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Yesterday was the last day of the semester. This semester is probably the best so far (well, there’s the final semester left, but we’ll see).

What made it so great:
1. Friendship with Jelly grew from strength to strength. He is currently self’s closest friend, and hope that we can maintain our friendship at this level or improve it.
2. Friendship with other classmates blossomed; people like 9, Jellybean and Sushi.
3. Lot of brunches and lunches out with classmates. That was super fun after one semester of having to bring own lunch to class because there’s no time to buy any there.

What have self learnt this semester:
1. Learnt more of a foreign language that have studied in previous semesters. (Learnt that do not like said language very much.)
2. Learnt how to publish a magazine.
3. Learnt a whole damn lot about advertisements and its ideologies.
4. Learnt that am a silly romantic at heart.
5. Learnt that (time and time again) first impressions cannot count (like how the lecturer who made self cry ended up being self’s advisor for research paper next semester, at self’s request)
6. Learnt that every group of close friends has its inner conflicts and struggles among themselves.

Just got back from Sushi’s party. (Before the party did something kind of crazy – changed self’s clothes (just the top) – in the back seat of friend’s car in the parking lot of the mall!) Her mother is the ultimate – gorgeous, smart, and an effing awesome cook. Totally pigged out on lasagna, seafood spaghetti, queso, broccoli and baby carrots, barbequed lamb, brownies and Oreo cheesecake!!! The whole day had ate pretty much nothing else but fruits to save room in stomach for this feast. šŸ˜›

Food was awesome, and company even more so! All the right people came, we laughed (at the jokes was cracking and teasing of friends) and shrieked (when a cockroach came!) and cheered (when made a call to a dear friend who couldn’t make it to the party) and camwhored (because am in a good mood and do not want to be a wet blanket despite most of the pictures of self turned out bleh) like there was no tomorrow (well, there isn’t a tomorrow for the semester anyway). Had planned to drink, but was too stuffed with food! Besides, was practically drunk even without drinking – was asking really stupid and inappropriate questions that would not ask if am in the usual ‘sober’ state. Was flirting with Jelly the whole night, hamming it up for friends, then asked everyone about their first kiss, and if they like kissing (self’s answer: a resounding yes!), and lots of stupid crappy idiotic in jokes.

SIGH. Why did it have to end so quickly???

Oh, happy, happy days! …

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  1. That has to happen. You always feel sad and think why did it have to end so soon. Though I know I’m hating my current year at school but I know I’ll be missing them friends when it’s all over and we’ve gone to different parts of the country/world for further education.

    That party sounds interesting! And food!

    sulz: yeah, that’s why am trying self’s damn best to enjoy what’s left of college days before we graduate. šŸ˜¦ even the bad experiences – they make life colourful at the very least.

    oh it was. you hardly ever see self being the life and soul of a party! :mrgreen:

  2. And this semester you met a whole bunch of really nice folk on your blog too:)

    sulz: hehe… that too, yes! šŸ˜€

  3. awwh, sounds lovely šŸ™‚ i miss going out. goodbye social life šŸ˜¦

    sulz: cheh, but your honey’s coming… :mrgreen:

  4. re: what self learnt…
    #1 – You know enough languages already, sulz! You make people like me [who only knows one well, and two others horribly] feel inadequate!
    #2 – Sounds very useful!
    #5 – What a wonderful lesson!
    #6 – Hmmm. Groups or friends or co-workers or whatever do seem to get into this dynamic. Hope things will settle down.
    Happy end-of-semester, sulz!

    sulz: no. 1 – heh, you haven’t heard self stutter in said foreign language! no. 2 – have to also add this: have learnt how not to publish a magazine too! no. 5 – yeah, sometimes lessons need to be repeated because we forget it. no. 6 – yes, we’re trying to patch things up at the moment.

    thank you! šŸ˜€

  5. Change and lots of it šŸ˜›

  6. […] this was supposed to be the best semester ever. Am getting closer to some wonderful classmates. Am, or was, having some pretty good relationships […]

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