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Was thinking of something to blog when realised that have totally forgotten to record last shopping trip with Angel!

1. Bias cut black tube top RM50 (Angel bought one in brown)
2. A couple of t-shirts RM30
3. Bookmarks RM5
4. Yet another pair of flats that kills self’s feet – white, dainty and completely useless RM40 (Angel bought heels from the same store)
5. Black underwired bra with adjustable straps RM40 (Angel bought the same kind)
6. Grey pleated skirt with lace trimmings RM30 (classmates were all teasing self for the length – it was just above the knee, but the shortest have ever worn)

A rather modest acquisition, compared to Angel’s, who for once spent twice the amount self had! (It’s usually sulz who spends more.)

And speaking of Angel, man, don’t know if she’s just plain blur or what, she didn’t notice that had replied her e-mail with links to this blog!

Oh happy, happy day! :mrgreen:

Comments on: "Something wrong with you that you forgot to write about your latest oniomaniac exploits?" (5)

  1. Like your new template 🙂

    sulz: thank you. sulz likey too. 😛

  2. hey nice theme

    sulz: hey you. 🙂 thanks!

  3. (not related to this post but) have you read and seen the books here ?

    sulz: no, i didn’t know about this site. thanks for the tip! 🙂

  4. Funny people have started noticing the new theme now only. I said about it ages back. Maybe I’m just too advanced 😛

    Anyway, why did you buy almost everything like Angel did? And duh, it made me remember some of my shopping trips which were complete disasters. Guys should not go shopping without women you know. Last time I went shopping, I bought 3 t-shirts and all of them oversized! Such a waste!

    sulz: no la, maybe they weren’t online then? the tube top, she wanted it after she saw self trying, while the bra was because she was doing some lingerie-buying and since there was a sale, bought one too. :mrgreen:

    hmm, haven’t heard the concept of fitting room eh? 😛 so go get yourself a girlfriend so you can spend wisely on shopping. though she may in turn make you spend more on romantic excursions! (those oversize shirts, wear at home la)

  5. I’ve heard the concept of fitting room yes, but that’s the entire deal. If a guy goes shopping alone, he doesn’t really bother trying and gets screwed up. However, if you tag a girl along, she’ll make sure everything looks perfect.

    And that’s some idea, I can wear those shirts at home but I’ll have to make sure that nobody comes into my room then because I can’t afford to be seen in those shirts.

    sulz: so next time, try harder in shopping! 🙂 eh, family don’t count when it comes to being seen in clothes you may not want to be seen in!

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