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“The quality of many popular blogs have diminished due to an attempt to post frequently. Don’t do it. I haven’t posted for some time now in my other blog. I think it is very good that I don’t waste my readers’ time by some low quality post.”

“I think if the quality of your posts remain high, people will keep checking back to find out if there’s something new…or maybe taking the opportunity to go through older, archived postings, some of the essays and stories I’ve loaded on my site. I don’t want to insult their intelligence with inane chatter. I have more respect for them than that…”

“I agree completely – I now publish only if there’s something worthwile. The regularity be damned – from my polls and subscription no., i know people care about quality more than quantity.”

This post, along with the majority of the comments received, believes that you shouldn’t post unless you have something worthy to be read. So if it means 1 good post in 3 weeks versus a dozen posts in the same period but doesn’t stimulate you mentally, the blogger and most of the commenters would prefer the former.

Of course, ideally we bloggers and readers of blogs would want a good balance between quantity and quality. But if have to choose between the two, personally would choose quantity over quality, on certain bases:

1. If you’re a good blogger or writer, even talking about the most mundane of topics can be interesting to read. It’s not necessarily what you write, but how you write it. Something that may not be interesting in the words of another blogger, can be appealing to your readers because of the way you have written it.

2. If you have a steady readership, it means that what you write appeals to them. Which means they are interested in what you have to say. Which means they expect something new from you each time they visit your blog. While loyal readers will wait patiently for your next stimulating post, newcomers will not be so inclined. While you wait for inspiration to strike you, there are plenty of other read-worthy bloggers who can and are entertaining them. In the long run, quantity helps to build a stronger readership base.

3. What may seem to be less than quality may not be to your readers. While self’s blogging experience is little less than 2 years, but have been blogging frequent enough to realise that some posts, which had initially thought would generate lots of comments and hits, turned out to be the exact opposite. And while the one had written in a rather slipshod manner in comparison, received more comments and made the post more interesting with the contribution of commenters!

4. Every blogger has his or her own personal standard when it comes to their blogs’ material. If you feel what you’ve written meets your standard, you shouldn’t worry too much whether it meets your readers’ standard. After all, didn’t the same standard you set yourself before was what brought the readers in? That’s why readership loyalty is so important. You may churn out what may be a lousy post to your readers in comparison to what you feel were your best ones, but they will read it and encourage you anyway. Because bloggers are human – you can’t perform every single time. Even the best of sportsmen have bad days sometimes! You don’t have to wow your readers with every post; but it’s important that you connect with them, even if it’s on a rather superficial level.

5. Out of 10 (seemingly) mediocre posts, 1 or 2 can actually be a gem without you realising it. Case in point: read no. 3 again. Am not suggesting that you lower your personal standards to please your frequent readers. Am suggesting that you make an effort to write more. After all, the more you write, the better you get. If you read the archives of bloggerdygook, have written significantly less at the beginning than now. That’s because at the beginning of self’s blogging exploits, have not discovered self’s blogging style and niche. There is very much a difference between the things have written before and the things am writing about now. So in a way, quantity helps you to build quality, over time.

But really, what is quality and what is quantity differs in each individual. One blogger may feel posting once a week is frequent enough. Another blogger may think 3 times is not frequent enough. If you feel comfortable posting comparatively less than other more frequent bloggers, that’s fine. If you’ve got quality, readers will come in time and grow with you. However, do not underestimate the power of quantity. If you’re looking to expand your readership, this is an important factor to draw the newcomers to become regular readers.

Because don’t you think that quantity is a kind of quality too?


Check out Desiderata for Bloggers. Perhaps it may enlighten you on which to focus; quantity or quality. 😉

Comments on: "Blogging: quality or quantity?" (17)

  1. Thanks for linking to my article.
    You elaborated on the article well. I agree that quality and quantity differs in each individual. But I dont think that quantity is a kind of quality.

    Connected to this topic, you may also read my article “Secret: How to make others read your full post”

    sulz: you’re entitled to your opinion, for sure. 🙂

    have read it; more logic than secret to self though!

  2. Very nice post, sulz!

    I think it all comes down to what one wants for their blog. I think no one should blog when they don’t want to or feel oliged to, after all this is for fun and not a job!

    I go through phases in whihc I post a lot, then post very little. It very much depends. Sometimes blogging helps me think which might result in a trivial short and meaningless post.

    sulz: thanks! 🙂

    would agree with you about not forcing yourself to blog, except that would make self not practise what am preaching. get very fidgety and anxious if don’t post at least once in 3 days, especially if the stats are dropping! it’s very anal of self, but well… am anal! 😉

    but yeah, at the end of the day, do as you please! live and let live…

  3. I started out posting infrequently. As I have become more of a veteran blogger I have increased my posts. My original intent was to blog once or twice a week. As I became more familiar with the medium I found myself posting more, mostly because I found that as I visited others blogs subjects of interest came up that I wished to post about. Part of my blogging is for fun, part is personal, part is for self-enlightenment, part is political and parts are about things that intrigue me. It amazes me how much that blogging has become a part of my everyday life. Even now when it is difficult to read some nights due to a current eye affliction, I find myself writing posts. I suppose I shall write posts as long as my interest hold firm, unless the eye affliction starts to interfere more than it has.

    sulz: yeap, basically got hooked to blogging like you! if don’t post at least once every 3 days, feel like am mentally constipated, you know? 😛 have to have self’s own space and freedom to say whatever’s on mind!

    take care of your eyesight okay? don’t watch the screen for too long… and read visually-friendly blogs with the right colours, like this one! *ahem* :mrgreen:

  4. “Mentally constipated”–In spite of your obsession with bodily functions 😉 I must agree. That’s just how I feel if it’s been more than three days. I have the “blogging without obligation” button on my blog, and I agree with the concept. I don’t feel I “owe” my readers a post, since I mostly blog to pour out the contents of my brain so it won’t clutter up my head. But I do cherish the lovely friends and commenters that stop by, and I wouldn’t want them to leave out of boredom! I’ve also learned a great deal from comments. I’ve amazed myself at how much they’ve enhanced my life both on- and offline.
    I read something about this on Lorelle’s blog–maybe one of her guest authors–and apparently readership falls off appreciably if the blogger posts less that twice a week.
    I agreed with Niyaz’ point of view, about not blogging if I don’t have anything particular to say, until I read your very thoughtful post here. You give good reasons to blog frequently, not the least of which is to improve writing skills. And I’ve found, have you? that if I just start writing, something good often comes out of the fingers!

    sulz: hehe, obviously toilet jokes are a big hit with self. 😉 while this blog was started for self-expression, have lately come to write posts with readers in mind. which is why am rather apologetic when it comes to the so-called self-indulgent posts. but at the same time, am not going to stop writing things that pleases self! 😛

    yeap, which is why consistency in postings can be a factor in your readership. while a odd holiday or two is fine, but if you keep slacking off when formerly you blog like a maniac, your stats may drop.

    oh definitely, sometimes what have started ended in a way did not imagine the post would have gone! 🙂

  5. Interesting point of view you have, sulz. I have always believed otherwise, though. I say post only when you think you have something worthwhile to say. But I’ve taken into following this because I don’t have a lot of time at my hands. Maybe if I was more free, I would have posted more.

    sulz: well, clearly have lots of time at hand by having this point of view! it’s the holidays now so… 😉

    hmm, you’ve just inspired self to write a post. excellent!

    by the way, meebo really stinks, huh? lol!

  6. lovelyloey said:

    Some bloggers talk about every minute of their lives every single day. Some bloggers talk about a book they read once in a while or something they saw out of the blue (ahem). Whatever it is, we can’t really compare them on the same scale, since they are reaching out to different target audience? So the choice between quality and quantity ultimate lies with the audience’s preference; which in turn point to fact that certain blogging styles and frequencies attract different readers. E.g. For someone who loves to read about a girl’s life by the minute, reading Sulz your blog would be highly boring and she would stop reading.

    sulz: hmm, yeah hor, quite true… 🙂 so many factors to consider before can determine a balance of quality and quantity for a blog to attract readership! meh, this blog not self-indulgent enough? haha… now am thinking of making a parody of those kind of bimbo blogs!

  7. Very interesting thoughts here. I agree with #1 that good writing can turn a mundane topic into a quality post. By the same token, bad writing — lazy, flabby words, lack of focus and especially, bad grammar and/or spelling — can make the best subject unreadable.

    I also think a good blog should have a focus, almost a mission statement. From that quality and quantity can both flow.

    Yes, please do a parody of bimbo blog!

    Thanks for a good read.

    sulz: mission statement, haha – so serious! but yeah, blogging is serious stuff to people who appreciate it.

    hehe, will try to do parody… haven’t done that before so don’t expect too much!

    thanks for lovely compliment! and sorry missed your message at meebo, was watching lost, heh. 😛

  8. Your post was extremely insightful and helpful. I think we all feel a certain tension between quantity and quality. However this tension might be a healthy kind of tension. Your final question is intriguing as well. I think you might be interested in reading this post I recently wrote about the nature of blogging:


    sulz: thank you. 🙂 well, to self quantity is a kind of quality, whether it is perceived as something positive or negative is ultimately up to the perceiver. thanks also for your link!

  9. After all FAQ spouted about blogging often and telling us to use Technorati and BlogLog to get more fans. I feel quite… What’s the word for it? Oh yes, cheated. Damn! 🙂

    sulz: haha, you need to do so much more than that for hits! comment more, link more, blog more… 😉

  10. lovelyloey said:

    Yeah! Bimbo-blog parody!
    Let’s do a series after my exams la~ That’d be fun. All the “cam-whoring” (I truly detest this term though) and adding sibilants after my wordxxx horzz.

    sulz: series? can ah! you do one, and will respond based on what you did, haha! LikE, oMg, that’s dAtZ sO hot hAWt!

  11. Nice post sulz!

    I can agree with you regarding the quality vs quantity. I always picture my blog as a piece of land, and the entries I make are the seeds that I sow everyday. (Sometimes), you just have to sow as many seeds as you can because you’ll never know which one will actually grow.

    As you became more experienced in sowing seeds, you eventually learn how to differentiate the good seeds from bad seeds.

    I think there’s no absolute “quality” posts. Quality is determined by the readers. Even if you just rant non-sense, but if your readers find it amusing, I believe that they’ll take it as a quality post from you. As sowing seeds, eventually you’ll be able to differentiate what your reader likes and what they don’t like.

    For me, Quantity brings out Quality.
    (You can delete any bad post you have anyway. 🙂 haha)

    I hope I’ve made some sense here. 🙂

    sulz: you make absolute sense, don’t worry. 😉 as you’ve said, quality is subjective; and so is quantity. we just have to find a balance that suits us and our blogging needs.

    by the way, you might want to edit your profile (top right corner in dashboard, next to the log out link) and add your blog url so whenever you leave comments, people can click on your name to visit your blog. 🙂

  12. Hi sulz, and thanks for linking to my Desiderata for Bloggers post. 🙂

    I was nodding my head vigourously at Number 3. My personal favourites aren’t necessarily the ones that grabbed readers’ attention or provoked the most comments.

    I think if you enjoy writing it will come through no matter how (in)frequently you post. The trick is to strike the right balance.

    I have bloggers who pop into my feedreader only once every week or so, but I’m always eager to see what they have to say. Likewise I have others who post five times a day, but I simply can’t keep up with either the volume of reading, much less commenting.

    One thing I recommend is keeping a stable of drafts on hand to work on, posting when current ideas or material run dry.

    sulz: hey, no problem, you know it’s good. 😉

    yeah, that’s the difference between what’s quantity to people. to you once a week is often enough, and 5 times a day is too much, while to someone like self who’s online almost all her waking hours during the holidays, 5 times is just nice. haha!

    oh yes, drafts are important. have a list of ideas waiting to be written when have nothing in particular to say. if that fails, it’s quiz and memes. :mrgreen:

  13. lovelyloey said:

    Ya Ya Ya. Funzzz horx.

    Anyway, after reading through all the comments here, I think the “strike a balance” thing is the best “solution” (so to speak).
    I was just wondering, say, for those who have a steady stream of readers, if one day you broke you blogging frequency/habit, like missing a couple of posts, would you feel a little guilty for not posting as you regularly would?
    Recently in preparation for my exams I didn’t blog for 6 days straight (quite unlike me) so I felt guilty and came up with a post to just fill up space. LOL.

    sulz: you definitely feel guilty one. that’s why am so anal that the at least 3 days once rule has become more like 2 posts in 3 days… if don’t control self, can post every day. may as well take part in nablopomo then! 😆

  14. This is a tough one, Sulz.
    When I first started blogging it was “quantity is King” but as time has gone on, I’m finding that quality will usually win out. I’ve posted some things only to pull them a few days later because I thought they really sucked.
    I’ve undoubtedly got several posts (maybe more.Yoiks!) that I consider crap that should be removed but . . .
    At any rate, saw your linkback to Ian and thought I’d pay a visit. I have a feeling I’ll be back.

    sulz: well, you can’t have quantity without quality – did say that would choose quantity on certain bases. 🙂 note that some commenters have observed the subjectivity of quality (as well as quantity), so perhaps what you felt sucked really wasn’t as badly thought by your readers! but then again, it’s your blog and your posts should attain your standards, that’s understandable…

    well, hope very much to see you again, then. 🙂

  15. Yeah, Meebo kind of does stink if you ask me.

    sulz: a shoutbox would be nice… but well, you can’t have it all! 🙂

  16. […] post was brought to you by the inspiration of ish. This entry was written by sulz and posted on November 28, 2007 at 3:00 am and filed under Life, […]

  17. Quality is important, of course! But then, frequency too. I blog like, everyday, which some may say is not really good. Sometimes having to wrack my brains to find some topic, but I guess writing keeps me updated with myself. I write for myself first, rather than writing for others. I have some faithful readers whom I know will click on my blog like each 5 hours to see if there’s are new posts and I wouldn’t like to disappoint them 🙂

    sulz: exactly! 🙂

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