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Okay, if you felt the last few posts aren’t as ‘interesting’ as have promised, this one should do the trick; it’s very different from the kind of posts am used to writing.

Right, so… Am 22 years old, and have had a driver’s licence since 17. However, it wasn’t really until was 19 that was driving on a regular basis. After getting driver’s licence, tried to reverse M’s car and scratched Dee’s car in the process. It shook self and had a phobia of driving which eventually self overcame.

One might think that for someone who at one point was so freaking scared to sit behind the wheel, that same person would be a model, law-abiding driver once she got over her fear and plonk herself onto the driver’s seat.

Well, you’d have thought wrong. Once have gained more confidence in self’s driving skills, had begun to break tiny little rules, maybe even big, life-threatening ones depends on the situation of the traffic, and am still doing so today.

So far, have committed these offences:

  1. switching lanes without indicating
  2. tailgating on the right lane
  3. double-parking
  4. parking at a non-designated spot
  5. stopping on the yellow box
  6. driving above the speed limit
  7. driving through a red light
  8. making illegal U-turns
  9. overtaking from the left lane
  10. not stopping at pedestrian crossings

For what it’s worth, aside from scratching Dee’s car when had only just got driver’s licence, have only had one accident so far. It was not due to committing any of these offences, but pure carelessness because wasn’t concentrating. Then again, do not drive very often and everywhere, just to college, malls and nearby neighbourhood, so the probability of an accident is very minimal compared to other kind of drivers.

Also, have never got into an accident when driving friends about and while they do not approve of some things self do above, they do not seem to fear for their lives when self is driving, because otherwise they wouldn’t have continued sitting in self’s car.

To self, what am doing is not very dangerous, though do admit that certainly there’s an amount of danger to it; the risk of an accident is higher by breaking traffic rules, but it’s not that high, do you get what am saying? In Malaysia, the traffic is just absolutely ridiculous that if you are adamant to obey all the traffic rules, you’d end up late for every appointment (no matter how early you leave the house) and you’d spend a whole lot precious time commuting. To self, do not want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary for commuting because that time can be used for other better things in life, like telling the whole world about self’s bad driving habits in self’s own blog. 😕


You may be a bit disappointed to read this. (Or maybe you’re not.) Would absolutely understand if you don’t approve of self’s driving habits, but hopefully you can see that there’s more to sulz than this, and that am big enough to make own judgement calls.

Comments on: "What bad driving habits do you want to confess?" (6)

  1. Since I’m a very paranoid driver, I make it a point to abide by most of the traffic rules because I still wish to live. I don’t wanna die a virgin. 😛

    But that doesn’t mean I haven’t broken my share of traffic rules. The day I started driving, I broke my first traffic rule because I was underage. I started driving when I was 15 and it’s legal only after 18 in India. Though I’m 18 now, I still don’t possess a license so I’m still illegal. Apart from that, I’ve jumped a couple of traffic lights and driven on the wrong side once or twice. But you’ll not really survive here in this city if you don’t do that.

    I like to follow the traffic laws though. I make it a point to stop at the red lights and not cross even if there’s no traffic because there’s one story I heard that taught me that if I’ll not follow the rules myself, how can I expect somebody else to do it? That way even if I die because of some freak accident, I’ll not be able to blame the other person for breaking the rules because I never did myself.

    sulz: you’ll not survive the city if you don’t drive on the wrong side of the road once or twice?! haha, that’s a strange thing to say…

    well, am not breaking the law for the sake of it; sometimes it was a case of urgency, or it just doesn’t make sense to follow the rules for the sake of following it. do not do it all the time; that said, do not follow the rules all the time either.

    you definitely have a point there!

  2. By not surviving in the city, I meant that you won’t reach your destination on time ever if you don’t drive on the wrong side of the road sometimes..the traffic is atrocious so doing that becomes essential.

    sulz: oh, oh, think know what you mean now. did that before too. 😛

  3. lovelyloey said:

    I can’t drive! I can’t drive! Besides, driving in Singapore is a nightmare. Not only is it expensive to have a car, it’s expensive to drive through ERP gantries (think toll station on roads that charges up to SGD$3 per entry, but it’s electronic),and plus there are so many cars on the road it’s disgusting. Don’t foresee myself driving in the next 5 years.

    sulz: thing is, public transportation in singapore is top class, so there is really no good reason to get a car! in malaysia, not only do the buses come and go as they wish, the trains are packed to the brim almost all the time and taxis are just rip-offs. if were you also wouldn’t need to drive car ler… 😉

  4. Oh…bad driving…. a subject that really grinds my gears!

    I’m a lead foot all the way. I like to go as fast as possible and god help me if you get in front of me and want to putz around. I’ll make your life a living nightmare.

    What really gets me is that my driving record is spotless. I don’t get into accidents (even minor ones) and I don’t run redlights or endanger anyone else, yet all I hear about is the crackdowns on “aggressive drivers.” Look, I get it, you can blame all kinds of things on people going “too fast” – and someone with a cell phone in their hand ought not be moving at all in my opinion, but likewise in my opinion just about every horrific accident I’ve seen with my own eyes has been attributed to someone in a “passing lane” going slower than piss, causing everyone else to have whip around them and take their life into their own hands- that’s when accidents happen. Especially out here where I live with folks commuting 50 miles plus one way each morning to work. Get stuck behind one “slow-ass-sally” and your whole morning can be shot.

    Here’s my rules of thumb:

    1.) If you tap your breaks while driving uphill – do us a ll a favor and start taking public transportation.

    2.) Left lanes are not the place for vigilantes that insist on correcting the wreckless behavior of the rest of us. Get out of the passing lane if the thought of doing the speed limit is unthinkable to you.

    3.) Put the cell phone down

    4.) If you attempt to go around a traffic jam I’m in by skirting along the shoulder or driving in a merge lane until the very last second and then expecting everyone else to let you over – I will run your arse off the road.

    5.) Horns should be used liberrally. I honk at folks about 20 times a day. What I really love is the woman picking her nose sitting through a green arrow that then gets upset and flicks me off when I honk at her. I like to follow such people and make sure to give them a piece of my mind when I’m out and about, but then again I live for confrontation. Yelling things like “hey nose picker, the rest of us would like to move if you’re done picking for gold in there?” does much to humiliate them.

    7.) Do not be a break tapper – especially if you are driving a van, SUV, or large vehicle that folks in compact cars can’t see ahead of. Why? Because if you tap your breaks, guess what I need to do just in case you are actually stopping? That’s right, it’s a chain reaction. Take notice of all the break tapping that occurs on the roads. Roughly 90% of it serves absolutely no purpose. These little mili-second taps that people do every 10 seconds for no reason at all. It’s times like that when my skin turns green, I rip out of my clothes and start referring to myself as “hulk.”

    sulz: am with you on nos. 1, 4 and 7! well, there’s a saying that goes it’s not how fast you drive, but how you drive fast. guess that could apply to your case! 🙂

  5. Okay, going bush, drifting on “auto” and generally speeding; having a lead foot runs in the family and general panicking too 😉 Bagus tak?

    sulz: what’s going bush? hehe, that’s why malaysian drivers have the ‘best’ reputation when it comes to driving. 😛

  6. Going bush is when you drift over to one side of the road towards where the bushes are on Australian roads. It’s also reference to going bush as in going to the Australian wilderness on (usually) quad bikes or BMX bikes as a pastime.

    sulz: ooh, like drifting into other people’s lanes – that’s the malaysian version. highly irritating because they’re hogging more than a lane in this case. 👿

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