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Must apologise first off because am not exactly a connoiseur-wannabe. Have very simple tastes for food, though have a preference for Western food over other cuisines.

The restaurant meme

1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the city/state and country you’re in.

original meme
Fracas (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
sulz (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.

– Chili’s: Between Chili’s, TGI Friday’s and Tony Roma’s, like the food at Chili’s better.

– Italiannies: Am sure authentic Italian food doesn’t taste like what’s served here, but it sure tastes pretty good for self! It’s also fun to share food with friends, that’s half the guilt off eating so much pasta!

– Las Carretas: A small Mexican restaurant & bar with good food and friendly staff. You’ll leave the place feeling like it was money well spent.

– Peppercorn: A small restaurant that serves Western food, where chef and manager are a husband-and-wife team who also own the place. Food is scrumptious, atmosphere is cosy and quiet, and priced very affordably.

– Sri Paandi’s / Lotus: Like Sri Paandi’s for the cheap and decent Indian food. Lotus serves delicious Indian food but it’s terribly pricey in comparison. The thing about Lotus that self like is the clean toilets (even cleaner than TGIF’s!).

3. Tag 5 Others
the eternal wanderer

Comments on: "What’s your favourite cuisine?" (13)

  1. Nice job — however, can you put the list where it’s been back in there? The person who created it is trying to track it. 😉

    sulz: have included the link of the original meme creator at your request.

  2. Sorry but I cannot say that I have just five favorite restaurants. A favorite restaurant usually depends on the mood I am in. So here are those I hit the most. There used to be three others I would have included but they were closed in favor of a chain style place when the hotel they were in, was bought out by a new owner. I linked those that serve similar cuisine together. I offered links where possible. So in no particular order – as my favorite changes daily:
    Rudy’s Taco – Mexican/USAmerican style food
    Habaneros – Mexican/USAmerican style
    The Royal Wok – Chinese Buffet (am in love with their peanut-butter flavored fried chicken)
    Chinese Kitchen – A small Chinese diner with a small menu but big on taste
    Yen Ching Express – another small but tasty Chinese menu
    Dragon House – mixture of Asian cuisine. They make an extreme hot oil sauce similar to one I make myself and that I find at the Royal Wok.
    These three are all mainly Independent Pizzerias and all serve a similar style thin crust pizza

    Franks Pizzeria – Pizza, plus a small menu of Italian/USAmerican food (also has a bar)

    Fields of Pizza – Pizza, plus a small USAmerican style menu

    Harris Pizza – Pizza, plus a small USAmerican style menu
    The Iowa Machine Shed – Midwestern style USAmerican food (always popular & great eating – family style dining, heavy emphasis on pork dishes and special apple dumpling for dessert and my late mothers favorite place to eat. You know it is good if she liked it as she was fussy! 🙂 )

    Davenport Family Style Restaurant – USAmerican Style (great pork dishes & traditional USAmerican desserts)

    The Grinders and Spaghetti House – Italian style Pasta dishes plus USAmerican Sandwiches on in-house daily baked Italian bread (I especially love their fresh Italian bread and garlic bread)

    sulz: they sound absolutely divine! what’s the damage eating at these places?

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  6. ahh…thanks sulz for the tag, but apologies yah, can i not do this thingy? most of the people i would like to tag are non-bloggers and those who are, are not really into this sort of thing. 😦 but i’ll tell you my secret restaurant: i love banana leaf rice at grand city restaurant in PJ sec 17. cheap, good and eat-until-you-puke (MUST GO). *thumbs up*

    sulz: don’t want to do meme? cannnnn…. belanja lunch at your favourite restaurant!

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  9. Righty ho! I’ll get to it soon enough… I lean more towards Japanese AND Italian cuisine! LOL! Strange mix? I wonder if there’s a restaurant out there that fuses these two vastly different elements together into one mouth-watering Nippon-Italiano cuisine!

    sulz: well, you might find a dish like that in a fusion restaurant, but doubt there’ll be one specialised in these two cuisines… you could open your own one day, hehe. 🙂

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  11. A little late in my answer to your question but here goes. My taste buds are more comfort food than gourmet style. So most of the restaurants I dine at are family style and less expensive than a lot of places. On average I can figure $7 to $10 US dollars a head at most places. The Iowa Machine Shed is slightly more pricey but I like the place, food and the prices are not unreasonable compared to other places I have eaten at. At the Iowa Machine Shed I usually figure $12 to $20 US dollars per head. They are unique as the place serves family style where the bread, veggies and taters come out in pass around serving bowls.They decorate the place up with farm tools and road signs, the waitresses are dressed in railroad costumes. It is just a fun place to go and a great place for food. I included a link to their menu with my original post if you are curious as to what they serve.

    sulz: even self could afford that if ever went to the us! give us comfort food over gourmet any day. 😀 (the farm place sounds really fun.)

  12. Firstly thanks for doing the tag…Hope you enjoyed it…Super sorry for reading it so late…will be putting you on the update list…if you know of anyone else doing the tag feel free to message me and I’ll add them on the updated list

    Ahh my fellow malaysian….I love Chili’s too…no one can beat their yummy chocalate fudge!!! Drool….I had the benefit of trying Italiannies when I was back there…the servings there are huge!!!! Peppercorn??? Wonder if it is in Subang?? I used to love that place 8 years back!!!! And Lotus/Sri Paandi’s?? Where is this?

    sulz: hi, you’re the original meme poster, right? yes, peppercorn is still in subang, sometimes good things don’t change! lotus is at jalan gasing, paandi’s err, the one i used to frequent closed down but they have branches in brickfields and also taipan in subang.

    thanks for visiting. 🙂

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