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Yeap, you guessed it. Had first real car accident yesterday on the way home after college.

(Really, the first one was after got driving licence and scraped the rear of Dee’s car while trying to reverse M’s car, but family don’t count. :mrgreen: )

It was nothing, really. Had followed the car in front too closely while queueing up to enter the roundabout to exit 9 o’clock, and couldn’t brake in time when it did. It was entirely self’s fault, seeing as was daydreaming and totally unfocused on the wheel at that moment.

Was rather worried initially. Couldn’t see any visible dent while driving from behind as we stopped at a nearby petrol station. So distracted that when got out of the car, slammed the car door on self’s left middle finger. It wasn’t that painful. Until saw some blood pooling around. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Honestly, you couldn’t tell at all that self’s car had rather forcefully kissed the other car’s arse unless you scrutinise it that up close. All the same, it was self’s fault and immediately called Dee to talk to the woman driver, after apologising. (She was rather nice actually. Did not scold self; she did seem in a hurry, though.) She said she would call us back yesterday night after discussing with her husband; we wanted to settle this by ourselves.

It’s times like this when family really matters, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, should self change self’s driving style? Has this accident taught self a lesson? The way self drive has never been dangerous, or least relatively. It’s just that have to remember to focus on the road!

One might view this accident as totally avoidable and unnecessary. That’s totally true. Would like to think of it as bad karma and hopefully, something good will come along that’s worth more than Rm50! (Estimated cost to repair the three microscopic dents – which only the woman driver can see, all self saw was a slightly loose bumper – on the other car’s bumper. ๐Ÿ™„ There’s nothing to do on self’s car’s bumper – it’s really that insignificant, and the car is old anyway.)

If you’re thinking that should have demonstrated more remorse than indifference in this post, well, yes, self should really. Driving is a big responsibility and all. But for some reason just can’t. Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Edit: She didn’t call yesterday night.

Edit edit: Okay, am officially freaking out now. She just called after class and said estimated cost is RM250 for knocking out bumper and repainting it… am desperately hoping she’s just trying to fleece self…

Edit edit edit (hopefully the final edit): Dee managed to haggle the price down to RM150. Pocketbook is hurting somewhat ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but at least it’s not as bad as the initial price.

Moral of the story: Don’t daydream behind the wheel, and love your father, kids!

Comments on: "What was your first car accident like?" (20)

  1. timethief said:

    My first accident was utterly terrifying which is not to say that the second one wasn’t just as scary. Neither were my fault.

    In the first case I witnessed the bald head of the drunk who passed out at the wheel and almost hit my car head on. He was driving down the highway in the opposing direction at very high speed. If it hadn’t been for the quick reactions of myself and the other driver to my right hand side I may not have lived to tell the story.

    As it was I suffered a whiplash, stripped muscles and ligament damage in my right armpit and right groin. A huge bruise on my forehead (it hit the steering wheel) and two black eyes. But these were minor in comparison to the head injury that damaged my optic nerve and compromised my vision for life and left me with migraines to boot.

    The real piss off is that the doctors and I weren’t aware of the damge to my optic nerve until long after I had signed the insurance release form.

    sulz: do you mind if ask how old were you then? that is one real scary first accident. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ did the police caught the drunk driver?

  2. oh dear ๐Ÿ˜ฆ accidents suck. i tend to daydream on the roads too, which is bad bad bad…esp since i’m driving a manual! urk. i’ve been having v.bad driving days lately (so must watch out).

    i think my first accident was reversing my dad’s old car into the neighbour opposite my house’s volvo….bwahaha…luckily it was an old one and the dent wasn’t very visible but i smashed my dad’s tail light. thankfully we were due to get a new car a few days later…or maybe not.

    recently i broke the front light of a car parked way too close to my dad’s new car/truck in a super jammed public car park. sorry la, not my fault ok! my dad’s new car’s a lot broader than most, and this car (and the one parked behind me, and in front of me) were too close. *pushes blame around* haha i’m terrigible.

    i did apologise to the cars though -_-”

    sulz: yes they do but they’re kind of inevitable – how is it possible to be driving constantly and not be involved in an accident, your fault or otherwise, right?

    oh yea, totally forgot about an incident where scratched this purple aeroback wira but that was his fault too since he parked at a no-parking spot, so… :mrgreen: larilah! was too flustered to think about apologising…

  3. I have not had many accidents by my first was surreal. I was coming up over a hill in town when I saw a car approaching a stop sign to my right. It was like I had some precognitive moment. I knew the individual was going to run the stop sign. I immediately started braking but it was to no avail. Their was a busy carwash right on the road he was coming from and the pavement was slick in all direction from all the dripping cars leaving the carwash. I did manage to slow down enough that there was limited damage to both of our vehicles. But I hit him on his front panel going about ten mphs. He got out and apologized and his insurance company paid for all the damages to both of our cars. (Not as much damage to mine as his.) It could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t started braking before he even ran the sign as it was a 45 mph zone.

    As to your cost on repairs it could get expensive even on a bumper. Some cars have a special safety cushion built into the bumper that has to also be repaired.

    sulz: well at least it wasn’t your fault, unlike self. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it’s an old car that’s why was so naive to think the cost wouldn’t be that much…

  4. Okay, I’ve had just too many accidents to remember them all. I’ve written about 3 of them and I guess I started writing only like 2 years back. I haven’t exactly had a car accident because I’m not allowed to drive right now. But yea, there have been loads of scooter accidents.

    However, I’ve been in cars that have met with accidents. It was when my father was driving and me and mother were with him. We were going to visit my grandparents in another city and the road we were going on ran next to a canal which had apparently no protection towards the sides. It meant that even if you skid off the road slightly, you’ll end up in the water and most probably won’t survive. So it was late in night and my dad couldn’t make out a heap of construction material lying in the middle of the road without any warning signs and he rammed the car straight into it. The windshield broke and shards of glass went into mum’s forehead but she managed to save her eyes. Dad had a partially broken front tooth. Because of the impact of the accident, the front seats collapsed and fell on me while I was sitting at the back seat. I managed to survive with a bruised leg and a very wracked up brain. That’s what I remember of it atleast.

    Then there was another one. This wasn’t an accident actually. We had gone to this hill station and there was this very steep road and our car stopped midway and started sliding backwards down the slope. I had been really scared then because I thought we were gonna keep sliding back and would fall off the mountains and into the valley and into death.

    And car repairs do cost more than you can imagine. Though I’m thinking the woman could have taken unfair advantage and gotten more things fixed in the car.

    And daydreaming, don’t even talk about that. That’s what caused my most amazing scooter stunt last year. My fuel tank was full and it made me so happy that I started imagining I don’t know what and just went flying around on the road after that. Don’t even wanna remember.

    sulz: and you’re still sitting in cars? would have been absolutely paranoid by now! take care of yourself whenever possible on the road, okay? don’t want your blog mysteriously unupdated for a long period.

  5. LOL. My 1st, 2nd, 3rd accident were at home. The front gate, the swing, the gate moved by the wind! Thank goodness I was going real slooow. I’m quite lucky that I haven’t *touch wood* had any bad accidents.

    I had a fortune teller advising me not to drive or I’d had really bad accidents. Another said I would die by car accident too.

    But I still love to drive. Any1 want to give away a car? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ask her if it’s possible to take her car to your trusty mechanic to check for pricing.

    sulz: hehe, that kind don’t really count lor, ‘cos you just banged inanimate objects (made animate by the wind)! dee wanted to take her car to our mechanic but she needs her car and she lives too far away to come. hence having to pay to her bank account. let’s hope it’s all over and done it from now on.

    save money for your own car. nowadays got people give 100% loan for cars also! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. timethief said:

    I was 27. My car was a total write-off. The drunk woke up and drove away from the scene of the accident while the ambulance came for me. The police did apprehend the drunk because a witness got the license number. He was charged with hit and run but not with drunk driving. The police wasted too much time getting to him because they were at the hospital waiting for me to become conscious and verify the witnesses’ stories.

    sulz: lucky he didn’t get away then, at the very least! and lucky that you’re still alive to tell the tale. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Yes, I still sit in cars. There’s not much of an option. You can’t stop breathing if you caught a cold once.

    sulz: haha, yeah. but at the same time, you’d want to take care so you wouldn’t get a cold at the wrong time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. True. But technically, there’s no medicine that treats cold completely. So there’s always a risk ๐Ÿ˜›

    And what can I do. I sit in the car with my father and I’m supposed to trust him. I can’t go around telling him, “Hey, I’m not sitting in the car ever because you rammed into a pile of rubbish once”.

    sulz: rammed into a pile of rubbish? hahaha! did you guys pass some really foxy babe or something? ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Off topic! But I thought you could use a belly laugh after all the misery. I found the following post on a local blog I visit. There is always something to laugh at when dealing with the English Language!


    sulz: hey, thank you for that, really appreciate the gesture (see latest post, it’s like you’re psychic ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

  10. Lol, that english thing was funny!

    And no, we hadn’t passed any foxy babe. It was night and that pile of construction leftovers was in the middle of the road and before dad could stop the car, we had already banged into it.

    sulz: ah, well, it’s another story you can save to tell your kids about the dangers of driving in the future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. [And no, we hadnโ€™t passed any foxy babe. It was night and that pile of construction leftovers was in the middle of the road and before dad could stop the car, we had already banged into it.]

    And back to the English fun: Maybe he didn’t “pass” a “babe” or even a “bab(e)y”, maybe he didn’t “pass” a car, or even “pass” the hat perhaps they were just too busy “passing Gas”. And could they have eaten those construction “leftovers”. And would you want to “bang” a pile of rubbish like you would “bang” a “chick” or maybe you just want to tut your bangs. English can be a dangerous word game! ๐Ÿ˜€

    sulz: lol, demonstrated excellently! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Haha. I will have be careful with my words in the future. English is more dangerous than nuclear weapons it seems ๐Ÿ˜›

    sulz: as the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword!

  13. […] aside from scratching Dee’s car when had only just got driver’s licence, have only had one accident so far. It was not due to committing any of these offences, but pure carelessness because wasn’t […]

  14. Stephanie Lim said:

    Ah, i just got into my FIRST ACCIDENT TODAY! and i was backing out of my boyfriend’s driveway for him to move his car, and while i was backing out, his neighbor also reversed and hit the my driver’s side of my lightbulb glass thing. no one was hurt, but i hate the feeling of you know you’re going to be in deep trouble by your strict dad. =/

  15. car repair is expensive so make sure that your car is always maintainned to avoid costly repairs ;’;

  16. I just got into my first accident last night. I am 17… I live in Minneapolis, and a sudden ice storm came upon us, and I had no idea how incredibly bad the roads were until it was too late.
    I was only going 35 or 40 and the car in front of me was going 50 or something, and the car in front of HIM slammed on the breaks, then they slammed on their breaks, and I thought that i was fine, because the distance between my car and theirs was big, but the roads were covered with ice, like an ice skating rink; and no matter how hard i pushed the breaks, i couldn’t slow down… I had to make a choice, either hit them head on, and cause a pileup, or swerve into the other lane. There was a gap, a car behind me and a car in front of me, and I swerved into the gap, and managed to only get the edge of a car. My car however, spun entirely around, hitting the end and front on the barrier off the highway, and is now totaled.
    All of the ambulances were in use, so I didn’t get to see anybody, even though I am pretty sure that I have a concussion and definitely some intense sprains.
    It is my parents car. I am still in shock.

  17. my first car accident… i was taking my 3rd grade son and 5 of his classmates to hockey practice and we were out in the middle of the intersection trying to turn and the light changed and a semi truck was coming towards us and didnt see us he tried to stop but he slid on the ice. everyone died but me. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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  19. We’ve all had them, and at least you have been able to keep your sense of humor about it!

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