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For the most part, people cry because they are sad.

Some people cry because they’re too happy.


She cries because she’s too angry.

Which is easily mistaken for being highly, superbly sensitive.

Which is true, to an extent.

But if crying can be accepted as an expression of happiness to some people, why not anger for others too?

What’s the cause, you ask?

Stupid insensitive cock of a lecturer who tells sulz,

“Your point is over,”

when trying to interrupt a classmate trying to reply his question (which he only asked because he wanted to disprove self’s answer).

Maybe the effect of his uncalled rudeness isn’t exactly justified here. Let’s put it in a physical analogy: it’s like someone needing only to nudge someone else’s arm to stop someone else from doing something but someone else got a shove that makes someone else reel back from the force. (Err, only two characters in the previous sentence – someone and someone else. sulz is annoyingly confusing like that sometimes!)

Anger was just boiling so hard at that point that when he asked self another question could not muster any tolerance to entertain him. Could not stop tears that had to get out of class in order not to make any more a fool of self.

You’re going, sulz is such a wanker, crying over a little rudeness!

It’s not just mere crying, it’s an uncommon expressing of one’s anger in this case! Am just so fucking pissed off that instead of vile curses spewing out am crying like a stupid crybaby.

So now you now, sulz cries when she gets really angry, alright. It’s not just mere crying! 😈

And Mr Lecturer-who-specialises-in-CDA-and-literature who “don’t care for this (Proficiency) class” as you so blurted to self’s classmate? You ought to attend a class on language and politeness, you highly inept cliché! (His favourite word.)

Comments on: "Why don’t you want to make this girl cry?" (6)

  1. I totally understand… I too cry when overwhelmed with anger. Other’s see it as a weakness or over emotionality, which only pisses me off more. 🙂

    sulz: you too? wow, thought am the only one who’s weird like that. haven’t heard from you from such a long time – are you back in the blogging scene? 🙂

  2. I don’t understand why people cry when they are angry. Just blow hot air out! It comes from feeling helpless and unable to change the situation?

    Don’t loose your temper over him – that’s when he gets the satisfaction that he has power over you! Wish him love and peace and see the shock in his face instead.

    sulz: if you don’t experience something yourself of course you can’t truly understand it. if feeling helpless means controlling the urge to snap back an equally caustic remark to him, then yea was feeling helpless alright.

    he’s actually not a rude person by nature but he lacks communication skills. what more, this is the first class he is teaching after graduating with a phd. but that doesn’t really excuse his lousy communication skills.

  3. Probably – if you don’t experience something yourself of course you can’t truly understand it.

    I just feel the tears are wasted because the other person doesn’t know he/she hurt someone so much or he/she knows and does so deliberately because he/she is likely to be a sadist anyway.

    I had a really close friend and she was 1 of the nicest person I know. She always cried whenever she was bullied by her colleagues/supervisors but she dared not take action to counter/prevent it.

    I don’t think crying is weak, sometimes we just can’t help it.

    sulz: err, don’t get the sadist part lah… ? your close friend cried to relieve herself of the frustration but perhaps to her it’s not that much that she’s willing to do something about being bullied…

  4. The sadist = the lecturer, using rude words & sarcastic tone

    sulz: ohh, thought the sadist was the person crying! lol.

  5. Oh, Yes! I did endup crying once…when my anger was at its peak but still I couldn’t give a retort… Well, Everything had to come out in some form or the other–At that time, anger found its outlet in the form of tears!!

    sulz: you too? you described it succinctly!

    nice to hear from your again. 🙂

  6. well, PHD = Permanent Head Damage.
    To me, i don’g give a damn.
    This is the attitude most of local U lecturer have.

    sulz: not really lor, cos before this have not much problems with previous lecturers. maybe it could be the case in other faculties, of course.

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