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No time or no priority?

At some point in life, you get so busy that what was something you do on a daily basis has to take the back seat for something new and more important. It could be giving up your hobbies when you welcome a baby into your family, it could be giving up your social life to do overtime for your new job.

Personally, do not believe you don’t have any time for something you enjoy doing; rather, you don’t prioritise it in your life, which is why you can’t make time for it. Self’s testament to that would be self’s reading habit. Have been reading from one book to another for years, as went through life from a secondary student to a pre-university student to a college student. There was hardly a time when was not reading some book or other, exams or not. Reading has always been one of self’s top priorities in life, because it is one of self’s ways to destress and a form of escapism.

Blogging is now standing side by side with reading when it comes to priorities, and admittedly self’s reading habit has slowed down as a result of picking up blogging. But then again, blogging is an extension of reading because am putting what reading skills have picked up through reading by writing things to be read! That said, am still reading quite regularly, though not as much as before perhaps.

Generally, self’s life mostly revolves around reading, blogging, studies, family, friends and part-time job (not really in that order). Does that mean have no time should anything new appear in self’s life? Let’s say, a love interest? Or a newly discovered hobby? Not at all, because then priorities would be adjusted in such a way that can fit in new interest in life without having to abandon or neglect other present priorities. Of course, cannot devote as much time to previous priorities as before the existence of new interest, but at least by making an effort can still make what time have left for it. It won’t be much, but it’s something, and better than to give up a priority entirely to make room for the new priority.

So yeah, that’s why believe that the ‘no time’ excuse is kind of lame, because it’s really that it has no priority that there isn’t time for it. The difference between no time and no priority is that when you say you don’t have the time for something, you’re blaming a factor that’s out of your control. It means that you’d love to do something but there isn’t enough time; if only you were given more time then you could do it. You didn’t choose to not do it; you didn’t have a choice. When you don’t prioritise something, it says that you are in control of your life and time, and that even if you have the time you may not necessarily choose to do it. If you don’t have the time for what is a priority to you, you’ll find the time for it because it’s important, it’s priority. You are making yourself responsible for the choices you make in the activities you do daily.

Priority, to self, is different than responsibility, although most priorities are usually what you’re responsible for. Responsibility is something you have to do, priority is something you want to do. Hence the reason why am able to keep a reading habit for the past decade in self’s life. Which is why, even though as a student am responsible for doing the best in studies, have not gotten good enough grades this semester because have not prioritise it enough. If studies were a higher priority than reading non-academic books and goofing around, perhaps could have gotten the results that had wanted.

Of course, there are circumstances in which you have to drop all your prior priorities for the new priority due to its urgency and necessity, for example a loss of a loved one, a fast-approaching deadline at work, you get the idea. Just don’t let such priorities happen too often that you neglect what should be your priorities in life!

This post was brought to you by the inspiration of ish.

Comments on: "No time or no priority?" (15)

  1. sulz, you have read my mind! What you have posted is exactly my opinion. Each of us has the same amount of “time” (although time is fluid, and not finite, but that’s a different post 😉 ) and we each prioritize according our choices. I don’t think responsibilities are imposed from outside; we choose our lives. I often hear (or read) people say: “I’m sorry I didn’t do_____, but I didn’t have time, because of_____.” I inwardly roll my eyes at such statements. I’d rather be told something like: “I had the same 24 hours yesterday that you did, and I chose to spend 4.75 hours doing “X” because it held a higher priority for me than “Y” did.” I can appreciate that. We each have our priorities for very good reasons, and they neither need to be justified nor excused. Very thoughtful post, thank you.

    sulz: it’s such a pleasure to have a reader like you, muse; thank you for the compliment! 😀 perhaps in some circumstances, we should stop using the excuse of not having time because of something and start saying i have a priority crisis. maybe it sounds more mature and hopefully we could be excused for not doing whatever we were supposed to do, haha! :mrgreen:

  2. great post from you sulz 🙂 enjoyed reading it 🙂

    that can apply to my case very neatly…
    I really have many priorities in life which make me sometimes neglect one for the sake of the other ..

    I think my problem is I found it really difficult with the time management thing .. so I do the priorities which requires less movement & much laziness 😀 (I laugh @ myself because thats awful)

    your post has ringed a bell .. I should really reconsider myself .. give each priorities its right ..

    thanks sulz 🙂

    sulz: thank you for the compliment! 😀 same here – if there’s homework, would do the easiest first and suffer rushing to finish the difficult ones in the last minute, haha.

    well, hope you manage to rearrange your priorities well. 🙂

  3. Sometimes I do feel 24 hours is not really enough to get everything done but then, there are some works that are left behind. Priority in my life, I hate to admit it, I have none 😐 Sometimes I know I should be getting something done, but I prefer lazying around that working on it XD I think if I had to put priorities on everything, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’m weird I know. But I guess I just have to be doing things when I’m feeling like it – which usually costs me a lecture or two from close ones.

    sulz: well, lazying around was your priority over the stuff you had to get done then. 😉 priorities isn’t a list, it’s a state of mind in a way. it’s knowing what should come first in your life and that you’re willing for it to take precedence over most things. if we put off homework for computer games, maybe it’s our body’s way of saying that you need a break… that, or you’re addicted to those computer games. 😛

  4. lovelyloey said:

    Yes, prioritizing. As you can tell, I am a person who diverse hobbies, so at each particular point in time I will focus my attention and energy on certain things. But what never changes is my reading just like you. Actually I’ve finished a book these couple of days despite my exams, and baked some more goodies (that you hate reading about), but just hasn’t had the time to blog. Because I’ve been prioritising … online shopping. Contributing well to the Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving US economy through online shopping 😛

    sulz: see, another testament to those students and friends who claim there’s no time to read… pfft! obviously these people haven’t heard of reading in the toilet or while waiting for something.

    wah, singapore people also can join in to celebrate black friday? must be damn good the sales… 😉

  5. You’re right, saying that I cannot do this or that because of lack of time is a lame excuse. I as a person have always been very busy when it comes to surfing on the internet. When I was younger, I would go chat in rooms on Yahoo Messenger and when I got hooked to blogging, I could spend hours typing my feelings. Now, I sometimes complain that I don’t get the time to go into rooms anymore but the real fact is that I don’t see it as a priority now. Similarly, I never stopped blogging but I only decreased the rate at which I was making posts because there was a need to focus on studies as well. It’s all about having your head clear about what you need to do and what you don’t need to do and things work out accordingly. And thanks for mentioning my comment.

    sulz: yup, yup. well, you did really inspired this post when was replying your comment in the other post, literally! so thanks go to you too. 😀

  6. Well it’s easy to say it’s a ‘lame excuse’ if someone says “I can’t/couldn’t do something because _____” when, someone doesn’t ‘prioritize’ or manages time the way you do. Remember, all of us are individuals and unique.

    No person will manage time or prioritize things the way you do. Maybe you’ll find someone who’ll do it similarly but not the same way you do.

    Because you do things one way, it doesn’t mean others will do it to. What can be lame excuse for you, might not be for others because of legitimate reasons, which might be small for you, but not for them.

    sulz: well, never said anything about prioritising as self would. am saying that there isn’t such a thing as no time, but it’s no priority that’s the real reason. it’s like not completing a given homework by a teacher; we’d complain that 1 week isn’t enough time to do a 5-page assignment, but if we were given 3 weeks to do it, we’d procrastinate and only complete it in the weekend before it’s due. do you see the difference? 😉

  7. Yes, I see the difference, but I still disagree with you. I’ll do my best to explain my point of view.

    Saying, “I don’t have time” is still a legitimate ‘excuse’ because:

    if you’re too busy doing work, then you prioritize your work (like you said on your post), thus, you don’t have time to play…. because the time you do have is for work.

    Now, procrastinating, like you just replied to my comment, that’s something totally different. A person who procrastinates and invents excuses for his/her lack of discipline and to cover for his/her irresponsibility is totally different.

    When someone prioritizes what’s important, he/she allocates time for that important thing. Thus, for things that are not important, he/she doesn’t allocate time for them… there’s no time (allocated) for them.

    sulz: um… your last two sentences, thought they kind of support self’s argument, haha.

    you’re certainly entitled to your own opinion! 🙂

  8. Well, if they do, that’s fine.

    Semantics much?

  9. What a nice compliment, sulz, thank you! I just love your new phrase “priority crisis”! May I steal it? It does sound mature, and it puts things into perspective, perhaps so we won’t take things quite as seriously 😀 I believe I would understand if a friend said that to me.

    sulz: well, that’s how sincerely feel. 🙂 hehe, please do! yes, sometimes we have to remember that what we consider should be priority may not necessarily what should be priority to somebody else.

  10. Priority is the piece of rubbish that prevents creatures with short lifespans like the human race enjoy the span they have.

    sulz: ???

    do you mean responsibility?

  11. I’m glad I inspired you, now I can die in peace.

    Anyhow, do you have any clue where Jan from Break The Silence vanished?

    sulz: haha, am sure that’s not the only mission in your life. 😉 remember sex?

    haven’t heard from her too, but she’s been gone like this before… am expecting her back soon, hopefully.

    tried to e-mail her but it bounced back.

  12. I enjoyed the post sulz, it was very considered and thought provoking.
    I have tagged you for a meme if you feel like taking part.
    Thanks for your assistance with getting it going 😉

    sulz: thank you. sure, will do it soon enough. and you’re welcome! 🙂

  13. Priority equals responsibility? I am pretty sure that they’re different (from what Thesaurus Reference is showing me anyway). But both can be considered restraints 😛

    sulz: no, they aren’t! priority is what you want to do, and responsibility is what you have to do. how can priority be restraints then?

  14. Interesting post, sulz. I’d agree with you to a point. The no time excuse is very lame; I don’t believe we never have time for things, it’s that we choose not to make time for them. We have so many interests that we need to prioritise (or multitask), and it’s not that we necessarily enjoy one thing over another, it’s rather that’s just how we want to use our time. Many of our priorities change from week to week; say there’s a new movie out I want to see, one week that might be a priority, but not the next week, when something else can take its place.

    But at the same time I think “priority” is something of a comfort zone as well; sometimes it can be a way of saying something’s not important to us, so we give it a low priority. If that’s how you think about how you spend your time, it seems simple to neglect parts of your life and to not stretch yourself when you want to. Priorities to me can quickly become habits that are difficult to break; just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t mean it should be just as important to you a year from now, when something new might call for your attention.

    I guess I’m thinking of writing… that’s my main priority (obviously!) and I go through spurts with it, and when I am writing it often takes over other parts of my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be doing those other things or that they are any less important to me, just that I know I can do them another time. That’s prioritising. But if I write every day at a set time, then it’s a habit and not a priority; there’s nothing spontaneous about it and generally I’m not writing well then.

    So I agree with you, but I think it’s a fine line sometimes… but I’ll always find time for reading. It’s all about balance, and I can’t imagine not reading… but hey I’m a bookworm, what else would I say? lol 🙂

    sulz: well, of course we’d have pressing priorities where we have to drop all the things we want or have to do in order to complete it. but when it happens too often or too quick in succession you may find that you have lots of work piled up and sometimes relationships can be strained because of that (ie working parents who come home late and have no time for their kids).

  15. I have an update on a slightly altered version of your post’s issue. I co-lead a drop-in group twice a month, and send out reminder emails a couple days before each one. I just got two replies, and nearly always get some like this (as well as verbal ones, too): “I can’t come Saturday, because, X”. Or sometimes just “No, I can’t come then, but see you next time.”
    They CAN’T come? Who is stopping them? If they are experiencing coersion or force, that’s a legal issue, and they should report it! 😕
    I know, I know: semantic quibbling again. But, as I said before, I’d rather they said “I choose to honor this other commitment.”, or even “I won’t be there this time”. Things like “I can’t, because my son has a soccer game” don’t do it for me. I have to bite my tongue not to say “Great! I’d probably CHOOSE to go to the game, too.” Ahhh, I see I have some attitude work to do. Thanks for letting me rant! 😉

    sulz: the thing is, it sounds better (to you and to the person you’re saying to, perhaps) to say you can’t do something because of something else. to suggest that this is entirely out of your control, that you did not choose to do this. 😉 people get offended if you make clear that you chose not to do something. diplomacy over honesty?

    personally, it depends on to who am declining something. if it’s a close friend would say honestly that don’t want to do something. if it’s an acquaintance, would use that no time excuse because don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings. that person may think, your involvement was sincerely requested but you chose to reject it??something like that lah. 😛

    wah, first time seeing you ranting! scary, haha.

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