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Okay, something is seriously wrong with self!

A couple of weeks back, lost self’s mechanical pencil somewhere. Not a big deal, even though it’s self’s favourite. It’s cheap and easily available in any bookshop.

Today, have left the whole damn pencil box in the tutorial room!!

And only discovered the loss hours later at home.

Am trying to think if there’s anything absolutely important in it.

1. An old Parker pen
2. A Bic ball point pen
3. A Faber Castell ball point pen
4. A couple of Ikea pencils, the ones you get free from Ikea
5. An eraser
6. Post-it Notes with not that important information in it
7. Kind of old tin of L’Occitane perfume (looks like lip gloss container but it’s solid perfume that smells like hotel room and just love to sniff it; given secondhand by lecturer am close to)
8. Green mini stapler
9. A rolled-up bag of candies
10. Some mini Cadbury chocolates
11. A tin of mints (am not that greedy, just so happens bought or people gave self that many candy all at once!)
12. Metal ruler
13. Nail clipper
14. The fluffy powder blue pencil box itself, which looks really childish on a 22-year-old but she only just gets away with it because she’s still a student.

Let’s hope it’s still there when go back to retrieve it on Monday.

Dee teased self: “So young already so forgetful!” It was payback for him as we’re always complaining of his forgetfulness, which he attributes to being old. 🙄

“Ya lah, inherited it from you mer!”


On another note, wisdom tooth has been growing for several months now and it’s irritating, but fortunately not painful. Dreading the time to go to dentist. 👿 Please don’t scare sulz with your wisdom tooth tales!

Comments on: "What silly things you can’t help but do?" (6)

  1. OMFG, I’d kill myself for losing a Parker pen!

    And you manage to put many things in a pencil box lol. Hope you fine ’em.

    sulz: well, that parker pen is the standard one, not the really fancy one, and it was more then 3 years old. and the pencil box is pretty big, heh. 🙂 expect will get it back, cos that department is a small one compared to other places in the faculty.

  2. I was so scared of the wisdom teeth, but they managed to grow already without much trouble. Except I had four non-wisdom teeth taken out for orthodoncy, so i guess they sort of made room for the wisdom teeth to just grow and push the others without pressing on any painful structures.

    Btw, teeth pain is the worst pain ever. I happen to have a very low pain threshold though, and anesthesia doesn’t work well on me.

    sulz: thanks for telling that, at least there’s a small possibility (which am desperately clinging on to) of self having painless wisdom tooth! 🙂

  3. lovelyloey said:

    You have food in your pencil case.
    I only have 3-week-old chocolate wrapper. 😛

    And my wisdom tooth is growing. rather painlessly as well. Am just leaving it there until it demands more attention (touch wood)

    sulz: in class very boring mer, mar eat lor! :mrgreen: you’re younger than self but got wisdom tooth growing now already, means you’re wiser than self was at your age, haha!

  4. i was just about to recount my scary wisdom tooth tale, li’l sis! it’s not a particularly pretty one, so i will leave it out for your convenience!

    that was some post! i thoroughly enjoyed it. somethings just grow on you! i am beginning to wonder if i will ever get rid of my backpack! women my age sport all sorts of fashionable ladies’ bags. but they don’t suit my camouflaged tomboy self at all!

    sulz: thank you. well, there’s a time for fashionable bags and a time for practical bags. just as long you’re not carrying your backpack on a date to a candlelight dinner you’ll be fine! 😉

    erm, did you scary wisdom tooth tale involve lots of pain and blood and money? 😡

  5. nah, backpack to a romantic dinner? nah nah nah!

    erm, lots of pain, yeah. money? not that much. blood? hell, no! it’s just a stupid tooth, damn it! in my case,……..oops, i’ll censor my entry. don’t worry. it will be over sooner than you know it!

    sulz: let’s hope it’ll leave self alone as long as am leaving it alone too!

  6. Dear sulz, I’ve enjoyed your posts in the forums, so thought it was high time I paid you a visit! I have been all grown up for a *long* time and still have my wisdom teeth with no problems! As for your pencil case, if it were mine, I’d only be worried about the CANDY and the mini stapler. Cheers!

    sulz: thanks for the visit, it’s a pleasure hearing from you. 😀 excellent, that’s what want to hear and hope self’s wisdoom tooth is like yours!

    hehe, as for the candy, malaysian people generally don’t steal food left around ‘cos they’re afraid if it’s expired or something, lol.

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