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Yesterday, told Dee that plan to buy McDonald’s after class on the way home (because want to make use of the coupon), and would he like anything for dinner from there? He said to get him a couple of Filet-O-Fish.

So today after class, called him to tell him that am going to the drive-thru and does he still want them, in case he had gotten himself something else or if he felt like eating something else today. He said he wanted two Filet-O-Fish.

And when reached home, found out that he bought a Subway sandwich for self for dinner.

Uh, isn’t it logical that if have called you to tell you that hey, am going to McDonald’s, do you want anything? it basically means that am going primarily to get self’s own dinner, and perhaps you should’ve informed self that you have got self’s dinner already?

He claimed that have told him to get self a Subway for dinner, when did not said so! But he’s always been forgetful and absent-minded like that, so what’s done is done. We’d just share the Subway sandwich together on top of our McDonald dinner.

Then Em had to butt in and chastise us for buying more food than we need and eating more than we should. Then she nagged and nagged about the evils of fast food, how once you overeat how hard it is to lose the weight (a moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips 🙄 ), how pizza is full of cheese and calories (how pizza came into the picture have no freaking clue) etc etc.

We don’t eat them every day. And we most certainly don’t buy more food than we should eat all the time or often enough. It was a mistake on Dee’s part, and he’s agreed to share half with self. It’s done, let’s just get over it.

Why does Em have to freaking lecture us for that?! Especially in that fucking superior, holier-than-thou tone… grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Seriously, it’s her attitude about food like that that influences self in the way am seeing food too. Each time eat something that’s considered ‘unhealthy’ would feel incredibly guilty and feel like a total loser and failure for succumbing to ‘hedonistic’ gastronomic pleasures.

Am saying that sometimes, it’s okay to indulge. You don’t have to kill yourself if you ate a bit more than you should at a party. So you had one too many chocolate cake yesterday. You don’t do that every day, do you? So you ate too much ice-cream last night. Just eat something else today.

(And if you really feel that bad for overeating today, just walk a bit more the next day.)

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Comments on: "How’s your attitude towards food?" (15)

  1. Like they always say, “In moderation.” But I only have something as extravagant as cake if I really feel like it.

    sulz: yeah, which means according to root no more mcdonald’s for about a day after never. 😛

    so meaning you hardly ever feel like cake? you must have some other weakness then… 😉

  2. Well, I’m somebody who is from the fast food loving generation too and quite frankly, there’s nothing that bad about it till you eat it everyday. Anybody could have made that mistake and as you said, you can work a little bit more the next day to get rid of the calories. And Pizza is great, however unhealthy it may get, I can’t here even one bad thing about it!

    sulz: exactly the point. and today’s going to be a busy day so hopefully manage to walk around some!

    haha you and pizza. if your crush makes pizza i think you’d swoon!

  3. I can’t tell you how sad I get that folk from a region with the world’s finest cuisine still eat all that American junk crap which is full of shit, damages the environment, and is hugely expensive. Macdonald’s are well on their way to colonizing the whole planet.

    sulz: can’t help it. their oil-drenched fries and calorie-laden burgers are just so irresistible – ya think they put drugs in it??

  4. I’m not obsessed about it, I know I need to eat a little less of chocolate cheese cake and more vegetables, but that’s because my mom is constantly lecturing me on my weight. Yes it’s unhealthy to eat fast food everyday, which I don’t; but it’s even more unhealthy to become obsessed with food.

    sulz: too late, am totally obsessed about food! 😛 especially the chocolatey kind. any cure for that?

  5. I’m obsessed with junk food and chocolate. Too much to even feel guilty about it.

    sulz: haha, would so not want to go out for lunch with you ever! 😛

  6. I would post my paper I wrote in college on fast but I have no desire to type that over again. 🙂 Fast food is addictive in that it appeals to the fats and sweets that is human to love. I stop at fast food joints way too often. I used to hit Subway four or five times in a week. Here is the thing about fast food. It is specifically designed to appeal to the public through familiarity. What takes you back to a restaurant like a revolving door is comfort. The fact that you know what you are going to get and that the food though it is not premiere in taste and quality, it does have a consistent taste and appeal. That is especially so with fast food. A fast food restaurant is designed to taste similar no matter whether you stop at the one down the block or whether it is located 500 miles away from your home. The restaurant is designed with a modicum of comfort and service. Many fast food restaurants are designed with hard seats often painted colors like bright yellow. That is because a scientific study showed that restrictive hard uncomfortable seats and bright colors tend to mean a fast turnaround as people tend to eat fast and get the heck out of dodge. There is more to it than that but that is the basics.

    sulz: interesting explanation, scoundrel! food for thought…

    @ root: see, they do put drugs in it, how else can they be so addictive? 😛

  7. Hey, I love your theme… How did u get it?

    sulz: a friend did the css for this – look at the sidebar.

  8. Other weakness, eh? Hinting to a certain someone to “find it out” might be a bit… suggestive! 😛

    sulz: hmm… !

  9. That’s an interesting thought really. If my crush makes pizza I’d probably give her all me money, help her open a restaurant and then become a waiter in that restaurant. Ahh 😛

    sulz: if you gave her all your money you should be the manager of the place at least! then you can just eat pizza as you please without caring about customers. 😛

  10. My weakness for fast food is Donor Kebabs. Here they are made of reconstituted goat or something, they are swimming in fat, are normally served with 3 sauces, and come with red hot green chilli peppers. People are particularly inclined towards them after they have over refreshed themselves, missed dinner, and need fuel to get home. I love them. And Burger King.

    sulz: sulz loves kebab!! urgh, are they fast food? the veggies are fresh what!

    burger king… *slurp*

  11. i don’t wanna lecture, but when it comes to bad food, sugar is the root of all evil. actually sugar can’t even be called food. i read somewhere.
    and fast food is only one type of food that has sugar. now, point should be taken honey and molasses are ok.

    as for me and fast food, frankly speaking, i don’t have enough money to indulge in fast food on a regular basis.

    as for food in general, i go thru’ bouts time to time. sometimes i just HAVE to have an ice cream or chips or something else for days on end. then i choose to forget about my budget AND health issues!

    btw, does ff have a spell-checking system? if yes, then how can i activate it? when i use flock, like now, i can see my errors in red instantly!

    sulz: definitely is not something am eating every day! would get sick of it easily then… am not sure. have learnt to read through comments one last time before publishing, and if there are still errors have to get over it, haha.

  12. Although I’m starting to gravitate towards the food sold in Pure & Natural and Subway places more than actual fast food, being more aware of the stuff in the food. I’ll probably turn into a vegetarian! There goes my love for medium-rare steak! 😛

    sulz: well, as they say, ignorance is bliss. but only if you stay ignorant! 😛 and those who are aware would disagree, but only because they know, you know? 😉

  13. Ah well, if I be the manager and keep eating them pizza’s all by myself, how is the restaurant going to survive? That’s why I’ll be the waiter so I can’t hit on the pizza’s 😛

    sulz: just as long as you get to be near her huh… 😛

  14. Nope, I’m afraid there is no cure for Chocoholism, a fact I know all to well. 😛

    sulz: here’s the thing – no chocoholic ever wants to be cured! :mrgreen:

  15. I have worked in farming industries and restaurant industries and you will just have to trust me when I tell you that you do not really want to know how food is handled, whether fresh or processed. If you did you would probably just quit eating and opt for walking around with an IV pumping all your nutritional needs into your arm!

    sulz: oh, but am not doubting your word the first time around!

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