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People are always calling out on other people who blatantly express their prejudice. Because prejudice is not nice, is it? It’s a biased, unjustified reasoning or opinion for an issue. Like how a racist white man hates black people because of the mere colour of the skin. Like how a fattist hates fat people because they look ugly and unhealthy. Like how a chauvinist sneers at women empowerment because he still believes a woman can never be better than a man. Etc etc.

But… is there a line between what’s prejudice and what’s our mere personal preference that happens to be… well, prejudiced? Is it possible to have personal likes or dislikes without them being dismissed as prejudice? Certainly, a person who believes in his or her opinion would not consider it a prejudice, even if it is to others. And everyone is supposed to be entitled to their opinion…

Or is there no excuse for prejudice?

Comments on: "Can prejudice be our right?" (4)

  1. Every person is entitled to have their own opinion I think but it’s just that it shouldn’t really hurt the one whom it is against, that’s when it becomes prejudice right?

    sulz: so prejudice is only when someone is offended by one’s opinion? what if we’re dealing with someone super sensitive? 😛

  2. lovelyloey said:

    I think the line in personal prejudice-ish preference and hardcore prejudice is that we don’t try to impose them on someone else. People with extreme prejudice, say, against fat people will be trying to rope their family and friends into expressing similar disgust and conduct fat people bashing. My personal prejudice against partygoers only goes as far as labelling them as degenerates; I do not try to change my party-going friends, nor ignore them. And somehow it seems to me, personal preference is usally against an activity or a certain attribute, whereas the BIG prejudice is usually against a certain group of people? Like, it’s more social in scale? Well that’s what I think. Hmm.

    sulz: that’s an interesting perception to the issue. so it means it’s okay to have personal prejudices but not so much that one starts to recruit to join them in their prejudice?

    yeah, why not? it’s not like we can stop other people from having it anyway… lol.

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Maybe because it’s not very likely for us to conduct bashing alone, so it doesn’t hurt the opposite party too much?
    And people are likely to attribute it to us being just weird/quaint/bizarre.
    There is always danger in numbers when it comes to ideology. Hoho.

    sulz: your last sentence cannot be more true!

  4. Ah, it’s the super sensitive person’s fault that he/she’s super sensitive. He/she’d consider calling them super sensitive a prejudice too.

    Seriously, you cannot survive in this rude, bad world by being super sensitive. Technically speaking, the more you don’t care, the better you’ll live. Else you’ll always be in a foul mood and will probably become a blogger and blog about your anger all the time 😛

    sulz: haha! yes, we all want to be more cynical to protect ourselves from being hurt. and when we do come across someone so open and sincere and we don’t deserve it, probably makes us feel like bigger asses.

    that’s when we show our true, caring nature, of course. 😛

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