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First, this hilarious quiz.

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

You are every goth-kids dream!
Take this quiz!

Okay, do have quite a lot of black clothes in the closet, but am so not goth okay!! Emo, maybe when during the time of the month… 😛


Next, a little chocolate meme because am a chocoholic.

Favourite Chocolate Bar: TimeOut. Anything with wafer and chocolate is usually good with self, but this one is extra special for some reason! Ooh, Kinder Bueno is good too.

Favourite Block of Chocolate: Any block of good, quality dark chocolate.

Favourite Box of Chocolates: Any good quality one, as long as there’s a variety of flavours. Quality Street is nice, but really, any one will do – but it must have a variety.

Favourite Chocolate Biscuit: Pepperidge Farm cookies for generic brand; Famous Amos for freshly baked cookies. Homemade ones are the best, though, the ones where the chocolate oozes in the middle!

Favourite Chocolate Ice-cream: Maui Brownie Madness from Baskin Robbins. It’s supposedly yoghurt and hence contains less fat, so with so much chocolate and so little guilt factor, could probably have a scoop every day if it weren’t so ‘spensive. 😛

Favourite Choc Coated Ice-cream: Umm, does McDonald’s Chocolate Sundae count as choc coated? Well, anything with chocolate sauce coat on top lah. Don’t like the hard chocolate-coated kinds though.


There are some people who you are attracted to instantly. Not so much in the romantic sense, though it could very well be, but more like a platonic attraction. You want to be that person’s friend, you want to get to know that person, you find that person fascinating.

Often, this attraction doesn’t last long. That’s because you discovered the other side of that person, the one that didn’t appear during the initial attraction.

Strangely, sometimes it’s the one you are not inclined towards for friendship at the beginning, who turns out to be the kind of friend you appreciate and want to have. The one you thought is nice, but not terribly fun or exciting or witty or whatever.

That’s sulz, you know. She’s very reserved and boring at the beginning. It is only when you and she get to know each other longer and better, that her silly, witty, naughty side comes out.

It used to bother sulz that she doesn’t have a charismatic personality that instantly attracts. The wallflower in her will never win her any popularity contests or be picked first for anything.

But she realises now, that that makes her special. To herself and her friends. That they are the ones who really know the person sulz is. Strangers cannot appreciate sulz for the person she is. That is special and secret; only you can discover it when you become a friend of sulz.

Comments on: "Are you an instant or gradual attraction?" (7)

  1. I’m a Goddess, don’t you know. 😉

    sulz: so full of yourself! 😛

  2. I’m a Goddess too!}

    “You are a Goddess, pure and simple.
    You are the epitome of grace, beauty and strength.
    All women secretly want to be you.
    and all men yearn after you.”

    Ahh pretty nice. ;P

    sulz: mehhh, and self got stuck with a goth girl! grrr…. 😛

  3. “That is special and secret; only you can discover it when you become a friend of sulz.”
    This is true–and worth discovering.

    WANT all your chocolate things! Here are my quiz results:

    “You are at complete balance with the world around you. You have natural beauty inside and out.”

    …well, not going to argue with that. Somehow, don’t see you as goth, though!

    sulz: 😳

    of course, chocolate tastes better when shared with friends! here you go. *plops half a dozen on your lap* 😛

    but what ultimate beautiful women are you?? bet you’re a goddess too.

    don’t see self as goth either! that’s why it was funny. 😛

  4. lovelyloey said:

    Ho, you must see my result at my blog. It’s just wayyyy too funny.

    And I happen to like hard chocolate covered icecream (I don’t get that a lot here, but I love it nonetheless).

    sulz: haha, rotflao!!! really damn funny lah!

    don’t like ’em cos like the icky, melty, oozing kind, heh. mcd’s have that hard choc-top thing for their ice-cream, and the one famous one that comes to mind is magnum ice-cream.

  5. Ah well, that quiz thing is pretty lame. Not only because it’s calling you a goth princess but more so because it’s calling me a mystery woman. Haha, it couldn’t even tell I was a guy. That’s how lame it was 😛

    Now, as far as attraction is concerned, I’m pretty much the gradual kind too I think. But yea, to the people I think are cool, I can be an instant attraction too. It’s depends on my mood. If I’m in the reserved mood, I’ll be the most boring person on earth(well ok, maybe the second most boring after the politicians) but when I’m in a chirpy mood, I tend to make friends with people in the first meeting.

    But seriously, what a quiz lol. I loved the part when I got to click that “I’m mature/above 18 years” button” on that website. First time I’ve done that legally 😛

    sulz: *chokes on morning coffee* rotflao!!!

    haha, only you’d get a kick out of that mature button. next kick would be to get drunk as you wish… or have sex, whichever you get lucky first. :mrgreen:

    you definitely grew on self, but that’s not to say you were terribly dull at the beginning. 😛

    mystery woman… *falls over laughing*

    … but even you got a better woman than self’s – goth princess, pah! 👿

  6. True Nature Goddess or summat.

    It may or may not be implying that I don’t shave my armpits and hug trees. Which isn’t entirely appropriate, I prefer to cuddle and I do trim occasionally.


    Anyway, I think it depends on who is beholding me, but for some people I’m an instant attraction that disappears swiftly, for others I’m an instant turn off that turns into affection with time, and occasionally, I’m an instantly brilliant and I just get better.

    But realisitically, I think I cause more trouble in those unconfident yet overly boistrous first impressions, and then later on as I become more lacklustre in my enthusiasm.

    If that makes sense.

    sulz: hahaha! you cuddle trees? 😉

    err, that one went right over self’s head. but to self, you’ve grown on self. especially after seeing your photo with you in your sexy dress. :mrgreen:

  7. Come on, goth princesses can be cute. You could get to marry one of those cool Punks like the GREENDAY singers some day, y’know.

    But seriously, you better keep the eye shadow and the tattoo’s in control lol.

    sulz: if am still in teenage years, cute would be good. am 22, so the image am gunning for would be more like breathtakingly gorgeous. :mrgreen:

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