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Felt like doing this meme, so stole it from here.

List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Don’t say who they are:-

1. I love you and I appreciate all that you do for me. Sometimes I’m rude to you, but I know no one else loves me more than you.
2. I wish I could love you more.
3. I wish I mean something more to you.
4. I left you because I couldn’t stand not being number one in your life.
5. I wish you like me the way I like you.

Five Things I’d Love To Do Before I Die:-

1. Have sex. Duh!
2. Get a tattoo.
3. Travel outside Malaysia.
4. Graduate.
5. Let go of the past.

Five Things I will not do even if it kills me:-

1. Commit suicide. Haha, makes the question moot doesn’t it!
2. Anal sex.
3. Borrow money from loan sharks.
4. Become a vegetarian.
5. Kill a person.

Five Things I do when I’m away from the public:-

1. Look at self in the mirror. Sometimes clothed, sometimes… 😳
2. Cry like someone’s died.
3. Think, imagine, muse, from the mundane to the erotic… :mrgreen:
4. Burp.
5. Fart!

Five favorite Sentences/Quotes

1. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
2. It will all be over soon.
3. Time heals most wounds.

Five Things I’ll make you wish you didn’t do, if you did:-

1. Betray self’s trust or friendship.
2. Irrationally wind self up.
3. Force self to do something do not want to do.
4. Reveal self’s secrets confided in you.
5. Play mind games with self.

Comments on: "Memes are a good way to blog on a Sunday, yes?" (5)

  1. 1. Look at self in the mirror. Sometimes clothed, sometimes… 😳

    LOL, did you know I fixed a camera behind your mirror the other day 😛

    sulz: bollocks! if you did you’d have stop talking to self already, hah!

  2. Memes are definitely good on a slow Sunday, or any time you have blogger’s block. Thank goodness for memes and quizzes, eh? 😉 I can relate to 5. Let go of the past… I know I hold on to it too much. 😉

    The 5. Kill a person interested me, though. Do you mean generally or not even in self-defense? I know some people feel that way. I find it hard to imagine a situation where I would kill someone, but if I was threatened or my family was threatened, and there was no other option… I suppose it’s one of those hypotheticals we hope we’ll never have to find out.

    sulz: yes, indeed! you don’t seem like a person who can’t let go of things, good or bad…

    well, of course if push comes to shove, would rather the person attacking self dies than self, but… it will definitely haunt self for the rest of life. even when things aren’t technically self’s fault, would often beat self up for it.

  3. sorry sulz, I tagged you back now 🙂

    sulz: did you get that by e-mail too? hmm… do we have the same friends or something? lol…

  4. LOL i’m surprised really 😀 .. the problem is we received that ON THE SAME DAY! lol .. I got it from an arabic yahoogroup i’m subscribing to 🙂

    sulz: hmm, nope, don’t know any arabic people… small world then, guess! 😉

  5. Your “will not do” list is particularly interesting. What an eclectic mix! Vegetarian along with the other items 😕 lol

    sulz: “other items” hahaha! well, that’s a kind of creativity, though it’s rather warped! :mrgreen:

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