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Are you physically frigid?

Yesterday was out to celebrate Jelly’s birthday with Strawberry. The three of us shared fried calamari for starters (yum), green curry chicken for main and a slice of flourless orange cake for dessert as brunch. Then, we went for a karaoke session because Jelly and Strawberry are karaoke freaks, and it was Jelly’s birthday.

Was expecting to have a boring time. At first, it was rather dull seeing them totally absorbed in belting out their favourite Chinese tunes which have not heard before. Well, there were the music videos to occupy self visually. They tried very hard to make self sing a song with them, but each time declined forcefully. Apart from having a lousy singing voice, it just felt so incredibly corny to be singing songs.

As they sang, am a bit marvelled at their lack of self-consciousness when they warbled off-key and laughed it off like a bad joke. They don’t let themselves be bothered by the fact that they aren’t perfect, they aren’t good. Listening to them attempt to hit the high notes and failing hysterically, it made self feel so… frigid.

It made self realise that all of the self-expression self have done is through media that requires just self. Reading, writing, blogging, thinking, musing… There is no other participant than self when the creative process happens. There is nobody to critique or commend self, the way other modes of self-expression may have, like singing, dancing, acting etc. The judging is delayed – unlike singing where you instantly judge – which can enable the creator to be emotionally detached from a piece of work done years ago, at a point in his or her life that is no longer the case at present.

And the fact that have always shunned such activities has just made self more self-conscious when doing anything in front of people, especially presentations. Setting personal expectations which are impossible to achieve due to self’s nature of being physically awkward. Judging too harshly on any of self’s public performance. It’s wrong. Just because am physically awkward, whether it’s singing or speaking articulately or expressing affections verbally or physically, does not mean that self should shun these activities. In fact, should do it more often to become less awkward!

So what if have a lousy singing voice? Nobody goes to the karaoke to be discovered by music producers. People go there to sing their favourite songs, even if they butcher a classic in the process. Because guess what? It’s freaking fun. It’s fun to deliberately sing off-key and make your friends laugh at you. It’s fun to let yourself go like that, looking and sounding like a downright fool. It’s just liberating to express yourself musically.

In the end, have mustered some courage to sing one song. Warbled off-key (softly). Laughed at self (loudly).

Am a karaoke convert now. πŸ™‚


Physically frigid, but definitely not in blogging – link love to ish!

Also during this period I had visited Sulz’s blog a couple of times. Her superb flowery template had always attracted my attention and I had thought that she was one of the WordPress administrators since she had a custom template. Eventually I figured it was a Custom CSS update. I kept reading her blog and eventually started commenting and we became friends. She’s got a very distinct style of writing and the honesty of her posts and comments is what makes her what she is.

Comments on: "Are you physically frigid?" (10)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Well. I have some friends who go to KTV to attempt a perfect rendition so I feel very self-conscious when with them because cannot sing.
    Have friends who go to sing off key to laugh, but me feel self-conscious too cos cannot bring myself to do that. -sigh-
    Bottomline, I hate KTVs. Hoho.

    sulz: well, am not that secure to warble off-key loudly, but am trying to get there heh. πŸ˜› am not going to fight for the mike anytime soon though!

  2. We have the same problem here, we think too much. We think about what others would think about us if we make a complete fool out of ourselves and do things that look completely silly. I have friends who can be daring and can mimic somebody and badly fail at it and then laugh. Such people become popular because they don’t care. We on the other hand see their popularity and start going into our shells even further. And it goes on and on..

    I’m glad you did sing one song though. That’s how you’ll gradually get rid of that awkwardness.

    sulz: nail right on the head, ish!

    heh, and what was the song? karen white’s superwoman. lol!

  3. i can relate to this frigid in public thing very well indeed. i am both an extrovert and introvert. meaning, i don’t feel frigid when i’m on stage, as in, in a play (although i feel a healthy amount of
    tension)……..but i can be quite frigid in regular everyday situations, like in front of new people or among elders. πŸ˜€

    i don’t have karaoke here, so i wouldn’t know what it feels like though!

    sulz: oh, am most unfriendly around new people and elders too.

    karaoke is like singing out loud in front of people, with the mike and stuff. πŸ˜€

  4. You do not have to have a bad singing voice to feel uncomfortable about singing in a public venue. There are many people that are not comfortable singing in front of groups. Though I have absolutely no problem getting in front of groups and speaking I have always avoided singing in public.

    sulz: certainly, but all the more if you know your voice is sucky! but stage fright is normal for everybody guess?

  5. superwoman, you knew full well that you’d get some clicks from that title, you coy one! Now, having said that, I do relate. I geneally express my creativity on my own too, except for singing in chorus. Lots of others are in there so less of the intimidation factor. I’m pleased for you that you did sing a song! It does get easier. I’m sure Jelly appreciated it.

    sulz: hehe, don’t blame sulz if you have a naughty mind! πŸ˜› yes, am pleased with self too (not so much with singing voice though, bleh) and hope to go for another karaoke session and sing better! yeah, the friends were worried that would not enjoy time there, but surprisingly did!

  6. I do not think that word means what you think it means. Unless your karaoke is MUCH livelier than ours.

    sulz: haha, for a lack of a better word in mind at the moment! well, if you understood self’s meaning then that’s alright. πŸ™‚

  7. imma the same as you…heh. i can be quite loud at times but when it comes to certain things, i clam up. like karaoke, or performance poetry, which is what i had to do in class. eeps! i shall have to take a leaf from your book and attempt at shaking off the icy shackles of misplaced stage fright. πŸ˜‰

    sulz: good luck with that! it gets better the more you do it, but it’s the first few tries that are the toughest to do!

  8. If I can’t express myself physically I use expressions and words, because they are more than enough.

    sulz: but sometimes, it’s good to explore yourself through other avenues, even if you aren’t that good in it, you know? πŸ™‚

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  10. […] next class will be in, a friend suddenly sang Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. And ever since my virgin karaoke experience, I am not ashamed to burst into song in front of my classmates when I’m in the mood. And I […]

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