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Would like to think of self as someone who’s nice, yet at the same time will not tolerate (much) shit from anybody. The benefit of the doubt will always be given, but she maintains the line that you shouldn’t cross. She won’t tolerate being bullied.

Actually, that’s a lie. Found out today. Sesat, who has been getting on self’s nerves lately, drop the straw that’s breaking this camel’s back today.

1. She’s planning the details of watching a movie this weekend with Angel and self.
2. Since she’s the one who wants to watch it and we have to accommodate her schedule, so she has to do the planning.
3. After e-mailing back and forth, she told us to keep a certain time on a certain day free while she’ll buy the tickets a few days ahead. She did not say when exactly.
4. Replied her e-mail saying not to choose such a late show as have class the next day.
5. She replied agitatedly saying how she’s bought the tickets already, and how self should’ve send her a text message because she’s so busy that she couldn’t check her e-mail every hour (as if self am doing that) and that quote unquote NEX TIME BLOODY SMS THIS KINDA THINGS THT INVOLVE BUYING OF STUFF…
6. When all along the show she bought tickets from fits self’s schedule. Am getting virtually bitch slapped for nothing!

And what was self’s reply? A terse explanation of the situation with no returning profanities to hers. Nothing to put her in the place.

Nothing to say, “Hey you fucking owe self an apology.”

This is the girl who once slapped a boy for breaking her plastic hand fan.

Since when you’ve turned so chicken, sulz? Since when you’ve forgotten how to stand up for yourself, even if it means offending an old pigheaded bitch of a friend?

Angel, am really doing this for you. Unless she cleans up her attitude, after your birthday dinner with Sesat and self in September, am going to cut all ties with this ungrateful insensitive bitch.

Sesat, whatever stress you’re getting from work does not justify your misplaced anger on self. You’re so thumbed-down at work that you have to have the upper hand at every little disagreement we have just so you can assert your dominance. And stop fucking criticising the way self drive. It’s not dangerous, and it’s not your car. You can fucking use your car next time. Not that am ever going out in your car if you’re continuing this tightarse bitch attitoot.

Still have to endure the few hours this weekend at the movies with her ‘cos the tickets have already been bought. Don’t think am going to tolerate your company – will just pay for ticket and watch it by self.

Edit: How typical of someone as self-absorbed and insensitive as her to not realise have been giving her the silent treatment throughout the time! Angel had to point out to her after self have left in a huff when the movie was over. Am at fault a bit too for not coming clean with her about self’s anger. Am just such an avoidant when it comes to issues like this. 😡

Comments on: "Why do you tolerate being someone else’s punching bag?" (4)

  1. Wow, you are pretty angry alright. And your friend is being unreasonable. You need to show her that things don’t always go as she wants them to or else she’ll start taking you guys for granted. She’s stressed with work alright but then who isn’t stressed these days? We all are and it doesn’t mean we get to be in a foul mood all the time and impose ourself on our friends. I mean if I ever did that, I would probably end up watching movies alone for my entire life because I’m very sure my friend won’t take the kind of shit from me. If he wants me to go somewhere, I have to go and if I want him to come to some place or do something for me, that means he has to do it however inconvenient it may be. That’s how my friendship works atleast.

    sulz: you won’t like to see self really angry… 🙂 what pisses self off is that she’s so self-absorbed and that really kills self. and angel is too torn between us to dare point out our faults (for surely sesat is not at fault at every disagreement we have). let’s see how things go tonight at the movies.

  2. Whoa! Sulz pissed off! Gee, that ain’t so common. Hey, I kind of understand what you’re going through. It really sucks being chastised for zilch. As for Angel being torn between you and Sesat, it bears an eerie resemblance to what someone in my circle is facing as well. Gauging from her experience, it seems pretty difficult digesting the whole situation.

    sulz: at least angel has her own stand, which is to not take one! 🙂 maybe you can tell the ending of your friend’s situation, seeing as this is still unresolved between self and Sesat.

  3. well, on this side it’s still going on, but it’s fair enough to say they’ve become very distant.

    sulz: well, hope it works out for your friends. may not know them, but conflicts like this are really unnecessary… (yeah, look who’s talking! 😛 )

  4. To me, among many things, friendship means: to be tolerant, understanding, unselfish and, obviously, appreciative for one’s friends and their feelings, wellbeing, etc. For what I’ve read, you’ve demonstrated to be a good friend. whereas Sesat hasn’t.

    You certainly have no obligation to put up with such attitude. I’d recommend you that whenever you don’t like something, let her know right away. If she doesn’t like it, tough. You’re being honest and you’ve put up with her BS long enough.

    If her attitude doesn’t change and causes you to cut all ties with her, it’ll be her loss, not yours. I’m sure you’ll have other friends who will really appreciate the kind of person you are and won’t take you for granted.

    PS I hope you had a great weekend!

    sulz: thanks for the advice. 🙂 am hoping things will work out well for the sake of Angel.

    the weekend wasn’t too great, but weekdays seems better that way!

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