blogging gobbledygook and such

Then you have to skip this one, as was tagged by Virgilius Sade to be as indulgent from A to Z.

sulz is…

Anal about spelling and grammar, though she’s the first to admit her English is far from perfect.

Boring in person. She can be pretty verbose on this blog, but in person she takes a very long time to get comfortable with a person.

quite the Chatterbox once you know her. By then you can’t stop her even if you tried!

a Dreamer. Though she can be quite practical (really).

easily Excited in a bad way.

a quasi-Feminist.

quite Girly. That doesn’t mean she’s a softie…

Hot-tempered. If you don’t think so, it’s only because you don’t know sulz that well… yet!

Irritating. She likes to repeat jokes that tickles her to (seemingly) no end.

Judgemental in an observatory way.

a Kooky dresser sometimes. She thinks her Dorothy Perkins cow-print undies are hilarious (but it’s really juvenile isn’t it?) and she wants to buy suspenders instead of a sensible belt to hold up her baggy pants. And she actually likes to wear those Hawaiian print shorts meant for guys. >.< (She hasn’t been shopping lately, you can probably tell.)

Lazy. As in, the reason she’s online almost all the time is because she’s too lazy to dress up, go out and have a proper life.

very Moody. But she can get out of her moods just as quickly as she goes into them.

Nice. Right? 😉

prone to Overanalysing. She thinks, then thinks from all other perspectives, then thinks again until she’s all muddled up!

Paranoid like you wouldn’t believe!

Quixotic. Really not good.

a perpetual Reader. She never goes anywhere without a book in hands.

Simple. Flip-flops over stilettos any day. Staying in over going out most days. Brownies over chocolate mousse anytime!

Ticklish, which is why she has yet to try a massage. Maybe if the masseuse is hot enough… 😉

Understanding. At least, she tries very hard to be.

somewhat Vain. Well, you’ve got to be if you like shopping!

not Witty. Oh well, you can’t be everything you want to be, can you?

an X-rated thinker. As in, she can think of pretty naughty things quite often… 😉

a Yeller. She is prone to shouting when she’s angry or upset… or excited!

not what you call Zany. Some people say that sulz should be in a zoo though, when she’s in one of her crazy moods!

Comments on: "What if you don’t like self-indulgent posts?" (8)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Luckily never tag me because the only X words I know are xylophone (that one word you find in almost all children’s A-Z charts) and xenophobe. 😛

    sulz: haha, forgot to tag! oh well 😉

  2. Another “X-word” that everyone forgot was Xenu 😛 But then again, I am not a Scientologist 🙂

    sulz: xenu? what the hell is that??

  3. Hot-tempered…

    naah! I cannot believe such thing…

    sulz: oi!


  4. I won’t go through the entire alphabet, but here are a few I picked out:
    Boring: Hah, sulz you are not!
    Kooky: OK, you are that!
    Quxotic: is too good!
    *not* Witty: first, I don’t think you’re allowed to say what you are *not* in this…and second, you are too Witty, I told you so in another post, and I never fib about such things!

    sulz: in person, muse! maybe if we have the privilege to meet one day… 😉

    quixotic is not good in the sense that it’s rather idealistic and sometimes reality just doesn’t cut it for self!

    okay lah, am witty… once every blue moon! 😛

  5. Not what, Sulz. It’s who Xenu is. Check here:
    Weird and twisted, one might might think.

    sulz: hehe, manalah saya tahu! 😛 interesting, sounds like science fiction cartoon but strangely is a religious tale!

  6. LOL, when I saw Anal I was like wtf?! Was that intentional or did that just happen? Start your post with a sexualiocious word and people will surely read it till then end hoping to find a link to a nude photo of yours! 😛

    X-Rated thinker, you know you’re x-citing me now, you naughty girl! 😀

    sulz: lol, seriously it wasn’t intended to be sexually connotative. am always doing things like this! 😛

    hehe, down naughty boy… what happen to d (the crush) eh? 😉

  7. Funny Post! 🙂

    sulz: hehe, glad you enjoyed reading it!

  8. nothing happened to the crush, I’m too lame you know 😦

    sulz: don’t give up, courage shall come one day! 😉

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