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Today is the first day of the semester. It is the third and final year for self. Am excited to start classes despite having had a class during the 2-odd months of semester break (à la summer school).

15 minutes into first class this morning, was bored out of self’s skull. 🙂

Yet another elective dilemma, though it shouldn’t be because in this case we all know where self’s priority should lie: whether to pick up an elective that will help in self’s GPA and CGPA or drop it to ensure availability should classmates want to go for lunch. Education or entertainment, still haven’t quite made up self’s mind. (It is self’s final year, and part of the college experience is actually hanging out and having lunch with classmates…)

Our class had its first male lecturer ever. Fresh from his PhD without any teaching experience whatsoever, at that… !

His body language screamed I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here but I desperately hope you don’t know that the moment saw him. Gave him the twenty questions treatment whenever possible. What are we supposed to do? What’s the course breakdown? Is this essay we’re writing now graded? Can we pass this up tomorrow instead? Am sure he left the class two and a half hours later feeling exhaustingly overwhelmed and absolutely not looking forward to the next class. :mrgreen:

It will be nice to bully the new teacher, but what we need is someone who tells us if we’re toeing the line.

After classes, the 10 of us went for lunch at a cheap but delicious Western place. We must go back there again – the food is that good, and the price is so worth it.

It’s naturally impossible not to attract any attention when you’re out with 9 of your classmates. It was fun, would like to do this every week, hence the temptation to drop an elective that is a guaranteed A! (If that sounds cocky, that’s because am that confident of acing the class as have taken it the semester before unofficially – sat for the class, but did not register for the exam. Why? For fun. Seriously.

Don’t worry, will come to self’s senses soon.

Let’s hope!

Comments on: "Education or entertainment?" (3)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    You’ve never had a male lecturer before?! Bizarre!!!!

    sulz: faculty lecturers and students are made up of 90% female. seniors never had a male lecturer before even! not counting electives, that is.

    it’s very strange to look at a male lecturer who looks like a student himself… 😕

  2. Condolences to the poor male lecturer!

    sulz: hehe, yeah, he’s definitely drowning in feisty oestrogen at the moment!

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Woah… the English department has a 6:4 male to female ratio when it comes to lecturers I think… I hardly had female lectures.

    sulz: am used to female lecturers so it’s fine. female lecturers generally know what they want to do with a class, but some are quite open to feedback from students. this male lecturer, err… virgin lecturer mah, so can’t compare, hehe… :mrgreen:

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