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Has blogging changed you?

Has blogging changed you?

Has blogging changed sulz?


1. Explored self from an intrapersonal level. All those thoughts that swirled in head once are now in writing and archived here. Sometimes, reading back old posts, am amazed that those words and thoughts actually came from self because some were quite eloquent and thoughtful and so unlike self. They also reflected a part of self that have forgotten or left behind.

2. Connected with society on an interpersonal level. Have made such wonderful friends through blogging, and am very grateful for that. Have always wondered if the friends made in real life were simply because of proximity or because they genuinely like self. Friendship through blogging proved that there are people out there who likes self for self, and they are interested in what self have to say. That’s just… really amazing.

3. Boosted self-esteem considerably. As result of penning thoughts and making friends, have come to discover that do have a… distinct writing style? and cathartic nature of personal posts have allowed self to not dwell (too much) on bad happenings in life, and positive responses through comments never fail to make self happy, motivated and inspired to not just to be a better blogger, but also a better person! (Still a looong way more to go in this department, though.)

Physically, a beating heart is what keeps self alive.

Mentally, emotionally, personally, blogging is what keeps self alive.


Haha, so cheesy hor!

Comments on: "Has blogging changed you?" (13)

  1. It’s not cheeeesiii it’s good. I like this post. And I have a damn cold 😛

    Mentally, emotionally, personally, blogging is what keeps self alive.

    I lurve that line, pretty much better than whatever Mango Shake-speare and others have said if you ask me.

    sulz: mango shakespeare?? haha… thank you for your compliment, that was the cheesy part am referring to! 😛 well, cheesy is okay lah… sometimes.

  2. yep! me too! totally enjoyed this post! 😀

    i was too shy to do this meme. i wanted to do it just right. now i think i will try something!

    hey sis! guess what! this post is gonna be in an rss feed in my internet blog! you know how? cos i am using a service that keeps track of all my comments in cyberspace! 😀

    sulz: please do it, would really like to see what you have to say!

    hmm, you using cocomment? well, just as long as you’re reading here, anything goes! 😛

    oh and thanks for the offline message in meebo! hopefully we can chat live some day.

  3. Nice post sulz. 🙂

    And your distinctinve writing style is one of the things that keeps bringing me back here.

    sulz: wow, thank you for that wonderful compliment! now, if only can make a living doing that sort of writing… 😉

  4. These days, blogging is the tiny window I use to throw poems from my dark cell…

    sulz: good! your cell needs to lighten up… 😉

  5. Ah, we all wish we could make writing our living. One day maybe, one day. 🙂

  6. that’s nice news. 🙂 you found your calling on the internet. bravo for you

    sulz: hmm, never thought of it as a calling! too bad can’t make a living as such out of this calling. 🙂

  7. I echo lots of things you said in the post… To me blogging lets me express myself, whenever I want, in whatever way I want… it’s a totally free spirited way of expression… that’s why we all love doing it! 🙂

    sulz: absolutely, blogging is freedom of expression without limits! the only limits are those you set for yourself.

  8. sis!
    cocomment helps me keep track of my own comments. so definitely i have to read blogs in order to MAKE comments for cocomment to be of any use to me! 😀
    besides, how can i not read YOUR blog! tis true sometimes i get caught up and join real late. but i do make it in the end, don’t i? 😉

    hey! you wanna live chat, as in, right in your very own blog? but that’s possible! i’ll do a post if you want!

    sulz: you sure do. 🙂 saw you on meebo just now…

  9. sis!
    tis possible to live chat at meebo? oh, how cool! i totally enjoyed it! but then i got disconnected. sorry for leaving you suddenly like that! 😦

    is it possible to save and print chats? 😀

    sulz: err, that’s what meebo is for! it’s okay. don’t know if can save or print chats though. you can do that with other messengers like yahoo or msn.

  10. I didn’t think it cheesy at all. It was a blogging testimonial. 🙂

    sulz: but testimonials can be cheesy! 😛

    okay lah, this one not cheesy. :mrgreen:

  11. I don’t think it’s cheesy at all.. If anybody says that blogging hasn’t changed their lives is a bloody lying bastard :p

    You’re just being honest, and that’s a wonderful trait 😀

    ya36eek el3afya 😀

    sulz: haha, that made self laugh today! 😆 thanks!

  12. Cheesy, but nutritious. Maybe you should apply for writing the “Chicken Soul for…” series, or something like that 😀 Life’s a piece of bread, blogging is the cheese… from the head! I am bad at rhyming, so so, bad!

    sulz: blogging is the cheese, haha! funny what. 🙂

  13. blogging has helped me focus on positive things of my life, good post 😉

    sulz: thanks. 🙂

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