typing they, am really referring more to Sesat. She’s just impossible after she started working in this new job. She complains (justifiably) about her workload, so much and no extra pay for overtime, etc etc but she does nothing about her situation! Instead, she becomes grumpier, she’s ruder than ever (she was rude to begin with, but it’s the kind you learn to ignore and boil it down to her callous personality)… basically am just not enjoying her company anymore.

Yes, yes, you’re thinking am being absolutely childish for being angry for having self’s friends dictate when birthday dinner should be when it’s not their wish to do so but they have to do it out of work commitments (again, they = Sesat).

… Actually, after writing all of these down, am regretting a little for lying about this weekend. After all this is a free dinner we’re talking about!

But at this point in time, it wouldn’t be very wise to go out with Sesat when am bearing a grudge and am just going out with her to claim free dinner.

Urgh, feel like cancelling birthday dinner altogether just to show them how annoyed am with them! That’ll show them!!!

Yes, you have self’s permission to [spank / bitchslap / flame / your preferred choice here] that childish idiot we call sulz.

Edit: Free food won over grudge. Will tolerate bad company this weekend, after which shall probably not see for a long long time and by then shall have been over grudge.

Edit 30/6: Actually was better than expected thanks to Angel’s diplomacy. As usual Sesat and self were bickering about the most trivial of things, then the food arrived, then we shut up, then the waiter gave a brownie with vanilla ice-cream on the house because Angel told him dinener was to celebrate self’s birthday and got a birthday song with a Mexican-style finger-picking guitar (we ate at a Mexican restaurant), very embarrassed and they took photo even, looked gross as usual because am so sweaty as always (have hyperhidrosis, go wiki it)… so that was it. šŸ™‚

Comments on: "Don’t you think someone needs a scolding?" (3)

  1. Sad, but inevitable. That was going to happen someday because these days, situations just don’t let us be BFF’s (best friend forever’s)

    It’s your birthright to be angry though, they should have spared that one day and made you happy. I know how it feels when somebody wishes you on your birthday and celebrates with you and that kind of joy doesn’t come from relatives. Anyway, I’m gonna shut my mouth because I’m gonna depress you all the more. How good have life been if we wouldn’t have to work though?

    We can have a virtual party for you anyday of the week you want. What say? …and before I go, can I spank you? Just had to say that šŸ˜›

    sulz: haha, birthright to be angry? nah, it’s not really, but am somewhat justified to be, yes. am not exactly satisfied with the situation but just have to make the best of it – there’s hope the dinner would be good.

    just having commenters around in blog is satisfying enough, really. you can spank… if you can reach!

  2. woot!! happy b’day!!

    sulz: not today lerr… but will save it for the day. šŸ™‚ thank you.

  3. Hmmm sounds like we are heading back down the discussion of selling out to a job. It happens. Not fun but companies tend to frown over placing funtime over the top of work. Slave to the dollar.

    sulz: sigh, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, yea? to think, this is something that’s probably going to happen to self when start working next year! urgh.

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