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5 Random Things About sulz & the Environment

1. sulz hates litter. She’d keep her own rubbish in her bag if she can’t find a rubbish bin and throw them when she finds one or when she gets home.

2. sulz’d gladly show support for the environment by buying a t-shirt, bag or badge that’s environment-related. Or do a blog post about it. 😉

3. sulz’s definition of an invigorating day is a morning walk through the greenery of the woods or a park with a friend or special someone, just before the sun rises.

4. sulz uses used paper to write notes for class, and recycles her shopping receipts for scribbling reminders.

5. sulz would definitely get herself a green (as in environmental-friendly, and not the colour) car when it’s available for the masses (at an affordable price).

Thank you museditions for e-mailing sulz about this. 😉

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  1. 2nd post I’m seeing today about the Blog Action Day. It’s a neat initiative I must conclude. I’m not as eco-friendly as you are but I do the first one too. Hell I’ve never thrown those things we get after sharpening a pencil. They keep lying in my pencil box until they accumulate and there’s no space to keep anything else. That’s when I go and throw it into the dustbin.

    sulz: hey, am not as eco-friendly as you think. recycling paper? because it feels like such a waste of money, lol.

    hey, pencil shavings make good decorations if you’re artistic that way! 😛

  2. You know what sulz..I was preparing to what to write for…this go green topic is very close to my heart…and I found your blog doing a I feel kinda fraternity with ya…this is concise yet sharp post…to pass personal recycling message 🙂

    sulz: you flatter self too much really! but thank you so much for your kind words nonetheless. 🙂

    looking forward to reading yours!

  3. sis!

    no1 and 2 sound totally like myself! as for no3, i
    am usually too lazy. but when i have an especially
    bad day, the first thing i do is go out really early in the morning to fill myself up with …….um, morning innocenece. i use old paper to sketch stuff but um, i am never gonna get a green car – ecowise or colourwise – i hate cars. i am too absent-minded to drive a car ever. i do love car rides once in a while though, very rarely.

    and gosh, i have the same quiz result!

    and oh, i am on a comment hunt project again! i think it’s ok (isn’t it?). i wrote a blogactionday post too and it would be swell to be conncted to this issue by also commenting on fellow bloggers’ blog posts, no? 😀

    sulz: having your own car is malaysia is necessary because the public transport in malaysia is just plain atrocious! 👿

    hmm, you too huh? 😉

  4. Great ideas. I liked your #3–really nice.
    And here’s a suggestion for #2, if you’re looking.
    You’re welcome for the email. I enjoyed reading what others had to say on B-A-D.

    sulz: heh, want to join self this sunday? 😛 hmm, the link you provided shows an error.

    b.a.d. not a very good acronym for something that’s supposed to mean good, eh? 😉

  5. Nice post Sulz! I’m with you on all the points, but I really like 3 and 4. I can’t think of a better way to start the morning than with a beautiful sunrise and a walk through the park or along the beach… sometimes we take it all for granted, but something like Blog Action Day really makes you appreciate what we have. I feel very thankful. 😉

    If you like the idea of a T-shirt, btw, Support Tees has some nice ones… I think they ship to Malaysia and are pretty reasonable (both tees and postage). I also love WWF’s unique gifts; they start at about $15 and can really make a difference in an animal’s life – help to care for injured turtles, grow panda habitats. They make great gifts.

    sulz: thank you! omg, am totally drooling over some of the t-shirts in the first link you gave, and am not exactly a tree hugger as such. (ahem, if anybody’s looking for gift ideas for sulz… 😛 ) tattoo a polar bear? send a turtle to rehab? 😮 lol, wwf has a very creative marketing strategy!

  6. oops, sorry my link broke. So now, cj gets the credit since it was for “tree-hugger” too. Hope this one will work:

    sulz: wow, lots of nice stuff too, thanks!

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