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What is Fat? Are you fat?

My current technique is a kind of reverse psychology where I’ve started calling absolutely everyone fatty, no matter how large or small they are, so that everyone can feel bad about themselves, not just a select few.

Liberté, Égalité, Fatté

Alabaster Crippens on how to make fat people feel good

Having recently shown a few pictures to a select number of regular blog readers, am wondering if am as fat as once thought. More than half who commented said am not fat. That’s at least six people. Perhaps one person can be wrong about something, maybe two, but six people?

Okay, not only six people, but countless of others who have insisted am not fat.

But these are friends. And friends are known to be indulgent. They can’t tell you to your face if you suck. They would tactfully say things in such a way that your flaw doesn’t sound like a flaw anymore. Or some slimmer girlfriends would pinch their so-called flab on their flat tummies and wail about gaining weight / being fat, and in the same breath, tongue firmly in cheek, irony totally lost in them, when countered with them self’s flab for comparison, claim that am not fat. Uh, where’s the logic in that…

And that’s not what have been told at home. They say family tell you the truth, even if it hurts. Em has always been vocal about self’s weight. She makes self feel shy to wear shorts any shorter than above the knee, because she would look at self’s thunder thighs with such distaste. It is only this year that have actually worn a skirt which length is above the knee; for years have been hiding tree trunk legs in long skirts or pants. She makes quips like young unmarried girls shouldn’t be fat so they would look good when wearing their wedding dress some day. The first thing she comments about after meeting self’s friends is their body size.

Okay, even am not that neurotic not to realise that Em is a terrible example to refer to about body issues!

That doesn’t hide the fact that according to self’s BMI (the Asian BMI, not the conventional BMI that is more suited to Caucasians) am overweight. Am scientifically / medically considered overweight. Isn’t that proof enough?


Hmm, the question shouldn’t even be that. The question isn’t are you fat. The question is

Do you feel beautiful?

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  1. Hoho 1st to comment 🙂

    To petite Asians, you are at the moment considered bigger size but not obese. A bit plump. Ha! You want hardcore honesty 😛

    Overweight & fat are different things.. Heavy / bigger bones = heavier body.

    If you are overweight, it’s certainly better to mind the food you eat, exercise all that than not – which you are already doing that, aren’t you?

    There are people that are under normal weight but have health problems so it’s not 100% accurate. There are also under / over weight people that have perfect health!

    Some people stand by stricter code for themselves than for friends, family, etc. Those ppl are probably perfectionist.. so they don’t think that you are fat but they themselves are fat. Or they are just being nice/didn’t want to hurt your feelings since they know you are already sensitive about your fattyness/weight.

    sulz: memang true what what you say. 🙂

    hehe, trying to eat as good as possible… the exercise bit… trying to walk as much as possible without getting into an exercise routine. 😛

    true, we can be healthy at every size if we make the effort to!

  2. It is a well known fact that Asian girls are as sexy as hell. What more do you want? 🙂

    sulz: hahaha! that’s very flattering of you, but that’s generalising! for one, am not sexy. am not totally ugly, but am not sexy either!

  3. I learned something from you today, sulz. (This is not unusual). I didn’t know there was a different BMI scale for Asian people. I’m not primarily Asian myself, but there are many in the US, and I know many US-born people of Asian descent. I looked up more info. about this, and it seems the lower BMI applies to immigrants and people born in non-Asian countries as well. I wonder why this is? A few years ago, the BMI was lowered for Caucasians as well, and suddenly a huge population previously considered “normal” became “overweight”.
    Of course there are two things to consider: health and appearance. I am one of the many who considers your appearance to be wonderful and just right. But if you are concerned about health issues at a certain BMI, that would be understandable. I’m curious–do you know which commenters were Asian themselves, and which answers they gave about you…was there any correlation?
    I do like what you said at the end–if you feel beautiful, than I think good health will follow that feeling.

    sulz: heh, feel so nice when you say that! 🙂 hmm, why is it that they lowered the bmi? so are we fat or do we think we’re fat because of that?

    well, as mj put it, am not obese but kind of chunky, which is about right. :mrgreen: yes, when you feel beautiful you feel happier and you appreciate your body more, which mean you’d probably take better care of it too!

  4. Well of course the US has a higher body mass index. They are all so gross – they need it. Otherwise the whole country would be classed as obese. 🙂

    They are all so gross

    sulz: you’re so naughty lah root! :mrgreen:

  5. lovelyloey said:

    Well, see, you (and I) are both medically OVERWEIGHT. Heck I’m obese but I’m not FAT. Fat is a more sociological term you see. If a friend came up to me and told me “you’re overweight”, it means it’s quite a medical concern. But if a friend said “you’re (so) fat” that’s just comparing me to societal standards.
    So, we might be overweight, but we’re not fat.

    sulz: hmm, interesting connotations. never saw it this way before, but it makes sense!

    haha, a bit oxymoronic though if am overweight but not fat! and you’re freaking not obese!

  6. This is an article relating to this society’s Eating Culture. Disturbing is it not? It reminds me that I have Skeletor as a relative who prides herself on the damnable yet inherited trait in my family: perfection.

    sulz: mana article? tak nampak pun… 😉

  7. lovelyloey said:

    Alamak I am obese like I said. Medically proven. But it’s also medically proven that I have a stronger heart than a substantial amount of people. Oh well. But anyway I’m not fat, just big(ger). 😀

    sulz: ya meh?? self’s definition of obese is bigger than what you look like though… yeah, that’s the weird thing! fat people survive heart illnesses better, yet they say it’s not a reason to be fat. hmm? 😉

  8. You answered your own question with that last line, Sulz. Do you feel beautiful? If you do, then don’t give a flying f*** about what anybody says.

    People always say this but it’s not appearance that always matters. It might be important for a first impression but there’s a lot more to a person’s personality than the appearance. The deal is that you should not be ashamed of yourself. I personally don’t think those stick thin girls are pretty. They’re scary. If you really think you are fat, do something about it but if you’re not guilty and feel beautiful about it, don’t think about what others say. It’s their job, they have to keep saying things but ultimately what counts is what you are and not what you look like. People can go far with their skills. Have you seen people like Rob Schneider(Deuce Bigalow)? He looks like an absolute di*khead but is a tremendous actor. There are many such examples everywhere. You could go around starving yourself to death based on what your friends say but at the end of the day, you may get some extra compliments but the other things will still be the same. Those who are your friends will still be the same, they won’t treat you in a different way. And as far as people are concerned Sulz, they will find some other fault if you go stick thin. And you can’t go around changing everything to make it perfect. Just be what you are and trust me when I say that you are great and beautiful too.

    sulz: wow, yet another heartfelt comment from you! thank you *hugs*

    an absolute di*khead but is a tremendous actor

    that cracked self right up, haha! you’re right, looks are temporary so we shouldn’t obsess about something that won’t last forever (though it’s perfectly fine to do something about it if it makes a person feel better) and concentrate instead on other parts of ourselves that can be beautiful too!

  9. IMHO you are far to bright to choose to hold onto extra pounds and risk cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke), diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis) and some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon).

    And you are far to bright to be the kind of woman who would starve herself to meet the demands of fashion. In fact, you have clearly written about your own “fat acceptance” (your words not mine) in this blog in the past.

    Moreover, you are a reader so I know you are ware of the following facts.

    A survey using waist circumference as a main indicator has revealed that an astounding 47.1 per cent of males and 60.2 per cent of females in Malaysia suffer from abdominal obesity, which increases cardiometabolic risk.

    The survey involved more than 90 medical practitioners all over the nation. Patients aged between 18 and 80 years consulting their primary care physicians were asked for informed consent and invited to participate, irrespective of their reasons for consultation.

    The Malaysian Shape of the Nation (MySon) has revealed figures that send a chilling reminder that a more affluent lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the norm for many Malaysians.

    * Malaysia has the most number of fat people in the Asian region.

    * During the last 10 years, the number of fat people in Malaysia has more than doubled, resulting in more Malaysians falling ill with diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

    * 48 percent of Malaysian men and 62 percent of Malaysian women are fat.

    * Malaysian Indians are the fattest at 63.4 percent followed by Malays (53.5 per cent), Chinese (50.8 per cent) and others (45.2 percent).

    * 13.5 percent of the Malaysian adult population is diabetic, compared with only 8.3 percent in 1996.

    Although I haven’t seen your photograph, I’m convinced you are not fat. 🙂

    sulz: don’t be so convinced! bmi is overweight, after all. finding that balance between health, personal satisfaction and not caring about society’s demand is difficult, but try sulz must!

  10. You worry too much about what other think you look like. Worry more about how you feel about yourself and whether or not the weight is a health risk. If it is it is better and easier to get rid of when you are younger. As you age yor metabolism changes and your body becomes less exercise tolerant Life is more about balance than skinny or fat.

    sulz: don’t we all? … okay, most of us at least! you’re right, of course, will try to eat right and feel right!

  11. BMI was not created to determine how normal or abnormal people is in regards to their weight. It was created mainly to be a predictor of cardiovascular disease, because they made big studies and found people with a BMI above certain number seemed to be more likely to get CV diseases. It’s likelihood, risk factors, it’s not “BMI of 30 is condemned to heart attack”.

    Right now the BMI is not considered to be as predictive of CV disease as other measures like Waist/Hip ratio. Central obesity seems to be a higher RISK FACTOR.

    I think my only real concern with overweight people is that of their health. It’s not just a heart attack and bang you’re dead. I have lots of patients right now that have heart disorders and it’s not pretty, it’s long and awful.

    As a doc, I would indeed recommend my patients to make the biggest effort on keeping healthier lifestyles and to try to be fit. I say try because it’s hard.

    The problem is the bad things people with overweight have to put through with this society. Because I can assure you most people who want to lose weight do it because they want to look better, not because of health.

    “How beautiful you feel” it’s so totally different. Despite my sometimes messed up brain, I have to accept that I don’t have much problems with the way I look. I know my cleavage is not worth looking, my skin is not clear, my hair is messy and I have braces, but I’m like meh. Many girls I know that are fucking stunning in the most classical way you’ll ever see, feel bad all day because they think they’re hideous. How beautiful you feel is almost not related to your external look at all.

    I think I drifted from the point… what was the point? I’m lost.

    sulz: wah, thanks for the medical perspective! definitely helps to understand bmi better. and you’re right, people want to lose weight to look better more than feel better, but when you do look better somehow it does make you feel better (psychologically and physiologically to an extent)!

    yes how beautiful you feel is not related to how beautiful you look. so if you feel beautiful it doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best-looking girl, because you know you are in your own special way! 🙂

    haha, you aren’t like that when you check your patients, are you? :mrgreen:

  12. HAh, I’m worse. My mind is all over the place.

    And sorry for the long lecture right there, I read that again and I was like “phew! wtf!”

    sulz: haha, sounds like meredith grey. 😛 nah, it was informational!

  13. tree trimming kyle said:

    your style of writting is very refreshing

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