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Tips on Buying Bras For Men

Male bras or bras for men are specially designed brassieres for men who have large breasts. Such enlargement of breasts may be the result of obesity or gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition that involves the enlargement of breasts due to abnormal mammary glands. This condition may be caused by the abnormal response of tissues to an imbalance of sex hormones in men. Other causes of this condition are diseases and side effects of synthetic medicine.

This condition in men can bring about distress or embarrassment, which is why bras for men were invented. This type of bra provides support to your breasts. Bras for men also help you in move comfortably despite your large chest. They also give a better look to your body form. As a result, your clothes may look better on you.

Bras for men don’t have that much difference from the brassieres designed for and worn by women. They also have a wide variety of cup sizes that you can choose from. The size of your chest determines the size of the cups of your bra.

One of the first things you must do before shopping for bras for men is research. Turn to different sources online to find ideas and the best source of bras for men. Also, you can search for online forums where the members are other men who wear or plan to wear bras. These forums can make you feel that you’re not alone in your condition. You’re more likely to gain motivation in searching for your own bra knowing that other men have their own.

Another thing you can do to make your search for bras easier is to ask for assistance. This may be from your female friends who wear bras or other men who have experience in shopping for bras for men. This is a way for you to be better guided in finding your own set of bras. Tagging a friend along also makes shopping more comfortable and less stressful.

Remember to be open when consulting other people about bras for men. Ask your friends about certain questions that may be bothering you. Inquire from salespeople about bra sizing. Confide in them if you think a certain bra is comfortable or irritating. They can better help you find the most suitable male bra.

Hmm, is this something Team Man Boobs (via Team Vagina) would support? Do fat men need bras too?

Comments on: "Do you think you men need to wear a bra?" (30)

  1. No I do not believe that men with boobs need bras. They need balanced diests full of fruits and veegtables and they need exercise. They may prefer to wear a binder to flatten their bulges down but would I recommend that they buy a bra – NO!

    This year I faced the truth. I can no longer get away with wearing a bra now and then. Gravity has had it’s wicked way with my girls … sigh.

    Anyway I bit the bullet and went in to be professionally fitted. That’s when I discovered the bras I’ve been wearing have been the wrong size. And that’s also when my two girlfriends who thought they knew everything they needed to know about advising me on bras discovered that they were both wearing the wrong sizes too.

    So if you think that a man’s lady friends are likely to be good consultants when it comes to purchasing a “man bra” think again.

    The good news is that once I was properly fitted that it felt great to wear a bra. Now I’m hooked on sexy lingerie … both upper and lower … love it all I do, I do. πŸ˜‰

    If anyone (male or female) is interested in measuring for the proper fit I blogged my research and my experience here -> My Upper Story: Part 1 Bra Fitting

    Keep your girls up ^^ and keep smiling πŸ˜€

    sulz: binder? male corset, is that? so than wearing what’s considered a woman’s undergarment, you rather see unsupported man boobs if they won’t get fit for some reason or other?

    might be wearing the wrong size too but those salesgirls don’t seem to know any better than self either about the right size. would be real nice to know if the b cup am wearing now is so totally wrong and that really need is a c cup! :mrgreen:

    hmm, gender perception here… where are you alabaster? πŸ˜‰

  2. LOL! .. i’m just a skeleton walking around! I don’t need anything! πŸ˜€

    sulz: well, lucky YOU then! πŸ˜›

  3. Oh My God! The idea is horrendous!!!!! 😐

    sulz: haha, take that as a no then… πŸ˜‰

  4. 😯 I am attempting not to envision the content of this post! 😯

    sulz: hehehe… doesn’t exactly turn the ladies (nor the men inclined that way) on, eh! :mrgreen:

  5. Well, I am reminded of the “Seinfeld” episode, where Frank Costanza and Kramer plan to market a man-bra, or “bro”. Good episode, kind of scary, but did focus attention on a “problem”. I think most men would be better off and more comfortable with something like a sports bra rather than something with individual shaped cups.
    But I must ask: sulz, what on earth inspired you to post on this topic? πŸ˜‰

    sulz: bro, haha, that would’ve suffered some linguistic implications as the word ‘gay’ has throughout these years. πŸ˜‰ sports bra is still a bra though, so you think men need some support for their err, bosom buddies too? πŸ˜›

    haha, just felt like doing it for a laugh!

  6. Ha, I don’t really think women actually need to wear a bra. It should be a matter of choice.

    I’ll admit that I find the idea of men wearing bras kind of funny, but if they want to and they find it comfortable, I can’t think of any reason why they shouldn’t.

    sulz: some women need to wear a bra, really, for support when doing physical activities, like large-chested women. the small ones definitely don’t need to if they chose not to though!

    hmm, we seem to have forgotten that some men do wear bras – cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals… maybe the trend will cross over to men with man boobs some day! as you said, why shouldn’t they? πŸ˜‰

  7. I agree that it’s a matter of personal choice whether or not a woman or a man wears a bra. But I think it should be recognized that a bra that doesn’t fit well is an instrument of torture.

    The heterosexual men that I know do not have “man-boobs” so a living bra would die of starvation on their chests. And, not surprisingly, none of them have chosen to wear one.

    Also note that I didn’t forget that cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals do wear bras. My only concern was that they get the information so they could measure themselves correctly and get the right size.

  8. Might sound weird but I don’t think it’s such a bad idea after all. I know quite a number of guys in here who could do with some.

    sulz: so you’d consider wearing it when you’re 40+ complete with a beer belly to match? :mrgreen: shall buy you a nice sexeh red one too if you’d wear it!

  9. Haha, yeah if I have huge man boobs dangling everywhere, why not. πŸ˜›

    But I don’t think I’ll be ever. We have it in our family, all of us are stick thin. But yea, if I defy the logic and get fat, I’ll be waiting for that sexeh red one! πŸ˜›

    sulz: how nice, you can eat how much and not get fat! though that doesn’t make you any healthier. πŸ˜› it’s self’s observation that indians, no matter how fat or thin, will have comparatively skinny legs!

  10. Thanks!

    I’m male and my breasts have grown and sometimes hurt. The reason is a hormone imbalance (I’m not overweight, though that might make my breasts less noticeable). I did not choose breast growth, I did not choose breast discomfort, I did not choose occasional breast pain. But growth, discomfort, and occasional outright breast pain is now a fact of my life. A bra relieves this discomfort, and I choose to wear one, just like I choose to take an aspirin if I have a headache.

    sulz: wow, actually this is the first have heard of such a thing. if you have hormone imbalance, can’t you take something to balance it instead? but then again, wearing a bra probably costs less than popping tablets in the long run!

    • @sulz…. that’s like stating that women should just get a beast reduction rather than wear a bra. There are also plenty of skinny/fit guys who have breast tissue.

  11. I thought all those men would do something that’s a lot more practical; stop smoking, lower alcohol consumption, exercise and eat your greens! Not to mention doing the washing and making up the bed when the Missus is not around!

    sulz: so that’s what you do when the missus is not around? such a good man… πŸ˜›

    well, maybe some men have hormone inbalance, like matthew (see comment above).

  12. I am a 57 year old male. I think some of the medicines I am taking is making my boobs get bigger. Yes I am over weight but my boobs have not bothered me, My wife told me to get a bra. I have bee wearing it around the house for 3 months now. My back and boobs don’t hurt anymore.

  13. Hi! I’m a 43yo male with B cup breasts. I’ve been wearing a bra for years now and I love it. I hate it when I can’t wear one. I’ve had a lot of verbal abuse over the years and summer is a nightmare for trying to ‘hide’ it-thats where you ladies are so lucky! I enjoy shopping for bra’s and have an extensive bra ‘wardrobe’. I have never been properly measured though as I was refused on 3 occaisions being told ‘we don’t do bra fittings for men!’ Another major problem is going swimming, both because of the welts and marks on your body from having just taken your bra off and folk looking at your breasts. What makes me giggle is that I’ve never been asked to ‘cover up’, I bet if a woman was ‘topless’ in a public baths she would have somthing said to her. But a man with female-like breasts uncovered seems to be OK!! Strange world this!!! Regards to all!! Bob.

  14. i love to dressup like a women it make fell good and hot

    sulz: ookay, whatever floats your boat! or in this case, boobs. πŸ˜‰

  15. I am a 55 year old man I have 44D breasts and have just started wearing a bra full time. I feel so much better not having my boobs floping all over the place and not having my nipples showing through my shirts. If you are a guy with big tits don’t be afraid, its not against the law, you won’t be arrested, the bra police won’t come and take you away. You have big boobs they show anyway wearing a bra hardly makes you look any different. The first time I tried it i was scared to death , now I am afraid someone will notice if I am not waering my bra.

  16. I am fifty yr. male having habit of wearing bra since I was thirteen. I have a fantasy of being caught in public while wearing bra. Despite all efforts I am unable to give up habit.

  17. I have 36 B on chest why should not I wear bras…

  18. I’m 20 and very fit. I have a trim waist, (my mom thinks i’m too thin – maybe not eating enough) I am in martial arts, and exercise regularly. I have breasts as well. Found out from the doctor that it was inherited from my grandfather.. look up gynecomastia . I am not chubby, out of shape, or unhealthy at all. I eat a good balanced diet. But I still have breasts.
    I am not gay, just an average straight guy.
    Anyway, during some of my martial arts training, and other various exercises, my breasts would bounce, nipples would rub, and i experienced aches and pains. I would try a tight shirt, but eventually bought a high impact sports bra. It fixed my problem. I was a barely a 38b at that time.
    I now completely fill a 38B and wear a regular bra just about all the time. I stick with front close bras that have little lining. It’s got to the point that I don’t feel completely dressed without one.

    I gave in about 5 months ago and got properly fitted at victoria’s secret while visiting another city. I called ahead to warn them, but found out that men wearing bras is fairly common. The salesladies was extremely nice and professional, even giving me tips on how to hide the bra lines. I just get a basic solid color bra. I’m not into lace, or anything like that.

    I am no longer ashamed of my body, it how i’m made, and I’m happy. I do my best to keep straps hidden, but if someone should ever notice I have a bra on, I’ll just simply explain the situation. It’s my choice of being comfortable.

  19. iam a 35 yr old guy that is quite slim 6ft and 14st 4 – and i wear a bra that is a 38DD for support. my boobs do look quite pert though and i quite like them.

    my boobs would bounce a little if i never wore one.

  20. just wanted to say thank you to Sam for letting me know that I’m not the only guy who’s physically fit but still has boobs. I’m thin and I almost wish I were fatter just so they wouldn’t be as noticeable. my problem is finding one that fits… they make minimizer bras but only in huge cup sizes, and it seems like every bra that fits me is a push-up or padded. I’m about a 40B but hats a hard size to shop for.

    and the most embarrassing thing is being confused for a gay guy or crossdresser or something… not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m a hetero guy who just needs to wear a bra or else my boobs flop around. I really don’t like shopping for bras but I’m definitely more comfortable wearing one than going without, unfortunately.
    not to mention trying to date girls and having to explain why you own bras. I’m 25, I have a good job and a good future, I’m a nice person and I live on my own, but still single and it’s so embarrassing that I don’t even want to get close to a girl 😦

  21. I often wonder what people think when they see my bra straps, or for that matter the swelling of breasts under my shirt.I suffered with gynomastia for several years mind you it was not that bad and no I was not over weight at 5’9″ i weighed 145 lbs ,but when I turned 40 years old I had a prostate exam and found that it was enlarged they put me on medication for it and it did help but one side effect was that was that I developed secondary female characters,meaning I now have fairly large breasts and and as my wife says a killer butt. Thank goodness that I did not require surgery for the prosatate even though because of the meds things do not work very well down below if you know what I mean. Summers have become a season of mixed blessings for me as we used to spend a lot of time at the beach as I do love to swim but with out wearing a women’s bathing suit there would be no way I could set foot on the beach with out being arrested and to wear a women’s swim suit I think would be just a little out of my comfort zone.I have passed my wife in the bra size she wears a 36b and I now wear a 36c,I have thought alot of having them removed but my wife says” she loves my girls” and to be truthful they do bring me a lot of pleasure when she plays with them. I thought I would share my story and say that yes I need to wear a bra for support and to cover the ever constant pointy nipples lol,I wish I didn’t but it has just become a fact of life that I am willing to deal with so that one day I can hug my grandchildren

  22. I love my femanine breasts. Fill out a 36B cup quite nicely with no underwire or padding.Wra a bikini during the summer while swimming and love having a bra tan!

  23. To all the men here that have shared that they either need to wear or just choose to wear a bra, your honesty is appreciated.
    I am a straight male, fit, and all though I always need to watch my weight, I am not obese by any stretch. I have a long-term girlfriend, work for a power company on power lines in the air oR underground. I work out regularly, and love my motorcycle. I also wear a bra, yes, i do, and I like it. Comfort, support, and just a little more β€œpecs” on my chest if ya know what I mean. Girlfriend, she likes it, in fact we have on occasion we have gone bra shopping together.

    What I find so interesting and sad really, is that this is a person’s personal choice to wear something on his body. I am not suggesting to a stranger that you wear a bra, I am making the choice myself, and ultimately its MY BUSINESS!!!! Its my BODY & I hurt no one!!!!! But still there are ever so many people both here online & in public (should they notice) that have to PUT THEIR NOSE IN TO MY BUSINESS!!!!!
    I have had people say or I have read β€œIT MAKE ME SO SICK” blah, blah, blah that a man would do SUCH a thing!!!! And it goes on & on, why do men wear a bra, makeup, paint their nails????
    WHO THE HELL CARES what personal decisions other people make? Should it matter to me that the obviously obese person at the table across from mine (is a restrurant) is eating dessert? Hell NO!!! ITS NONE OF MY EFFING BUSINESS, and to all that think it matters what I wear, he wears, she wears, your neighbor wears, your fellow church buddy, the stranger at the grocery store, the freak at the dance club……..think about this for a little bit, …..ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS EITHER!!!!!!
    Just think of how much LESS hatred, anger, violence, shame, pain, etc( on & on)there would be…. IF…we as a society, all just chose to MIND OUR OWN EFFING BUSINESS & truly accepted others, fellow humans for just exactly who they are and let them be who they want to be?

    Of course I am not referring to those that pray on other people, criminals, terrorists, etc

  24. I am a male of 55 years old. I have been wearing bra for the last 15 years regularly. At the beginning it was quite embarrassing what others might think about me when they notice that I am wearing a bra. But the comfort which I have when wearing a bra over come such feelings. My breasts and nipples started growing and it started swinging side ways when I walk fast. It give me pain. I started wear small cup bra in the beginning but as my breasts grow I increased the cup size. Now I wear a 44 D cup. My wife help me in fitting the bra and she enjoy it. I wear Tshirt and often it is visible through the shirt and nipples protruding. Now I am not ashamed to wear as travel. I use to explain to people who ask for curiosity. I really recommend man who have such problem should not be shy in wearing bra.


  25. Chris fry said:

    For me I like bras on women but there are men who need support on top to so they must were a bra it’s there chose

  26. Chris fry said:

    There most be a way men. Can get chest support without buying women’s bras. May be a large sports bra will do the trick. Men try working out before going to the lingerie section to buy a bra. Women talk about all the reasons why they hate wearing a bra why should the man who really does not need one by one. But if your breasts need the support of a bra and I’m all for it I would say first try a sports bra. It’s a personal choice if you want to wear a bra and your man you can do it. Try not to have your bra stand out too much they can cause some attention but the support you’re going to get you would like. You’re a man and you need a bra I would buy it online you could be a little embarrassing department store for all you men need the support I’m behind you. Try simple colors

  27. Hopefully you just need the bra for working out but if you must wear it all day try to get one that’s very comfortable and doesn’t show through your clothes there are a lot of brought companies that make bras bands 4446 even 48 so for man with wider torsos it’s a definite possibility and the support you’re going to get if you feel you need it you will enjoy

  28. As a beginner practicioner I find any advice helpful and good resources and blogs are difficult to find.

  29. PaulaPlaytex said:

    “I am a 66 year Male”…I wear my Bras (with Panties) 24/7, 365″…”I am a natural 46B,C,D, 48B,C Bra Wearer”…”My Sister-In-Law gave me my first Bra”…She (And My Sister) said that I should wear a Bra fulltime”…”So, now I do, and I love wearing my Bras”…”I now have close to 90 Bras and Thanks to them I am now a total Crossdresser” Paul

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