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Do you have a mean side?

sulz’s one came out at the forums today. 👿

The drama in 5 sentences:

1. Blogger with Suspended Blog throws tantrum at forums; took it rather personally that she seems to be accused of violating the TOS (terms of service) when it was a bug that was affecting several other bloggers too.

2. Blogger whined in 3 posts in her other blog about what being suspended implies about her and her blog.

3. Commented in one of her posts that it was a bug and it’s nothing to do with her being likely to have violated the TOS since she was so vehement about it.

4. Got a damn tulan (am not exactly sure how to translate this Cantonese term, but see the smiley above? It’s how you’d look like if you feel damn tulan) ‘yeah whatever’ reply in her comment, which totally set self off because was being nothing but friendly; ironically, when Mark had restored her blog she deleted her 3 bitch posts (along with self’s comment of course) and turned sycophantic.

5. In link above, had referred to her as an insolent biatch (which has been removed by moderator for name-calling) and got told off in not so many words by not so many people.

Was sulz wrong to have name-called? Yeah, probably.
Does sulz regret her little bitchy moment? Nope, as evident in the reply in the link above.
Would sulz have done it again? Probably.

You know how sometimes you know you’ve done something wrong or bad, but you don’t feel remorse? And the more you get chastised for it the more defiant you get about your behaviour, even though if you were approached in another manner you might have shown contrite?

This is how sulz is feeling right now.


Oh, if you want to do like timethief and give self a sheesh, go ahead. sulz kind of deserves it lah in a way… >.<

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  1. I know exactly where you are coming from. Your outrage is understandable. You are a capable, competent and lovable volunteer. You met with an outrageous drama queen were rightly riled.

    We volunteers are good stuff and that means we don’t lose it very often. But you’re best among us sulz your record is clean. On the other hand, my tail has often been caught in the flames of the campfire.

    Be of good cheer sulz. I salute you. 🙂

    sulz: heya… hope you weren’t offended by self’s reply in the link because reading it again realised that it could be taken the wrong way.

    well, you got involved in more flame wars simply because you volunteer a hell lot more than self! but people do remember your contributions!

    thanks for dropping by. 🙂 (oh, record not clean anymore. no more a virgin flamer!)

  2. I was not offended sulz.

    sulz: thanks for letting self know that. 🙂

  3. I don’t think you were wrong in doing what you did. It’s essential to vent out your anger sometimes when you’re being wronged. You feel guilty only when you did something wrong and then got angry on the other person. In this case you were just trying to help and hence getting angry is justified.

    You should consider yourself lucky too, not many people get de-virginized by blogging support forums! 😛

    sulz: was not wrong in getting offended by her response, but could have vented in other ways instead of name-calling perhaps? 😐 (but am probably going to do that again if given another chance actually…)

    haha now am well on self’s way to being a support forum ‘slut’! :mrgreen:

  4. I can get ratty so I certainly sympathise and I certainly do not judge. No harm has been done really. Sulz – everybody knows you do great work. Sometimes I think people who volunteer do need an outlet to vent somewhere. And most people – when they go over the top – know they have done so. 🙂

    sulz: meh, thought you were mad at self in that thread? 😉 thanks for your kind words!

    the forums need a confession box, like the ones in catholic church with a priest behind it! (where we vent instead of confess, lol)

  5. Forums are public and I have to agree with Trent in “this thread may be “off-topic” but is still easily read. Keep all personal attacks to yourselves or do it elsewhere please! Frankly, forums are not nice places unless everyone in them is nice.”

    Because you also volunteer, you have a higher standard to uphold, whatever you type in forum reflects back to WP – like politicians (haha). It’s not always fair but bitching and flaming about it in public is only going to release your anger in the short term.

    So that blogger jumped into conclusions about why her blog was suspended. Other people don’t have to defend or attack. Just state the real reasons, what WP/she can do in which time frame and leave it at that.

    You were pissed off about her not acknowledging your help, weren’t you? That’s too bad for her – she was too absorbed in her own drama to care.

    Take heart – don’t let this bad incident preventing you from helping other people. Why let this control your time and energy? They would be better spent on other good things! 😀

    sulz: wah, you really ‘sheesh’ self huh? 😛 didn’t exactly help her but was being friendly and trying to reassure her that the problem isn’t as serious as she was making out, and she reply is like so… menyampah!

    nah of course she isn’t making self stopping from volunteering. have seen worse behaviour than hers in the forums, just not directed at self.

  6. Not sheeshing la 🙂
    Like u said, there are better ways of venting out anger than name calling in forum. Maybe name calling in ur personal blog? 😉 I shouldn’t be suggesting that…

    sulz: haha! 😀

  7. Saw all that “stuff” on the forum. Been there a little bit myself. I mostly just post to the games on off-topic now (mostly because I don’t know anything, so don’t answer questions 😉 ) but there is something that has puzzled me. Perhaps sulz can enlighten?
    Sometimes forum friendlies tell question-askers that some query or other “wastes volunteers’ time”. Am I missing something? They are volunteers, right? They could simply decide not to answer the question, rather than spend the time saying that takes too much time? Do you volunteers have agreements with staff about how and when to help people?
    Just nosy. I do appreciate your and several others expertise, and I have learned from you all! –and be of good cheer, the unpleasantness will pass if it has not already 🙂

    sulz: there’s no agreement between staff and volunteers. when bloggers repeat the same question in other threads, it’s just redundant and therefore it wastes the volunteers’ time, not to mention it is a form of spam.

    as for choosing not to answer a question, guess that’s the volunteer’s prerogative. some may be of the opinion that it’s better to be proactive, some may think that it’s not in their place to say things. simply a matter of perspective?

    oh, am totally over it already. blogging about it helps to release whatever annoyance have had about the whole thing. 🙂

  8. I saw this in the forums earlier as well and I certainly understand where you’re coming from. No one’s had a go at me yet, but I get frustrated when they just don’t listen or don’t see that you’re trying to explain things as best you can… I wouldn’t say name-calling’s right but I don’t think you should be held to a higher standard because you’re a volunteer. That’s the kind of thing that would make people stop wanting to volunteer and then everyone loses.

    Honestly I think you did the best thing you could do after it happened; you were able to blog about it and get it out of your system. My response is usually to go hit a punching bag for 20 minutes, so I think yours is healthier! 😉

    Just to follow up with what you’re saying to Muse as well, I usually just provide the link to the relevant thread now if that happens; I feel like I’m wasting more time if I try to explain it to them. I leave questions I think another volunteer might know better, but I’ll answer others as best I can, particularly if it’s been longer than 30 minutes. If they don’t understand something, I’ll clarify it… if they just don’t like the response, well, it’s back to the punching bag. 😛

    sulz: thanks for your comment, chris. that’s why blogging is so meaningful to self, it’s so therapeutic!

    linking to relevant threads is not only convenient but also in the long run doesn’t make you feel worn out from volunteering – imagine repeating the same answer over and over and over again!

    the punching bag you talk about, is it figuratively or literally? if the latter… scary! 😮

  9. Don’t worry, it’s figurative. Usually I’ll just step out of the forums for an hour or so; I try to save my hostilities for tennis on the weekends. 😀

    Thanks for retrieving my comment, btw. I give people advice in the forums on Akismet and I go and make the same mistake, lol. 😉

    sulz: okay, phew! 😛 hey, was no problem at all.

  10. Thanks for the explaination, sulz, and to cj for following up. As a frequent forum reader (do I get frequent reader points for that?) I prefer when you good folks provide the links to posts/FAQ that answer the repetative questions, with perhaps a hint that the person can learn to search, too!
    But, certainly, there is no reason for a blogger to post the same thing in multiple threads, and then demand instant gratification. Cheers

    sulz: seriously, most of them cannot get a subtle clue when we leave links. and if we say it point blank they’d get offended instead. 🙄 oh well, just a day in a volunteer’s life eh?

  11. “insolent biatch” I love it!!!! Instant Classic. Post of the Year!!!!

    Now if we could just complete the look and hook you up with some leather and a whip……no, wait….am I talking out loud again?

    sulz: hahaha! you crazy. 😉

    leather wouldn’t look good on self! am thinking claws, fiery hair and glowing red eyes. :mrgreen:

  12. I could work with that. Nice and freaky!

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