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The other day had read a blog of a classmate. It was thoughtful, eloquent, and everything that she is not in person. Reading her blog, you’d think she’s a really nice girl. Knowing her as a classmate, she has a lazy, lackadaisical, can’t-be-arsed attitude towards her studies. She so fucking doesn’t deserve the scholarship just because she was lucky to have good grades in the first semester, of which our class was judged upon as a criteria to give scholarship to 3 students who performed well academically. But that is a rant long and oft repeated by self to people who have the misfortune to be of listening range when am reminded of it. Will never get over that, but let’s not bore you with that story.

Anyway, the point am trying to make is that the persona she projects in her blog is so different than the persona she projects as a classmate. Am not saying that one is less authentic than the other (am also not saying that’s she a horrible person, just studies-wise); after all, different mediums of communication brings out different sides to each of us. Am not saying that she created this person intentionally either… or is she?

The thing with blogs is that, short of the event of a reader equipped with knowledge of psychology or discourse analysis that he or she can analyse your attitude by your words, we bloggers really paint our own pictures. We choose which side we want to portray to the world. Yes, we blog because there are some things we can’t share with our friends, or because it’s cathartic, or because we do want to share with our friends in a different way, but do you realise that most of the time you choose to reveal the good side of you?

Yes, of course it’s natural to do so. We do it when we meet people offline too. But it’s so much easier to create a fabulous persona online, don’t you think? You don’t have to be judged by your looks, or your voice, or your body size, etc. You don’t even have to be judged by your words because you can take all the time in the world to choose the right words and come off as a thoughtful, witty person, when in fact in the real world you’re a stuttering, fumbling bozo. Who’s deep down inside thoughtful and witty, of course.

So that’s why am always putting self down when you bloggerdygeeks compliment self on a well-written post, or a thought-provoking post, or a funny quip. It’s because sometimes feel like that’s not really self, even though it did come from self. Does that make sense? It’s like… this online persona, as much as it is a part of self, it is still very much different from self in person. Am not as articulate, am not as witty, am not as wacky in person as am in blog. (Some readers who have spoken to self via meebo might be able to attest to that.) Yet am articulate, am witty, am as wacky because where the hell did this come from then if it didn’t come from self??

Yeah, am too deep for self sometimes. Haha!


Want to say hi to thescoundrel and thank him for his absolutely lovely e-card and xmas wishes. Read them yourself!

Here are a few Christmas wishes for Sulz:

Life is the most valuable treasure bestowed to mankind by God
Far more valuable than wealth, gold or jewels
Each person’s path is unique even when shared
And the individual sweeping the street is as essential as the king on his throne
God’s secret to life is simple – live it

May your life always keep you overflowing with its wonder
May your obstacles – guide you to value the wisdom of life
May your heartaches and sorrow – direct you towards happiness
May the evil and hate you encounter – teach you love
May your darkest fears – deliver you courage to persist
May the lowest points of your life – inspire you to succeed
May your defeats – instruct you in the strength of family and God
May those lessons in life make your journey a marvel instead of a struggle
And may your lessons in life become a beacon of guidance – lighting the dark for others

Merry Christmas and may your blogging life be long and joyful.


Wow… 🙂

Comments on: "It’s you, but… it’s not quite you… or is it?" (6)

  1. Yeah, we are very different in our blogs than we are in person. When we start a blog and meet new people, they don’t know us and hence will not form opinions about us. We try to be almost perfect in blogs and a lot of thinking goes into making clever sentences in the posts. In our blogs, we are something we want to be, not what we actually are. We do try to be real but we do tend to write things that’d make us sound cool somehow. That’s very natural.

    I know that I might sound like a very different person in real life. I do try to be funny there also but it’s not the same here and there. There, I’d have to think 100 times before saying something to a girl but here I leave comments for you without thinking twice. We bloggers have a schizophrenic type of a thing, our blogs are sometimes us and sometimes our alter ego’s and what we’d like to be. That’s what I think.

    And hey, you can’t make an opinion about somebody on the basis of their attitude about studies. That way I’d be a jerk too because I fit very well into that line with the three lovely words called lazy, lackadaisical and can’t be arsed. Yep that’s so me. But that doesn’t mean I’m actually crap am I? 😕

    There, I’d have to think 100 times before saying something to a girl but here I leave comments for you without thinking twice.

    sulz: exactly!

    you’re right, a lousy student doesn’t make a lousy person, that’s why the brackets:

    (am also not saying that’s she a horrible person, just studies-wise)

    she is rather nice actually. am just holding a grudge of sorts against her because of the scholarship thing because it would’ve been self if it weren’t for her. 👿

  2. lovelyloey said:

    It’s only natural that we have a separate blog persona if not we’d be people who wear our hearts on our sleeves and are really blameless and innocent (read: naive and shallow). 😛
    Ok maybe not. Maybe I’m the only skeptical one who doesn’t believe blogs being a true representation of a person.

    sulz: eh, am someone who does wear heart on sleeve. 😦 but that’s ‘cos am very emotional and cannot act or fake it for nuts.

    well, blogs show a side of you but it’s not entirely you – it’s just one part of you. the mistake we make is that we think the persona is entirely the person, so expectations like this turn into disappointment when we meet the blogger in a different medium.

  3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly are often all the same person on the inside and the outside. It depends the when, where and how of the moment you are living with them.

    sulz: ’tis true, ’tis true… just hope that this blog doesn’t reflect just the good sulz, but everything that she is – good, bad, ugly and pretty! 😉

  4. Yeah, then I can understand. You have a reason to hate her because you deserved the scholarship. But it’s funny how people can be so different sometimes.

    Merry Christmas from my side too, I’m not that creative right now so that’s all I can make up. 😛

    sulz: well, hate would be a strong word… dislike, yes! 😛 oh, definitely. sometimes you feel like you don’t even know the person when you see a side you haven’t seen before…

    thank you! you have a way with words too, just not necessarily thescoundrel way, you know? 😉

  5. I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks 😀

    sulz: eh, it is what!

  6. Very beautiful message from thescoundrel!
    Blogs are like “pen-pal” letters used to be. We get to know someone through their words only, and there is much more to a person than that: how they look, smell, sound…etc! 😉
    I’ve gone to several book signings with authors I have read, and I’m always surprised how different they are than I imagined them to be from their writing, so it’s not just with blogs. You might expect this with fiction authors, as they are creating characters, but I’ve found it with non-fiction writers, too. For instance, there was a book about “Confidence” and the author was shy and nervous in person. Just makes you wonder…
    I think the words should stand on their own, though. As you have brilliantly pointed out, one of the advantages of a blog relationship is that we can take time to choose our words carefully, when we might say something not as intellingent in person. But that is what makes the blogs special. When I read yours, or others I enjoy, I know that you and they have put thought and caring into the words. It’s like being given a gift of the best of a person. And you truly are a gift, sulz!

    sulz: it is, isn’t it? 😀

    oh yeah, blogs are kind of like the modern day pen-pals, aren’t they? ooo, how ironic that the author of confidence is not much in person. 😮

    hmm, certainly never saw it that way before… wow!

    thank you, muse. *hugs* it’s hard to feel bad about oneself around you. you sure you aren’t some counsellor or something?

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