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Here’s a nice article about homestay in Malaysia.


‘Tis the season to be shopping, falalala…

It’s just for self, because do not celebrate Xmas. Hehe. :mrgreen:

Tote bag RM79
Pencil box RM15
Sneakers RM45
Sequinned belt RM10
Hair band RM10
Flats RM41
Tie RM20
2 t-shirts RM30
Black tights RM20
Sunglasses RM20
Earrings RM16
Bookmarks RM8
Sandals RM18
Necklace RM15
Cardigan RM65
Another hairband RM10
Another bookmark RM10
Another cardi RM59

Grand total: RM491, spent in 3 days’ time, not including Xmas presents for half dozen people and lunches/snacks at the mall >.<

To think, have saved up to RM800 from part-time job and tutoring job for this. sulz has been so good in shopping, yes? : Have only RM50+ left in the wallet. As much as dread part-time job, have to go back and earn all that have spent!!

Am a bit put out thought because could not find any new clothes to wear for next semester. (T-shirts don’t count, they’re really casual kinds. Like to dress up a bit for classes sometimes! Found a couple of cardis (black and red) so am not so put out, 🙂 though am very much broke! 😦



Because had spent that much money only on self, that’s why have barely scrape through Santa’s nice list. What about you? 😉

Happy Christmas, bloggerdygeeks! *clinks mug of hot cocoa with floating marshmallows*


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  1. Haha, I’m on the nice list too, and I’m better than you cause I’m a B+. Wait, what is better..a B+ or a C+? Who cares, I’m gonna be waiting for something in my socks this Christmas. I think they gave me a B+ because I left cakes and tarts for Santa. Though I really wanted to leave him Tofu and health food but I can understand how boring that’d be especially for a fat and cute guy like him.

    And wow, you’ve spent some money. I’ve spent nothing till now and don’t even think I’m gonna do that today or tomorrow. But then, Christmas isn’t such a big deal here so it’s fine. I really need a sunglasses and a red coloured tie though.

    sulz: aren’t you a little too old to believe in santa? 😉

    that’s the problem; the more you earn, the more you spend!! the temptation of having so much money is something must work at. heh, just bought a new pair of sunglasses and wearing them at every possible moment, which is a bit stupid at times, haha! the tie has music-ish print on it.

  2. I am a C+ too. I did leave Tofu, and I don’t always play nice, but at least I’m not (very) naughty.
    Lovely article about Malaysia. I almost felt like I visited. And, good pictures of those headscarves we’ve been discussing. Have you been to that mall in golden triange?
    I like your shopping list, and of course you deserve everything. But, another pencil box? Didn’t you blog about a pencil box a few months ago? Do you eat them? 😉

    sulz: for some reason, you just seem like an absolute angel to self.

    there are several malls in golden triangle, so have visited a few of them, though there are some new posh malls that have yet to visit.

    hehehe… couldn’t resist this pencil box. see, it has a picture of a woman in black reading, with books surrounding her!

  3. That’s some nice shopping! And you needed all of that, right?! 😉

    Oh and I didn’t make the nice list even!

    sulz: definitely didn’t need all that! wanted all of ’em, yes. ‘cos if we’re talking about need, need to buy undies but that has been postponed until further notice. till then, would have to make sure not to make any more holes in undies… :mrgreen:

    woooo, didn’t peg you as a naughty girl!

  4. lovelyloey said:

    Hoho this IS the season to be shopping. So far I’ve clocked (from online shops and “real” shops):
    2 pairs of jeans
    1 pair of khaki pants
    1 pair of suspender bermudas (so preppy)
    3 tanktops
    3 3-quarter sleeve tops
    1 button blouse
    28561941 new knickers 😀
    For the new semester.
    So am thoroughly broke.

    sulz: eee, have been looking for suspenders – thought it could go well with the tie have bought. 😛 at least you’re practical, you bought more clothes than accessories, unlike self. 😕 and you purposely did that knickers bit because am in desperate need of new ones right? -_-

  5. Too old to believe in Santa?! Hell if I’m too old to do that then you’re ancient! 😛

    sulz: yeah lah, those people younger than self will always use that you’re old card. no respect for the elders! 😛

  6. No la. I really bought a lot of knickers in past 2 months. like, I have 10 new pairs with the tags still on. Hoho.

    sulz: wah, you can wait ah? usually the moment have bought something will wear it straight away, so beh tahan. :mrgreen:

  7. Happy Christmas Sulz! Just lookout for that fat guy in red don’t want him falling right on you 😀

    sulz: happy christmas to you too, ish. 😀

  8. Merry Christmas my first-person pronoun avoiding buddy!


    sulz: haha, happy christmas to you too the horseplaying buddy! 😛

  9. I’m another B+. Obviously they don’t know me very well. 😉

    I like your shopping list, btw. You sound like me, I’m always collecting bookmarks! I kept thinking it was going to go like the Mastercard ads. Sunglasses: RM20. Cardigan: RM65. Sending yourself broke: Priceless. 😀

    Season’s greetings to everyone. Maybe Santa could bring the forum edit back as a gift for the volunteers, eh?

    sulz: meaning you’re more angelic than your results show, or more devilish? 😉

    you collect bookmarks too? thought am the only crazy person to do so! also collect postcards too. well, am not as gifted with words as you are. 😉

    personally, wish that all the regulars would get along and make it a happy and fun place to be fun for everybody, along with being helpful. 🙂

  10. Well, we get along well already and I hope that continues in the future. But yea, we could really do with getting the forum edit back.

    sulz: ish, you weren’t there when some drama happened! let’s just say some of us have definitely quarrelled with some others at one point, yours truly included. 😉 well, am not holding self’s breath for the forum edit option to rise from the ashes. 😛

  11. I figured there must’ve been ego clashes. And that’s pretty natural y’know. It’s bound to happen wherever there are more than one people involved. Anyway, just as you say, I change my wish to Hope there always remains peace in the forums. And someone please give them bloggers some brains so that they reach the correct forum more often. 😛

    sulz: haha, so naughty! 😛

  12. correction: so nice. I’m a B+, remember? 😛

  13. Hmmm as usual I have been both naughty and nice.

    Merry Christmas

    sulz: ah, aren’t we all? 🙂 happy christmas, self’s favourite scoundrel! 😛

  14. Was this supposed to go all green or did it just happen? It’s looking nice btw.

    OMG OMG, I just noticed the snow. It’s superb!

    sulz: that’s the point. am pretty chuffed because this is the furthest have tinkered with css on self’s own without any help!!

    you can put the snow on yours too, you know right? 🙂

  15. Yeah, but since I can’t change my background color, so it won’t show. 😦

    sulz: change theme lah, for these few days! how many times can you see snow on your blog, huh? 😛

  16. Sulz, :* Tq 4 the unexpected gifts card! I spent lots of $ this month too and am waiting eagerly for salary haha!

    sulz: you’re most welcome. 🙂 happy christmas!

  17. Happy Christmas, Sulz.
    Hey, get a shovel and some salt, I slipped on my way in because of the snow.
    Know a good chiropractor?

    sulz: haha, don’t exaggerate, hardly a feet of snow! why salt?

    am too young to know chiropractors. :mrgreen: yet!

    happy christmas, michael. 😀

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