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Ever had one of those days where you really need your friends but they can’t be with you due to circumstances not entirely their fault?

Well, today’s one of them days for self.

Was supposed to meet them for a study session. When reached the classroom nobody was there. Texted them and they said they thought self wasn’t coming because another friend had said she wouldn’t be coming. Like how does the friend’s decision to not come have anything to do with self’s decision?? After all, had texted them the day before to confirm study session. How can they assume what self would or would not do based on somebody else?!?

It was an honest misunderstanding because one friend thought had told the other friend that am not coming, while other friend thought friend had told self about the change of venue. But still, it doesn’t erase the stupid feeling you feel when you took a day off your part-time job to study (and spend time) with your friends when you can easily study on your own if you chose to, got all dressed up because was expecting to go somewhere for lunch, and you look like a bloody arsehole waiting for people who aren’t coming and had not the common sense to not assume something based on someone else’s actions!

Granted, they apologised, but that stupid feeling has yet to go away and therefore am still pissed. They asked if wanted to join them for lunch but was just not in the mood to spend time with people who can’t be bothered to ask about self (who’s only one text message away!) and just assume things for themselves!

And the people who would like to rant to about this are also not available due to other circumstances which will not elaborate here because that would be whining too much. Shall be deleting this post, but for the moment hope you humour self and read self’s rant.


Just feel so utterly stupid, you know.


(Shan’t delete it, it’s self’s damn blog and shall do as please! Although technically this isn’t very pleasing. And this wasn’t the only lousy thing to happen to self today, so those little things add up to this, basically.)

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