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What abuse are you against?

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The blogger is against emotional abuse. The scars which this abuse leaves cannot be seen and its true damage cannot be determined. A victim who has been emotionally abused can bear the wounds for life. It can affect the way the victim lives his or her life and the way he or she views the world.

Emotional abuse is quite underrated compared to other visually brutal types of abuse or substance abuse. Emotional abuse can happen to anyone at anytime, even without the abuser realising he or she is committing it. That’s why the blogger has chosen to blog about this abuse.

What abuse are you against?

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  1. All of them including: physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and any other abuse you can name.

    An abuser is a person who lacks respect for others, who violates their boundaries and who hurts them.

    That being said, when we are talking about adults, it’s time to recognize that there are those among us who have chosen to become lifelong “victims” and who even choose to enable their abusers to go on hurting them. They lack self-respect.

    Many people in our society have memorized the victim role and do enjoy the sick paybacks of being able to cry the blues to their friends for years on end, rather than acting to change their situation and move towards wellness.

    Helping victims of abuse to escape the present cycle that they are locked into is a compassionate act. However, helping them to uncover the aspects of their own character that may make them susceptible to abuse in the present and future is far more noble.

    The bottom line really is that lasting change must come from within the individual and not from without. Continually sympathizing with a victim who remains in an abusive situation may make us feel good inside but it is not effective when it comes to breaking the cycle. And indeed if we are doing that then we are getting a sick payback too.

    sulz: interesting view with valid reasons. thanks for sharing!

  2. “Helping victims of abuse to escape the present cycle that they are locked into is a compassionate act. However, helping them to uncover the aspects of their own character that may make them susceptible to abuse in the present and future is far more noble. ” – timethief

    I agree totally. Couldn’t put it better!

    I’m against animal abuse. But sadly, some animals cannot protect themselves. šŸ˜¦

    sulz: then have you heard about the dog-catching competition a local municipal council had here to round up strays? šŸ™„ they actually offer prize money of some thousand ringgit! the most absurd things go on in malaysia sometimes…

  3. I agree with timethief, all kinds of abuses are bad.

    Anyway, I feel very strongly against child abuse. It’s just not fair to deprive a kid from living a good life and making him work in a place that’s dangerous. And not even giving him anything in return. Nobody deserves that. God made all of them equal didn’t he? So why should some be playing with expensive toys and others be working. No human or no parent has the right to make the child do what he doesn’t want to.

    sulz: you’re right, child abuse is just plain sick. it’s a bitter irony that some people can be physically able to make children but not mentally or emotionally prepared to care for them.

  4. I’m like TT in that I’m against all forms of abuse; abuse affects everyone differently and the way it robs people of power in their lives, their dignity and self-respect, I think is often overlooked. I have zero-tolerance for enablers, for somebody who says they knew it was going on but did nothing. There’s always something you can do, even if it’s just lending support and strength.

    One cause I feel strongly about is animal abuse. The way some people treat animals is despicable; I’ll never understand how someone can hurt a defenseless animal, or how barbaric some of our culling and shearing practices are. But I agree with you on emotional abuse as well, sulz. It may never be physical but it can scar you for the rest of your life just the same. I know the way people talk to their children is awful sometimes; like as long as they don’t hit them, they’re a good parent, but how can they be if they never give them real security?

    sulz: thanks for commenting! read your post on this in tag surfer; nicely written. šŸ™‚

  5. I agree. I feel strongly about this. Its the mental damage that is the worst. Even if the abuse is physical. But if its not ot can be very painful indeed for the child. And the scars do not heal.

    sulz: you’re right. abuse of any kind is a very sad and terrible thing, but there’s something heart-wrenching about killing the innocence in a child.

  6. I’m glad you participated in this Bloggers Unite day, Sulz. My post focused more on what I am “for” as I believe dwelling on “how horrible” something is just gives it more energy. Of course, taking inspired action to support our truly held beliefs is always beneficial, IMO.

    sulz: tell you a secret – it’s the cute buttons that made self wrote the post, really. šŸ˜›

  7. your awesome! sadly..I’m just learning about Bloggers Unite day… šŸ˜¦ im out of touch. but a good cause indeed.

    keep up the good work, and thanks for the comment you left me šŸ™‚

    sulz: why, thank you! thanks for your comment too. šŸ™‚

  8. prettygirl said:

    I would of agreed some years ago,it seems that some people that are aware they are being abuse,lack self respect and continue that sad tale..on..and…on..and DO nothing about it,perhaps finding “enablers”….sometimes the person isn’t really aware of serious abuse and cannot put their finger on why perhaps a strong attractive bubbly bright young woman has deteriorated into a scared,timid person who believes their incapable of doing anything,even to fearful to walk outside their front door….they lost their self respect……..somewhere?An awaking “hits” late?..but the abuser has cut them off from everyone.everything and even their financial capacity…they cant work…spiral into a severe depression and the abuser has realized and really undermines them…first they couldn’t leave cause of practical reasons and in that time the abuser ensures they don’t leave!!…..authorities think the abused is the crazy one,as abuser are so nice and cool the abused a “wreck”…waiting lists for welfare help are long and they may be unlucky enough to get a councilor that is more interested in themselves or a refuge that is horrible and where from there?…beggars cant be choosers…they wonder if they are insane..their opinions are worthless right? that time they believe the abusers taunts and put downs, as abuser gets scared……to the abused it seems the world is turning against them…why were people so attracted to me?…and now they avoid me?.treat me disrespectfully?….it gets frightening to leave..the abuser must be right??…the abused is like a zombie,no life left in that body,so limp..once that shone bright with love,dreams and hopes…..cant get out of bed….why..whats the point?your lazy..good for nothing..a looser…a $%^&.your stupid…your cant…cant..pllleeeaasee stooopppp..pls…..scared…. no longer young… longer pretty…….nearly forty… went on too long..I thought this was normal..decades nearly…..I wont give-up…clinging….vaguely remember my dreams…I deserve a life and I’ll be good……
    I realize …so…shocking..that people can be so mean…but why to me when I love you,build you and hold you shocking!
    Just listen to my story..listen and listen till I believe again…give me compassion…does it exist still?Is it even real….show me….I dont need to be told my shortcomings..but my strengths…so I can believe in me again…I will deal with my weaknesses when after I find my strengths..

    What spousal abuse felt to me!I was surprised that so people had been like me…..I found someone to listen….thank God!
    It only take one person to really listen!

    sulz: thank you for your comment…

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