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Although ads are ephemeral in that each one is short-lived, their effects are longstanding and cumulative: they leave traces of themselves behind, which combine to form a body of messages about the culture that produced them. These messages can then function both to reflect and to construct cultural values.
– A. Goddard, Language of Advertising: Written Texts

This came from self’s class about the use of language in advertising. Besides advertising, this perception can also be true when it comes to mindsets, don’t you think?

To think, concepts like racism, size discrimination, sex discrimination, they all (theoretically) could have from one person, then multiplied and multiplied…

The power of words, indeed!

Comments on: "Are you aware of the cumulative effect of mindsets?" (3)

  1. I would tend to agree. Ad slogans often last longer than the ad campaigns. Some evolve and take a life of their own. That is why politicians look for catchy phrases for their campaign. My favorite commercial slogan was always the little old lady (Clara Pella) from the Wendy’s commercial where she went around saying “Where’s the Beef!!” I have even created a category in my blog posts to honor the masterpiece. And old Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan (finger looking good) has made it into mainstream speech. I love old commercial slogans and use them in everyday speech whenever possible. LOL, too many more like me, and the world will have a storyline like in the movie “Demolition Man” where the music of choice played on the radio was commercials. With the kind of ability for a slogan to stay long after abandoned by the product, speaks volumes the slogan’s capability to become a part of and influence culture. I have seen the “Where’s the Beef” slogan used many times in attempts to bully someone’s stated opinion.

    sulz: didn’t where’s the beef came from a burger king commercial? and that’s why copywriting can earn more dough than other kinds of writing! (not everybody can be another j. k. rowling…)

  2. Yes it was a commercial for the hamburger chain Wendys. (Which was a fairly new fast food chain at the time started by Dave Thomas, who was also the guy who helped Col. Harlan Sanders make Kentucky Fried Chicken such a success.)'s_the_beef%3F

    sulz: oh, someone told self it was burger king, heh. used to have wendy’s in malaysia when was young; for some reason, it closed down. thought they had better variety than other fast food places.

  3. i go off for one week and your blog goes from flower age to futuristic?!!! Awesome!!!

    sulz: hey, thanks for the enthuasiastic response to the blog’s new look! just implemented it last weekend so you weren’t gone that long. 😉

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