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World’s ‘wurst’ lovers?

German men are the world’s worst lovers, according to a poll of 10,000 women travellers.

They are branded selfish in bed while second-placed Swedes are too quick.

Third are the “too rough” Dutch, followed by “too dominant” Americans, “soppy” Welshmen and “too loud” Scots.

Englishmen were voted 10th worst for being too chubby. Turks were sweaty, Greeks smelly and Russians hairy.

Women from 50 countries were quizzed on social networking site

Spokesman Peter Ward said: “Who would have thought Welshmen were better lovers than Swedes? But I would remind girls, it takes two to tango.”

Italian men were voted best lovers followed by males from France, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada.

What about men from the rest of the world?? 😉


Interestingly, when first began to compile the list, it was easier to come up with positive adjectives. But later, the negative adjectives were easier to come up with and had finished them first. The last five positive adjectives were hard to come up with, and while was trying hard to think of them, kept thinking new negative adjectives to add to the list! 😕

Comparing the two lists, there are some adjectives with ambiguous connotations. In one situation it could be a negative, but positive in another. So there are some ‘negative’ adjectives which do not really feel like it’s a bad thing, but rather how some people may see it.

1. grumpy
2. impatient
3. stubborn
4. critical
5. judgmental
6. introverted
7. angry
8. restless
9. distracted
10. complicated
11. idealistic
12. dissatisfied
13. anxious
14. nosy
15. insecure
16. doubtful
17. nervous
18. dependent
19. lazy
20. rude
21. awkward
22. naïve
23. proud
24. self-conscious
25. pessimistic
26. incompetent
27. inflexible
28. intolerant
29. cowardly
30. stupid
31. bitchy
32. vulgar
33. lethargic
34. hostile
35. selfish
36. unhappy
37. cynical
38. needy
39. irrational
40. childish
41. passive
42. unresponsive
43. overdramatic
44. predictable
45. calculating
46. indecisive
47. anal
48. fussy
49. quixotic
50. irritating

1. nice
2. sweet
3. kind
4. talkative
5. determined
6. passionate
7. helpful
8. understanding
9. sympathetic
10. smart
11. friendly
12. diplomatic
13. sentimental
14. organised
15. dependable
16. tolerant
17. modest
18. romantic
19. reflective
20. confident
21. knowledgeable
22. trustworthy
23. polite
24. cheerful
25. observant
26. logical
27. sensible
28. engaging
29. cute
30. aware
31. dedicated
32. loving
33. reciprocating
34. meticulous
35. naughty
36. patient
37. loyal
38. fashionable
39. encouraging
40. simple
41. compassionate
42. forgiving
43. admiring
44. cheeky
45. grateful
46. silly
47. faithful
48. caring
49. considerate
50. apologetic

Negative or positive, these are adjectives that describe self at some point or other. Good, bad, ugly, pretty, sulz is all that. And more! 🙂

If any more adjectives (positive and negative) describe self in your eyes, feel free to add them. 🙂

Comments on: "Can you describe yourself in 100 adjectives?" (72)

  1. What about the men from India eh? Do they even know what sex is? I guess they weren’t even considered for the quiz. Actually, most of South Asia doesn’t seem to be considered in the list and the funny part is that majority of the population is here. How can your forget China? And then India?

    And I bow to you for thinking of 100 adjectives to describe yourself, I wouldn’t have been able to think of more than ten. That’s how shallow I am..wait..shallow is also an adjective isn’t it? Go me. 😛

    And I see you’ve been playing around with the CSS on this theme lately. Way to go. 😉

    sulz: maybe it’s because most men around asia are not english-speaking? so those women would probably have a hard time looking for the right guy (ie. won’t stalk, will use protection, won’t slobber, etc) to bonk with. :mrgreen:

    it took several days to compile that list. am sure you could if you give it a go. 🙂 see, one down already.

    that’s all the tinkering am doing! very tenuous, but have learnt some things by self a bit, which is good.

    • Well, d person who’s bitching bout INDIA, doesnt knw anything bout INDIA, d bastard or d bitch whoever u r U shud visit INDIA.. INDIANS hv d capability of loving der partners till d end of der life.. U FUCKER!!

      sulz: that guy is an indian, and he was talking about india in a non-serious way. chill.

      • Devang Patel said:

        Question is not if someone is an Indian or not. The problem is about being mentally sick. Nobody has right to offend the entire race, good or bad. We exist because of our societies. I am an Indian too and I am not ashamed and will never be ashamed for whatever happens or will ever happen. I know a punjabi girl (Punjab: a state of India) who is ashamed of speaking Punjabi and I will call it lack of self-respect. This guy has a lack of self-respect too. Even he is kidding, it shows somewhere he is ill and needs help. I will not be angry at him but cant approve him in any case. I will not like even German person who is laughing on any weakness of his country. Everybody must be very conscious about impression of his country and should maintain graceful distance with other country too. As far International politics is concerned, every country is a bastard country because they are not better then bunch of cockroaches trying to pull each-other’s legs. History has proven, every so called advanced country made of gentlemen has robbed and enslaved the entire race and because they are winner they right history bragging about their great origins and their deed, but I doubt.. if somewhere we have to account for our deed, how will be able to look in his eyes (the supreme entity, if it exists) or their is nothing like that? and we can do whatever we want to do (what U.S. has done to Iraq and Iraqis?) Topic has become too serious but then I find so many idiots who always have problem with themselves and they throw the garbage on their neighbors or on their family.

        • You people are fighting to prove that u r d best but think before. The person who raised the comment is enjoying, so.……….

          This is the only thing by which big war occurs and is Key point to encourage someone against the other for battle.

      • great spelling girl 😉

    • Hey bloody fools you even don’t know that sex and sex positions are gifts from India to rest of the world,
      You all wild people didn’t know about sex at the time Kama Sutra has written and give you help how to sex in a different way
      We Indian teach you that sex is an art
      If you want more knowledge about sex in India visit our khajooraho temple which is around 3000 years ancient and all statues teach different positions and passion of sex

    • Urm, I’m Chinese….. 😀

  2. Have you tried doing an online CSS tutorial? They really help sometimes. If you’re interested, I could give you a couple of sites from which I’ve learnt myself. They help you make an offline website on your own and that really boosts up your confidence.

    Also, you might wanna turn the snow off because it’s making your page real slow. And it’s eating up a lot of resources too. My computer is literally crawling after having visited a couple of snow blogs. Though it looks cool but it’s not something you’d wanna keep for a long time. And it’s not only me, even tsp’s been facing the heat and he’s on a mac that is like the best configuration available.

    And I guess you’re right about the men. They don’t speak good english so they’re not to be considered in bed. I believe they are more shy too.

    sulz: oh, so that’s why it’s so slow with self’s computer too! haha, thought it’s finally dying. do know there are plenty of css tutorials around, but am that sort who learns better by tinkering. that was how had learnt to blog too; had not owned a blog before this one, so everything was self-taught on wordpress! 😛 or learnt from the forums, that is.

  3. you really consider yourself incompetent? Just based on what I know of you from the forums and from our brief chats back and forth that’s about the last term I’d use to describe you.

    Wow…100 adjectives? No way could I even try. I’m stubborn, passionate, sensitive, a bit high strung, and a tad bit obsessive as well. That pretty much sums me up when you then add in a ridiculous sense of humor.

    Hmmm…I wonder who won the “Best Women” version of this poll? You know who gets my vote!

    sulz: there are plenty of occasions where self’s incompetence show. cooking, for instance! 🙂

    you can, am sure anybody can! it just takes a few days. 😉

    hehe… 😉 wonder what would the adjectives to describe women be?

    • All of us have negative feeling that really sometimes hurt others as we are humans and all humans will experience hurt happy estatic and so on but it will really matter that who you had hurt when you angry like scolding them bad words and that even you, youself do not even know that you had hurt someone so the best is to prevent this kind of things from happening that is what I want to say

  4. Wow, it’s green!!

    And that’s a very steroetypical post. I’m intrigued by the Welsh men thing. I do happen to have some Welsh friends… 😉

    As for 100 adjectives, I remember how long it took me coming up with a list of facts about me on my previous about page. I think I’ll pass, but well done to you!

    sulz: yeah, wanted to show the falling snow (because it wouldn’t when the previous background was white!) but ish said it’s making the loading time of the blog really slow, so have taken off. 🙂

    yes, it is, but it’s also in a way fun to see how some nationalities are perceived. just as long as we remember not to be influenced by this article when we meet german men. am sure there are good german men in bed! 😉

    oh, the 100 facts took much longer than this post really! haha, thank you. ’tis a small achievement, but achievement nonetheless! 😀

  5. So normally, I rely on my Welsh heritage (papa) to provide my life with more interest….now I finally know where I get my soppiness from (papa).

    Which, to be honest, is a shock. I thought I just got all my argumentative whinging and terrible sense of humour from him….which I did.

    Anyway, the English side of me still believes that I’ve been ignored, from a statistical perspective. Not to mention the fact that chubbiness (which I’m not…my belly is the only place there’s anything other than muscle, and even that, if I’m honest, isn’t huge) isn’t a de facto problem in the bedroom. It’s often a blessing.

    So I deny your survey and spit in its faith with my top quality, non-statistical and generally excellent love making technique.

    I’m awesome, see.

    And massively arrogant, which I seem to remember (if we’re deciding to uphold national stereotypes, which we don’t, because it’s just lightly softened racism), is an Italian trait in origin (ha). So maybe that’s why I’m so good.

    I think I’m still slightly drunk.
    Be well, Alx

    sulz: you are definitely drunk, you spelt your name wrong. haha.

    hey hey, you’re soppy but you’re ‘better’ than the scots! 😛 haha. and how are we going to prove your ‘top quality’? :mrgreen:

  6. Merry Christmas!
    I think about the German men.
    Perhaps this is a smart mystery.

    sulz: uh? sorry, but do not understand what you’re trying to say… 🙂

  7. Aussies on the best lovers list? That makes a change! Usually we don’t place that highly on these lists. We’re too brutish. But we’re descended from felons, after all. 😉

    That’s a great list of adjectives as well. I’d be reluctant to even try as I think about the way people see me more than how I see myself… I don’t think you’re predictable at all, though. If your blog is even a small reflection of your personality, you’re one of the most eclectic people I know. And there’s another adjective for your positive list. 🙂

    I like the new background, btw. If you’re interested in CSS, I love CSS Zen Garden. The design changes whenever you click one of the options; it’s fun looking at all the different ones.

    sulz: so what did your forefathers got into aussie for eh? 😉

    am predictable because love routine. do get bored of routine sometimes but mostly, enjoy knowing what will be doing during the week and who will meet. since blogging is part self-exploration, perhaps am more… ‘eclectic’ than in person. 😉

    yeap, have seen zen garden and they have some freaking gorgeous skins. unfortunately css skills are only limited to changing colours of things and not recreate a whole look! and the upgrade is expiring in march. *sobs*

  8. Was just reading your list of positive and negative traits for lovers and don’t see the one trait I value almost above all others in a man – generosity! I don’t mean materialistically either. A generous lover is the rarest of the rare.

    Speaking from personal surveys of friends and some experience, I’d have to say, generalisations amongst countries or races, are more than a bit deceiving and/or misleading.

    Lovers – male or female – are made up of more than the sum of their ethnicities. Forget prowess, expertise or experience – if you don’t love and respect the person you’re with – the rest is just window-dressing.

    Maybe if you’re talking a one or two night stand, the merely surface stuff might suffice but longer? No way, no how.

    sulz: it’s not a list of traits for lovers; it’s about me. maybe i am not a generous person.

  9. mon-mon said:

    the important is just be your self,,

  10. Hahaha… I came across this in a Google search looking for a list of personality traits. Thanks! This will help my students (who are going to write a personal profile today).

    sulz: haha. glad to help always! 🙂

  11. Well i dont feel all people of all countries are similar.
    all r having their own qualities,so cant rate on country persons

  12. thanks for the adjectives
    this will help my cousin

  13. i have a question here… how do you describe yourself without using any adjectives??

    sulz: um, i’m not sure… adjectives are words to describe yourself. so if you don’t use them you’d find it pretty difficult i’d think!

  14. I saw your list of 100 adjectives, and you actually made my day as I was looking for some adjectives that described me for my college application! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And in case you were wondering, I singlehandedly pulled your number of hugs up to 3000 since you have helped me sooooo much!

    Thank you again!

    sulz: glad to have been of help. 🙂 thanks for the hugs too.

  15. I think all people in the world have all different characteristics..
    so, dont judge anybody. i can say there are no worst lover in the world as long they can prove to themselves that they love someone.

  16. hey thanks for the list of adjectives….!! i needed it for my college writing essay……..:)~!!

  17. Hey Sulz, thanks for posting the list, itll help a lot my students! 🙂

  18. Alyssa Metz said:

    I thought that quixotic meant “extravagantly chivalrous and romantic “. ( I would considerate that a positive not a negative adjective.

    • “Comparing the two lists, there are some adjectives with ambiguous connotations. In one situation it could be a negative, but positive in another. So there are some ‘negative’ adjectives which do not really feel like it’s a bad thing, but rather how some people may see it”

  19. Awsome!!! Helped me w/my home work!!!

  20. yey!!! my homework is finish
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  21. Uhm, this is MY List of adjectives to describe me>.> Really not good for nothin.
    (Only Going To 50 Because I Have Reasons)

    1) lucky – I have the best friends in the world
    2) gamer – I love games, video games, computer games, outside games, any games
    3) open minded – I like to consider all posibilities and choices before i make my mind up on one thing.
    4) sense of humor – I love little jokes, and i can laugh for hours about the same things over and over again
    5) Judgemental – I have to admit.. i do.. get judgemental but when i get like that my friends know and are understanding
    6) happy – I consider myself happy
    7) Lazy – I like to sit around and do nothing.
    8) Rebellious – I dont always like authority
    9) Quiet – I’m quiet around people who i dont know. Its hard to break the ice..
    10) Grumpy – I get in a mood sometimes
    11) Crazy – I get crazy..
    12) Textaholic – Yes.. I love to text..
    13) Competitive – Oh I love to compete in random things… So good to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife.. Those competetions always end up with the girl being right. just to let you know 😛
    14) Persuasive – If a friend is doing something bad, i’ll persuade them not to.
    15) Restless – I get restless. i cant sleep. Just start thinking..
    16) cheerfull – I am sometimes.. when i get good news, cheerful
    17) intelegent – if you really need an explenation for this.. Im hurt! I am intelegent
    18) Sweet – This word.. makes me feel so so good. Like if someone calls me sweet, I feel happy.> To those who know me i’m nice..
    31) Down to earth — I am very very down to earth.
    32) Real — I dont believe in being fake.. Thats just a waste of time..
    33) Truthful — I try not to lie. Sometimes its a down hill battle.
    34) Loyal — I dont believe in cheating.. Or anything like that.
    35) perverted — I get this from my friends xD Everyones perverted
    36) Complicated — You’d think that would be an outside thing? nah. Thats what people dont get. They think im easy to understand. xD I’m so not..
    37) Sexy — (was told to put his in here by keke xD) Apperently xD I dont like saying im sexy and shit. It just sounds vain and arogent. Coming from me that is.
    38) Loving — I love people.. Im capable of loving (Stop staring at me!) Jk, I seriously do love people though..
    39) Caring — I deeply care for some people.
    40) Bitch — Yeah thats right, imma bitch inside and out xD but im the funny type of bitch, not the mean type.
    41) Anti-Prep — I dont really like those girls that are like preps.. It like makes me want to hit them.
    42) Anti-Racist — I really.. REALLY dont like when people are racist.
    43) Yo Yo Aholic — >.> I like yo yos XD
    44) Musically Inclined — I’m A great singer. >.> I’ve been told (Dont want to sound vain .. :l)
    45) Visually Impared — I figure i might aswell as say this -.- Im Blind in one eye, And legally Blind in the other. Meaning, i dont have vision in my left eye, and i have decent vision in my right eye(dont even go there.. -.- Dont crack jokes about visual problems, i go through that every day.. )
    46) Talkitive — To those who know me.
    47) Understanding — I understand a lot about people and things.
    48) FLIRTY! — I get very very very very VERY Flirty at times.
    49) Cheeky — Oh this word, i love! I’m very bold, and sassy. The way i found out about this word xD Was correcting my exes errors, hes like “God your cheeky” So im like “Lol You’re*” and looked up cheeky XD I dont correct people but like i said, i love to start shit with people just to have a bit of fun with them and their heads xD Im like that. But i will never EVER Trap my bf unless hes done wrong. xD
    50) anxious — I get very anxious when people say they have something to tell me but wont tell me at that time..
    (That was my Inside qualities — Things only my friends and people who pay attention know about me)


  22. I’m happy I could do my Homwork

  23. I’m happy my Homework is done

  24. it healped me alot

  25. Ian Sikes said:

    I have a question, im taking a test and i need to know if the word *Someone* is a noun, adjective, or pronoun, the question is

    Identify whether the word in all capital letters is a noun, pronoun or adjective.

    SOMEONE shouted at the man on the street.

  26. Thank you.

  27. deviculture said:

    this is the most retarded thing i’ve ever read- full of stupid sweeping generalizations and just wrongness. God I hate the internet sometimes.

  28. oh fuck off moron. get the hell over it and wake up.

  29. Dnt really knw bout the survey…
    But the list of Adjectives was surely a help! 🙂

  30. hi ppl 🙂

  31. hehe

  32. 1-awesome

  33. […] – Italian Language – About.comItalian Lesson 2Describing people and things in ItalianCan you describe yourself in 100 adjectives? « bloggerdygookItalian Adjectives flashcards | Quizlet100 Most beautiful words in the English language* | Deshoda20 […]

  34. I live by the 3 D’s…. Determined, Dependable, and Deticated!

  35. Prince ismail said:

    Please i need 3 each adjetive that start with letter E,O,V,L

  36. -Intelligent
    -and more

  37. said:

    i could descride all my friends with these worda

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  40. Thanks! I needed some adjetives for my Book Report! 🙂

  41. organized

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  51. Fiona Maharjan said:

    That’s a huge amout of adjectives but i need adjective ot describe about my self

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  53. Why is introverted a negative adjective?

  54. Hey, I’m in your neighborhood

  55. Frances Bernard said:

    Refreshing from being ordered to fill a “request” first to describe myself only by choosing between Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. or none of the above.

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