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Serious blogging block at the moment. Technically am blogging at the usual rate, but am not inspired at all to write anything now. Yes, am whining a lot about this issue every once in a while, but it’s like an anti-jinx or something because after have complained about how am not inspired to write will soon have a idea to blog about! *cross fingers*

Meanwhile, a nice little something to ponder about; think it’s taken from a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.


Like rules no. 1, 6, 8 and 10. No. 7 is quite intriguing, though in spite of thinking about it still can’t quite get what it’s really supposed to mean – does that mean if self loathe people who fart audibly and dig their nose in public, it’s because am guilty of doing the same too?

(fyi, do not fart audibly or dig nose in public. As for silent farts… heh, don’t you do it too? :mrgreen: )

Comments on: "What are the 10 rules for being human?" (4)

  1. You know what they say about farts right? The silent ones smell the worst 😛

    sulz: maybe just yours… 😛

  2. I can’t agree with 1. I might have been given a body but it keeps changing on me – with every passing year it gets worse!

    As for others being a mirror of me, doesn’t it depend on the mirror? I’d probably look fairly normal in a carnival mirror… 😀

    sulz: heh, that’s why it says like it or hate it it’s yours. 😛 you’re probably getting fitter physically though now that you live in the countryside!

  3. I have never read the book but the lines all sound like solid advice. Looking in a mirror to me mean that you will see the individual with the same eyes that you see yourself and your actions. You will be prone to judge that individual with all the same value appraisal and preconceptions that are a part of your test of life approval. Life, like history, is written by the author. That author can only use that wisdom that it is knowledgeable of or capable of understanding. Thus when you are judging someone it is like looking in a mirror. You will see mostly what you have been trained by your life to see.

    sulz: hmm, kinda deep stuff – will take a while to digest that. 😛

  4. actually i am not bold enough for silent farts. i do it inadvertently, if ever. i feel everybody will guess if it is me …..what if something goes wrong……….let’s skip the details here!

    sulz: haha, silent farts mostly don’t smell really… and if they do, the people around you aren’t near enough to smell anyway! :mrgreen:

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