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They say it’s the thought that counts. You shouldn’t judge a gift by the amount of money spent on it, but the sincerity and thought behind the gesture. After all, not everybody can afford an expensive gift.

But surely there are different levels of sincerity? While you may not be able to afford an expensive gift, you could easily take the time and effort to make a homemade gift. It would be politically correct to say that all gifts are meaningful to you, but doesn’t it undermine the sincerity of a gift thoughtfully made when it is equalled to a gift simply bought off the store?

Then again is a bought gift less sincere than a homemade gift? After all there are people who do take the time and effort to find the perfect gift from the mall.

Personally, feel like we should appreciate a gift by the effort taken by the presenter to obtain the gift. But in that case, it would seem like am undermining the presenter for judging his sincerity through his choice of gift, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps that old saying it’s the thought that counts has some truth and logic in it after all!


Radio commercial: Male game-show host-like voice asks something like Where is Singapore from Kuala Lumpur – north or south? (Answer: South) Bimbotic female voice replies Errr, north ah?

Whole point of that sexist intro? To promote a Visit Singapore campaign. Something about how a Singapore kit would help you with a lot of things, but not get you a sense of direction.

Ending: bimbotic voice defensively says My husband lah, never let me drive!


Just that one sentence reflects how this ad views women – as people who don’t admit their shortcomings, and who allow themselves to be controlled by their spouses. Fucked up lah, FUCKED UP! Don’t even get started on how the fucking ad chooses to portray women as being so idiotic as to not know a simple question like the direction to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur.

To want to provoke a reaction from your ad is one thing; to resort to cheap sexist tricks is just… am speechless.

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  1. You’ve got a thing with sayings at the moment!

    I think it depends on the person and it’s definitely one of those things you can’t generalise on. Saying that though, I like recieving gifts [who doesn’t?!], but I much more prefer the people. And spending time with them.

    As for homemade gifts, I’m useless making those!!

    sulz: yeah, don’t know why lah, am so cheesy lately haha! 😛

    so by saying we can’t generalise, you’re on the ‘by effort’ camp? well, like you, of course prefer the company and quality time than presents any day.

    same here… can’t make anything beyond writing a letter, hah!

  2. Oh and what’s going to happen with bloggerdygook?!

    That message on the sidebar sounds promising!

    sulz: hehe, wait and see lah. 😉 hopefully you’ll think it’s a good change!

  3. Well, even I’m shit at making gifts but when I buy one, I try to be different from others so when the person sees the gift, he/she remembers me. But then again, I’ve simply bought deodorants and pens for people I don’t consider very important. Does that mean those gifts weren’t genuine? I believe that if you’re feeling what you’re giving, that’s what matters. But then again, if one of your friends gives you a card and the other gives a Mercedes, which one would you cherish more? It’s complicated.

    And wow, that ad was really sexist indeed. And trust me, women are better at directions even if they’re sitting with the men and not driving themselves. I’ve seen that happen with my parents.

    And as Cat said, that message on the sidebar sounds promising! What is going to happen to Bloggerdygook in 2008? Is it gonna have a naked Sulz as the background image? 😛

    sulz: think when it comes down to it, you would have your favourites secretly even if you tell people you appreciate all gifts the same! 😉 especially if it’s between a card and a car!!

    yeah, it really makes self’s blood boil every time hear it on favourite radio station! 👿

    haha, you really don’t want a naked picture of self. and that would make the blog be marked mature, so that won’t do! like cat, you’ll just have to wait and see. (now am feeling paranoid if the change would be considered change enough!)

  4. Ish, you really only think of one thing these days! It’s those exams messing with your head I tell you! 😉

    And wow, that ad is shocking. [Was that there when I commented earlier? I need to get my eyes checked…] And I completely agree..

    sulz: ish is a guy, what else is he to think of? 😛 okay lah, let’s not stereotype… let’s not be like that stupid ad!

    no it wasn’t, your eyesight’s probably better than self’s. 😉 maybe that’s the point of the ad? to shock you into listening, regardless of how distasteful you think it was!

  5. @Cat: Yeah you’re right. I’ve got that 3 letter word hogging all the resources in my brain. I guess it is because of the exams and I’m hoping it’ll get fine soon now that there’s only one exam left.

    @Sulz: I think you’re right. The ad did fulfill it’s purpose didn’t it? It was supposed to tell you about Singapore and so it did. You’ll remember this ad for many days because it’s so annoying. It’s all advertising strategy you see. And your blog being marked mature wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’m the only underaged person and I’ll be 18 before 2008 too so you should seriously consider putting a naked pic of yours up there. 😛

    sulz: girls think about sex too what! if there were better opportunities in malaysia, would have wanted to study to be a sexologist! or sex therapist, whatever. :mrgreen:

    yeah, strategy, but hell wouldn’t visit singapore during the duration of this ad! will go after it’s done though. 😛 eh, if am marked mature would be out of the tag community, no way! it’s not about being concerned for your mental welfare. 😛 you’re long corrupted already, anyway!

  6. Ah well, I know girls think about sex too but they don’t speak about it openly. When you ask a guy his favorite movie, he will say American Pie and when you ask the same question to a girl, she’ll give you a simple love story even though she might’ve really liked American Pie too. It’s just how God made our brains y’know.

    Waah, I’m long corrupted already? That sounded really nice, thank you. I’m cross with you of you didn’t realize. Thanking you for saying that was a way of showing my anger. 😛

    sulz: huh? were you offended?? was just teasing ler, don’t be… 😦 if anything, am probably just as depraved as you if not more. :mrgreen:

  7. On gifts – I prefer simple, inexpensive gifts that have some symbolic value rather than expensive gifts.

    Example 1: I was in Chinatown with a girlfriend and she saw me admire a tiny buddha in a shop. She bought it and set it on my windowsill when she dropped me off at home and had a cuppa with me. I didn’t see the buddha until the next day.

    Example 2: I had 3 Tsimshan drums and I had a friend who admired them. At a spring equinox celebration I gave her one of them.

    Many years ago I stopped the giving and receiving birthday, wedding and christmas gifts in our family. At the time I did this everyone in my family freaked out but it didn’t take long before they settled down and accepted the fact that I would not bend. One particularly persistent family member had to be mailed back gifts “postage due” twice until the picture became clear. However, the no-gifts at christmas tradition then swept through our family. Only children get gifts from their parents and that’s it. The rest of us put money into their education funds and the adults get nothing because they need nothing they cannot do a better job of selecting for themselves.

    This solved the problem of competitive grandparents and parents and in-laws trying to one up each other by attempting to buy affection from the kids.

    Now for the advertising. It really upsets me when I see educated women selling out and appearing in ads that depict them to be idiots under the control of their husbands. I secretly hope that each one that does this is sterile and will not reproduce a little image of herself or her overlord.

    sulz: while indeed we can buy present for ourselves and are probably our own best gift-givers because we know what we want, still find the practice of receiving something from someone else very nice. perhaps a nice compromise would be to have a gift list that people could view if they want to get you something. that way you get what you want and people can give you what you want if they want to. 😛

    perhaps she feels that doing this ad does not reflect her personal view of women; perhaps it’s just a job to her. personally, hope that would not be faced with a situation in working life later on that makes self torn between own principles and selling out on them. wishful thinking though! 🙂

  8. OOPS! I forgot to say that I think the New Year is an auspicious date for you to put a new skin on your blog and I’m looking forward to see which one it will be. 🙂

    sulz: actually, plan to use and old skin. the change in bloggerdygook is not about a new look… a new outlook, perhaps. 😉 but if can find a new skin to put in time, might consider it!

  9. Ah no, I wasn’t angry or anything. But my internet connection has been making me real mad these days. Now he’s asking me to get Windows reloaded because there’s some kind of virus in it. And it’s only been a week since I got Windows reinstalled. I don’t have the courage to go through the torture all over again. 😦

    sulz: who’s he? gee, that sucks! but at least you got your documents backed up right? at least you won’t have to forked out big bucks when your computer dies on you, which should happen to self any time soon. (this computer am using is more than 7 years old.)

    anyway, techie stuff like this comes easier for guys! so, you can do it. 😉

  10. You’ve been running the same computer and same Windows for 7 years? Wow, Sulz! You’re God, trust me you are!

    sulz: am not! it’s windows xp, for what it’s worth… am a low usage kind of computer user. just the basics and broadband, and am a happy camper, you know? 🙂

  11. Yeah, I can understand. I’m a heavy gonna destroy the computer kind of a user. I don’t even have a track of how many times I’ve had Windows reloaded in the years that I’ve owned the computer.

    And Gesus, I’m all over the WordPress forums lol, is that a good thing or bad?

    sulz: this old things keeps getting hanged too, but only ‘cos it’s old lah.

    it’s good! it’s always good to have another volunteer around. the more, the merrier! 🙂 definitely hope to see you around there more often.

  12. Ah yes, I used my old PC for 5 something years too and in the end the poor guy was as good as dead. The CPU, display and RAM requirements are increasing everyday and hence the old guys can’t handle and hang themselves.

    I’ll try to be around there if I’m being any help.

  13. “On gifts – I prefer simple, inexpensive gifts that have some symbolic value rather than expensive gifts.”

    I agree on this with brightfeather. I got an ipod some months ago. Although I love it, after a while it stops being something I remember my friend by and just becomes a cool ipod I use to listen to music. More significant gifts have been letters, little objects that let you know that the person was thinking about you when they selected your gift.

    Oh, I also love it when people take me out to eat something. I love eating so much! It doesn’t matter if it’s a little cupcake with a candle on it or an expensive dish.

    sulz: so you would choose a card over a car? 😉 well, the more expensive gift would definitely be more irresistible at the beginning but it’s the small, meaningful gifts that you cherish over the years long after. the best kind of gift would be something you need and has sentimental value behind it!

    yeah, love to go out and eat with friends. the friendship bond over food is something you can’t quite replicate with giving gifts – it’s just different. 🙂

  14. I wonder, how can we measure it when most people fake it in the place called the Modern World? Like saying “Goodbye.” and “Hello!” even though it’s lost it’s meaning and it’s just customs? Or maybe it’s the time of year for it to have some space and exceptions. I thought when I got presents in the past that bigger is better, but over time I think the smallest thing like an ant farm or some goldfish will have a lot more meaning than say, a new computer. Don’t worry, I’m just ranting, again.

    sulz: hehe, rant away! 😛 as for measuring sincerity, sometimes we just can’t, we just have to rely on our own intuition and feelings. which doesn’t help much!

  15. I’m someone who doesn’t like a lot of fuss over gifts either… I’d much rather have one small thing that someone’s chosen because they know me than something fancy. I mean, it’s nice to get something expensive, but usually I’m suspicious when that happens! 😉

    I don’t think something has to be handmade to be special, though, it just has to have had a bit of thought put into it. Something you’re not expecting or that has sentimental value… that’s why I hate lists; you don’t really know me if I’m telling you what I want. I actually like Etsy a lot; it’s kind of like a handmade Ebay. There’s a lot of junk, but sometimes you find a real gem… when you do, it’s that extra bit special.

    And that ad is atrocious. I hate it when sexism is used to promote a product, let alone a country. Unbelievable. And usually it’ll only attract the wrong kind of person anyway. Hopefully it’ll backfire and they’ll have to rethink the campaign.

    sulz: but lists makes self save lots of money! 😛 not that have ever done one, but it should lah, right? i’ve seen some gorgeous products at etsy so know what you mean.

    that ad is one good reason not to be a copywriter or be involved in the advertising industry… one would really have to give up lots of principles just to climb up the ladder in the industry!

  16. […] and ‘different’ bloggerdygook in 2008. Yeah, you’re all probably thinking it’s yet another new skin, ‘cos that’s what sulz is famous for – like her stylish dress sense in real life (hah, […]

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