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The unthinkable has happened.

Have accidentally revealed this blog to friend.

Well, at least it’s close friend.

Am still upset at self’s stupidity though. This is one part of self would have like to keep concealed some more. Am not quite ready to reveal this side of self yet to familiar people.

Like how a homosexual has to come out of the closet on his or her own, and not because s/he let her loved ones catch him or her kissing someone of the same gender.

That’s… not a very good analogy, is it?

Oh well, anyway, hello Angel. 🙂 (err, don’t take offense by everything above, if there’s anyone to accidentally slip this to, would rather it be you, always!)

Comments on: "Did you think you could’ve kept the secret?" (14)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Hohoho, funny analogy.

    sulz: … 😕 (don’t know what to say, haha)

  2. yeah, right. nice analogy 😛

    this one’s a public blog… my friends know about it. but i’d rather slit my tongue before telling anybody about another blog… who’s existence is known by only one person other than me.

    but then, who knows?

    sulz: so… what’s the url for that other blog, eh? it’s just sulz here, you know… 😉 😛

  3. First off, you’ve got a new template. Well, saying this was dumb. It’s like as if you didn’t know you had a new template. It’s still green but a lot different. And you need to fix up the sidebar a little bit, maybe increase the width. Otherwise it’s very neat and pretty.

    Second off, sorry for not really having posted comments. But I know you must be happy because me not leaving comments means one person less spamming on your blog.

    Third off, I know how it feels when your blog gets revealed. I felt like naked when my did. The guy is a friend but not a really trustable one. God knows how many people he might have told. I can’t stand him talking to me about people I write about. The other day at school, he kept torturing me until I had to tell him who 1, 2 and 3 in one of my posts were.

    sulz: didn’t want to mess with the sidebar ‘cos am a strictly copy-and-paste css user. 😳 wouldn’t extending the sidebar mess up the alignment of the post bar and the little picture in between?

    nonsense, ish spam are less ish than real spam. 😛

    ah, a kindred blogger! poor you. did you get careless like self (who sent e-mail to angel from the address she uses specifically for blogging purposes and has her damn url as her signature!) or did your so-called friend played nosy parker?

  4. you didn’t click on it, did you? 😀

    sulz: yer, am a bit dumb lah sometimes, but not this dumb!

    edit 30/7: there were 2 clicks on your “url” when checked the stats this morning!

  5. no offence, please. 🙂
    by the way, how many hours do you devote to your blog on weekends? because this can easily qualify as comment-chatting. 😛

    sulz: of course not. am especially free on weekends ‘cos have to catch up on homework, so in between just check on the baby… 😛

  6. 1 of my friends just joined the blogging wagon and has been pestering – telling – us to vote for his/her blog. I pondered whether I should link up with that blog because that’s what friends do – link each other.

    Nah, better not. All the secrets…

    sulz: so meaning he doesn’t know you have a blog here? your avatar show part of your face wor, not scared he recognise you meh? haha.

  7. Ah, I don’t think messing a little bit here and there should harm much if you’re good with CSS. You can always get it back to normal you know, but then it’s your blog and your choice.

    I gave away my blog in a pretty careless fashion too. My friend wanted a website for Windows XP Themes and I gave him the link to my alternate design blog thinking he would just download themes and that’d be it. But he was cleverer than I though. He found the link to my main blog and kept reading until one day when I mentioned him in one of my posts. That’s when he commented and I realized who he was. I was horrified and even ended up password protecting my blog for a couple of days thinking it would discourage him and he wouldn’t read the blog anymore. However even that didn’t work out and now I can’t do anything about him reading me and just have to trust that he wouldn’t go around telling people.

    sulz: yea, problem is am not good with css, heh. could ask for help over at the forums though…

    we’re like superheroes, you know. we can’t keep it secret forever… haha! 😆

  8. He/she doesn’t know. I even added 2 blogs in my Friendster profile.. If they were smart and curious, they could’ve just click 1 of my blogs and then from there find my other blogs. That’s how I discovered some of my friends’ blogs heheeh.

    Ceh, my avatar’s pic is soooo small! And I don’t live the happening life so they are not that curious about me. Even if they find out… I have a twin sister.

    sulz: so much for being in your friendster. 😉

    wah, didn’t know you’re one part of a pair of twins! are you identical or fraternal? older or younger? by how many minutes? how to tell you apart? 😛 😛

  9. LOL. Reverse my avatar and you’ll my (higher self) twin sister 🙂

    sulz: so meaning you guys are identical la? so nice… bet you played all those switcheroo tricks like jessica & elizabeth wakefield (did you ever read sweet valley twins?).

  10. hm, blog is some where you can express yourself when you can release it to real human face to face.

    Is a place that you can tell your secret to everyone but without others knowing you.

    hm, is like a knight. If you handle it propably, then is ok otherwise you will get hurt and maybe leave a big scar which you cant get rid of it.

    So, think twice before release your blog. If you want others know your blog, then have to bear in mind that those who know you will tell you secret to people around you by purposely or accidently. You will never know what will happen.

    sulz: that’s why want to keep the blog secret as long as possible, but sadly am too careless and let slip. luckily the person who knows is a very good friend and is very trustworthy. some mroe, didn’t talk bad about her in the blog. 😛

  11. The twin sister is just ahem. You know? Couldn’t play those tricks.

    Read The Wakefields, snobby Lily, Bruce, sweetheart Steve (or Steven?) and who else? Didn’t see the tv series though.

    But it would fun to have a twin though 🙂

    sulz: err, what is ahem? 😆 wanted to watch the series but it was so late at night! 😦 this series is one of the big factors that made self into the bookworm am today.

  12. Ahem.. as in.. arrhh, there’s no such thing.

    I was following the SVH, SVT then SVU till I got swamped by projects & ass for Degree. Besides, the stories got repetitive and out of hand. I preferred LJ Smith, Christopher Pike, Dean Koontz, even Jackie Collins hahaaa then.

    sulz: huh? meaning you don’t have twin sister? 😕

    it was repetitive but it was pretty entertaining at that time. used to read a little pike, a lot of r. l. stine, some buffy the vampire slayer books even… all thanks to book rental stores.

  13. If I die, I guess my blog would remain in internet space till someone discovered my identity and reported to WP/my parents (who definately would not know how to cancel my account). Gee, I don’t want them to read my posts in personal blog either. What if they read something xxx? :p

    sulz: think wp wouldn’t delete your account unless they have proper proof of your death. as for your parents, they wouldn’t know your password would they?

    and if they found anything x-rated, well, they can’t exactly scold you. :mrgreen:

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